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RingTo Announces New Service Changes for 2016

When RingTo first started its operations a couple of years ago, they had one single mission in mind-- and that is to help give people a chance to keep phone numbers which they prefer. Having been able to achieve this, they are ready to move forward in order to provide more services with their customers. And with the start of a new year, RingTo is getting ready to make some crucial changes.

If you're currently a RingTo user, it may be good to know what these changes are so you don't get shocked once they're implemented. The biggest change they are taking is that they will be transitioning to a paid service. With this, free accounts will no longer be offered to new or existing users. Nevertheless, the company promises to make each users' experience a notable one.

With this announcement, the question now on everyone's minds is how they will be affected by this new direction that the company is planning to take. Here are some of the specifics that each existing user will be experiencing:

GrooVe IP Users:
RingTo will be sending out instructions on how to move your account to the new GrooVe IP platform. You may also keep track of the latest updates through this link.

Obihai Users:
The existing service provided for Obihai users will be coming to an end in the next few months. RingTo is currently looking for partners they can actively work with in finding a new home for users to keep using their Obi phone number. More details about this will be given in the middle part of January.

Users with Ported Numbers
RingTo users that have ported numbers are given up to February 15, 2016 to decide whether they would like to convert into a paid plan or look for a different provider.   

If you are interested in switching over to a RingTo paid plan, you can take advantage of their Early Bird discount and get up to two months of free service. All you have to do is enter in your email before January 1st so you can be entitled to the discount, which will include the following services:

  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Dynamic outbound number selection
  • Free number porting
  • iOS/Android calling
  • SMS & MMS
  • Voicemail
After January 1st, the RingTo paid plan will be priced at only $1.50 per month or an annual fee of $18. 

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  1. I think GrooVeIP is also going to a subscription plan. Might this be the end days of freebies? I think a lot of people using Ring+ were routing through RingTo. Hopefully this won't spread to them.

  2. always thought that ring.to would never stay free. so sad for people who thought they could park their numbers there forever for free. not anymore.

    but $18 a year is a pretty good price. just like paying for a website domain name per year.

  3. Is that $18 per number or $18 per account?

    1. As I read it it is per account, you can have multiple #'s under one account.

    2. It is per account according to a post in their forum by Lauren, a RT moderator. She also said to send her a private message if you want to consolidate numbers to one account.

  4. If you want free, move to a communist country.

  5. I think it is $18 a year per account. I was on their site and a rep had mentioned she would help people consolidate multiple accounts into one. Also, that $18 paid in the beginning would get you 14 months (they have a promo running).

    The funny thing with this, is if a service like this was offered originally for this price, people would probably rave about all you are getting for the cost. But, because it was free for so long, it just seems like something outrageous. That said, I have to decide if the easy to remember number I ported over to them is worth keeping for $18 a year.

    1. Yes, an account identified as "Lauren" that claims they're a Ring.to employee stated "at this time" they intend to charge $18 per account versus per number:

      I ported a rarely-used number to Ring.to mainly to test it out and see if I liked it. The service has been solid. Definitely worth $18 a year to keep even one number of value to someone.

  6. Does the $18 a year have any limit to the # of incoming/outgoing (forwarded) minutes or is it unlimited???

    1. It's going to be limited but enforcement only on unreasonable use of the VOIP minutes. Forwarded minutes are not counted with the VOIP minutes to my understanding.

    2. forwarded calls are considered an outgoing call so they do count toard that 300 minute limit.

  7. I just read on HoFo from a post on the RT beta Google group that they are going to start a limit of 300 minutes/month with the paid service. They didn't say that in the email that went out.

  8. Isn't Ringto the same as Google Voice. Google Voice is free.

  9. A while ago I tried RingTo with GrooveIP to see if it was worth going data-only. The call quality was downright terrible.

    I later set up a GV number and gave Hangouts a try. The difference was so noticeable that GV and Hangouts wound up becoming my go-to phone/sms app.

    Suffice it to say, R2 became little more than a glorified alternative to GV.

    If they actually start charging users then it seems like they're pulling a Hail Mary while preparing for their eventual shutdown.

    With that being the case, and given how they broke their "always free" guarantee, I don't really see why anyone would still trust them with their money or number(s).

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