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Nova Launcher Prime Goes on Sale for a Limited Time

If you've been using Nova Launcher for a few years and want to upgrade to the unlocked version called Nova Launcher Prime, now is the best time to have a go at it. From today until December 15th, you can get the premium launcher at a discounted price from the Play Store. Compared with the free launcher, Nova Launcher Prime comes with a number of features including:

  • Custom Drawer Groups - Enables you to create new folders or tabs on your app drawer
  • Gestures - Open your favorite apps by swiping, pinching, double tapping and other actions on the home screen
  • Hide Apps - Hide rarely used apps so you can have a clean app drawer
  • Icon Swipes - Lets you create custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
  • Unread Counts - Displays unread count badges for SMS, Gmail, Hangouts, and more with the TeslaUnread plugin so you never miss a message
  • More scroll effects - You have other scroll effect actions such as Throw, Wipe, and Accordion

With these unlocked features on Nova Launcher Prime, you can customize specific gestures to respond to an action you prefer. If you need some inspiration on how to make gestures, you can check out this Reddit thread.

As mentioned, the premium launcher is currently on sale. From a price of $4, you can download the launcher for only $0.99. Do check it out, especially if you're already using its free version, Nova Launcher.

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  1. Nova is the launcher on my android. but, ugh, paid the full price! also use the Next lockscreen from microsoft.

  2. This article has nothing to do with prepaid phones, prepaid plans or any such thing. This article has everything to do with trying to get a commission by sending customers to buy an app.

    1. I can't imagine any launcher is more functional (or free) than Google Now.

    2. Nova is a very popular and excellent launcher and getting the paid version for 99¢ is a deal.

      The Google Now launcher, which I use, is also very good although it isn't anywhere near as customizable or feature rich as Nova.

      PrepaidPhonesNews does not earn any commission on sales of the Nova launcher.

    3. "This article has nothing to do with prepaid phones..."

      It has plenty to do with prepaid phones, as one can be sure that at least some prepaid phone users use Android.

      Granted, I would not want to see every article here to be "app news", but so far Dennis has used good editorial discretion to have occasional news like this added in.

      I found the accusation that Dennis received a kickback from Nova for this add to be a bit scurrilous.

      I've not tried this app myself, though.

    4. Tried it... for one sixth of the cost of a Starbucks, why not?

      Love the dense app drawer option. Can I make gestures call individual apps?

    5. "This article has everything to do with trying to get customers to buy an app."

      Sponsored Content™ is a thing now.

      Regardless, the free version of Nova Launcher is actually pretty decent.

  3. Dennis, after reading your comment, I now realize that what I said above about earning a commission was wrong. But I stand by the other part of my comment, which was about the relevance of the article. I just hope this website does not drift away from its original purpose, which was providing news about prepaid phones and prepaid plans. This article and certain other recent articles seem to indicate that such a drift has begun.

    1. This site has always covered deals that are of potential interest to mobile users including prepaid users. The primary focus will always be on prepaid plans and operators.

  4. Dennis you are right. Nova is an excellent launcher.
    There are others that are great as well.
    It is a matter of taster.
    I found them to be somewhat of a CPU hog though.

  5. Nova launcher is the first app I download on any new device. I wouldn't know what to do without my gestures.

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