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Nextplus GO Offers Hard to Resist Promotion

OTT messaging app creator TextPlus recently launched a T-Mobile MVNO, Nextplus GO. In an effort to win new subscribers, Nextplus GO is offering a promotion that's hard to resist.
When you sign up for the service, you'll get a month for free with their Buy One Month Get One Month Free promotion.

A month of service with Nextplus GO starts at $14.99. This includes the following:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to the US and Canada
  • Unlimited use of Nextplus app outside of WiFi
  • No phone purchase required
  • No contracts and hidden fees
  • Free Voicemail
  • Free MMS
  • Free 4G LTE SIM Card
And if you're looking for more, you can get the add on pack with one time costs starting at $7.99 for 250 MB of 4G LTE data. As long as your account is active, unused data rolls over.

This current promotion offered by Nextplus GO is available for all new sign-ups from Dec. 25, 2015 12:00AM PST until January 1, 2016 11:59PM PST. In order to get the free month of service, you'll need to purchase the first month of service. When the complimentary month is over, the billing for the account will resume. The offer is only valid one time per individual and is non-transferable.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. Regarding: "Previously Sprint's MVNO TextNow, the company was most famous for its free calling and texting app."

    I believe TextPlus was intended and not TextNow as TextPlus is linked from the Nextplus GO website.

    1. Thanks for the clarification!

    2. @Unknown, you're right, NextPlusGO has nothing to do with TextNow. I got TextPlus and TextNow mixed up. I incorrectly told Christine that NextPlusGO was part of TextNow, when it's actually part of TextPlus.

    3. Dont use nextplus go. Its a waste of money. You cant get incoming calls unless you have the app open. It cuts in and out, unable to hear the voice. Not even worth for free

  2. It looks like TextNow is still a Sprint MVNO.

  3. On one hand, it's great that another MVNO popped up.

    On the other, it's a VOIP-only app-based service. That's a red flag right there.

    Desite that, I downloaded the app to test the waters.

    To start off with, their app UI is "Hangouts done right" and I'd have great things to say about it...except they outright lie about it being free. It's really not.

    You have to watch multiple long video ads before every call, complete offers or just buy calling credits before it will work. And this is over wifi.

    As for devices (which you WILL need to purchase for Go if you don't have a GSM compatible phone), T-Mobile's budget devices generally cost more than those for AT&T (its GSM competitor) and Sprint (which TextNow and RingPlus provide service on).

    The plan pricing also leaves a lot to be desired. $15 for ONLY talk and text is a bit pricey if you can use just wifi (for free!) with any other VOIP app. The costly data packages aren't attractive either.

    To make matters even worse, the promo is only a one-time thing instead of an ongoing offer that drives the price down to a more reasonable $7.50/mo.

    They don't even give a moderate amount of free minutes/messages/data like Freedompop or RingPlus.

    Honestly, it doesn't seem like Nextplus offers anything of value except a nicely laid out app. There's much better paid and free alternatives out there.

    For example, $7 more will buy you entry onto a Cricket group plan with a larger coverage area, actual voice/text service and a hefty 2.5GB of 8mbps LTE.

    Then there's Hangouts, which offers VOIP for free and can be used on US Mobile's significantly cheaper T-mo data plans, all without paying a monthly fee to use the app itself.

    Nextplus just can't compete...although it doesn't seem like they're even trying. Rather, this service seems specifically designed to separate ignorant suckers from their money.

    At this point I can't think of a single positive thing to say about them, so a pox on this entire article and the deceptive service it advertises.

  4. "$15 for ONLY talk and text is a bit pricey if you can use just wifi (for free!) with any other VOIP app." Apparently you missed the fact that nextplus GO offers unlimited TnT away from WiFi. Please tell us which VOIP app offers free, unlimited mobile data for unlimited TnT.
    "this service seems specifically designed to separate ignorant suckers from their money."
    Care to retract this statement?

    1. Why pay $15 for TnT when ringplus offer Tnt plus 1gb of data for the same price?

    2. Easy. The T-Mobile network works better for some people, and others don't want to buy a new phone.
      Download the 'Coverage ?' app on your iDevice and you can overlay coverage from 2-4 major networks in your neighborhood, state or region. The app needs to be updated to show all the new Band 12 coverage on Tmo, however. If you use one of the 25 phones that support Band 12 or one of the five tablets you should also check the new Tmo verified coverage map.

    3. RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't currently tax prepaid airtime.

    4. GO doesn't offer unlimited TnT away from Wifi.

      You still need to pay for a finite data connection, thereby placing limits on "unlimited."

    5. "GO doesn't offer unlimited TnT away from Wifi."
      This is False. The post is correct.
      If you don't believe the post, at least take the time to read the GO terms and conditions.

    6. Looks like I was wrong. The data packs are only for other apps, so I guess $15 really does cover unlimited talk and text.

      But if you use the provided sim for off-wifi TnT and still want data, then you'd be locked into buying data from NPG at terrible rates.

      The minimum cost of data is $23 for 250mb and it only gets worse from there.

      For that price you could get real cell service with a lot more data and never have to worry about potential app or call quality issues.

      Honestly, I don't know how cutting corners with an ad-heavy, microtransaction-filled, subscription-based VoIP app made their service more expensive than every other alternative on the market, but it really is an achievement that they've figured out a way to sell less for more.

    7. "For that price you could get real cell service with a lot more data and never have to worry about potential app or call quality issues."
      Really? Not with unlimited Tnt you couldn't. Certainly not on AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. With Sprint network you would have various issues on FreedomPop, Republic or RingPlus, so you can't call them "real" cellular.
      Go is also the least expensive unlimited TnT with no mobile data for other apps.

    8. Cricket group plans have TnT + 2.5GB of data on the AT&T network for only $20 (soon to be $22).

      As for being the cheapest TnT-only plan, being the cheapest handicapped service isn't exactly a glamorous sales pitch.

      Anyone who needs data (i.e. most smartphone users) will be poorly served by NPG, theyreby alienating a large portion of potential customers right from the start.

      NP's business strategy doesn't exactly inspire much faith in their service.

    9. "Cricket group plans have TnT + 2.5GB of data on the AT&T network for only $20 (soon to be $22)"

      Yes, on a network twice as good as the T-Mobile network. And from a huge company that is going to be around a while, instead of a life-of-a-firefly MVNO.

      If someone wants to save money on an unstable MNVO on a bad network, and insists on something less than $20, why not go instead with the Sprint-based FreedomPop or RingPlus?

    10. "Cricket group plans have TnT + 2.5GB of data on the AT&T network for only $20 (soon to be $22)."
      Looks like you have tossed in the towel selling any 'lower price for "real" service.'
      Now you recommend spending $100-$110/month just to claim a $1-3 PER LINE savings for 5 lines. Have fun collecting the money every month.
      Want to make any other unbalanced comparisons?

  5. @Anon 5:20PM

    I think you're confusing the free VoIP app for the $15 service. Both are from the same company, but one isn't the other. You only tested the app, which is unsurprisingly ad-based. You haven't tested the service, and your denunciation of it is uncalled for.

    1. The service is tied to the app. It's $15 to use the app for calls and texts without some form of in-app ad-based heckling, which I wouldn't pay for or test when Hangouts is Free, RingTo is cheaper, Freedompop is cheaper, and most importantly (insert any other VoIP app) is cheaper.

      The fact that you can't even sample the service (without getting hit with an onslaught of ads, upsells and microtransaction) before deciding to buy pretty much says all it needs to about the type of shysters running Nextplus.

    2. Two months of unlimited TnT away from WiFi is an excellent trial of Go, much better than the other MVNOs or "free" VOIP apps mentioned if you want TnT on T-Mobile or don't want to buy a Sprint phone. VOIP apps need a paid data connection away from WiFi, and that is what Go gives you for the price. Don't be greedy and cynical; it's a New Year!

  6. Is it possible to use the native dialer and messaging for T and T without watching ads?

    1. According to NextPlus Go's Support page:
      "The Nextplus GO service requires you to use the Nextplus app to place calls and send texts at all times"

      Also, it hasn't been confirmed that the paid NextPlus Go service has ads.

    2. Good info, thanks!

  7. and Data packs payments are one-time, prepaid purchases that don’t expire, as long as you have an active Nextplus GO Pack.

  8. It's now only $9.99/month so it's not that bad, and depending upon location it works fine

    1. Thank you. I am putting my 2 teenagers and elderly mother
      on this. I pay the $9.99 each and if they want data, other than WIFI, they can pay extra for it. Sounds good to me.

  9. 1. If you just use the free Nexplus app, you can make all ads disappear for 50c-99c/month. One year for $5.99.
    2. The larger data packs are half as expensive, $16/GB.

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