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Straight Talk Holiday Promos Include Double Auto Pay Discount

Straight Talk Get $5 Off When You Enroll in Auto-Refill
TracFone's Straight Talk Wireless brand is running several holiday promos

Today, Dec 1, is the last day that Straight Talk's Three Month, Six Month and One Year plans are on sale:
  • The $130 Three Month plan is marked down to $120 or $40/month
  • The $255 Six Month Plan is on sale for $230 or $38.33/month
  • The $495 One Year Plan is on sale for $440 or $36.67/month (reg $495)
All three plans include unlimited talk, messaging and data. The first 5 GB of data per month is delivered at full speed, after 5 GB speeds are throttled to 64 Kbps. A single month of service is $45 so the multi-month plans offer significant savings for anyone whose committed to staying with Straight Talk for a while.

Another promotion gives users who sign up for auto-refill a double discount. If you enroll in auto-refill on the $45 or $60 Plan by 1/19/2016, Straight Talk will give you a $5 discount, instead of the usual $2.50, for the first three months. That means that:
  • The $45 plan will be $40/month for the first three months, then $42.50/month.
  • The $60 International plan is $55/month for the first three months, then $57.50/month.
The $60 plan adds no extra cost calls to most landlines in 32 countries and to cell phones in Canada, China, India and Mexico in addition to the $45 plan's unlimited domestic, talk, messaging and data.

Finally, customers on Straight Talk's $30/month All You Need plan for feature phones who enroll in auto-refill by 1/19/2016 get double the data, 200 MB/per month, instead of the usual 100 MB, for as log as they stay on auto-refill.

Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers service on all four national networks, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. See our Prepaid Operator Profile: Straight Talk for more about Straight Talk.

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  1. Meh ... Tracfone, no thank you.

    1. You lost me at Straight Talk....never again

  2. Thanks but I wouldn't use an America Movil phone company if the service was free. They are very dishonest.

  3. I activated a Straight Talk Verizon BYOP SIM using a Verizon LTE phone.

    I transferred the SIM to my Straight Talk iPhone 5. I get voice, and it shows LTE data but it is not connecting to the Internet.

    Does anyone know how I can get cellular data to work?

    1. Go buy a sim from Verizon prepaid. Seriously I was with ST for about 6 weeks and it got to the point of me having to call them every other day to reset my data because it would stop working all the time. Save yourself the trouble, anybody else is better.

    2. I don't have that luxury. I have 5 months of ST refill cards. I was hoping on using the ST iPhone 5 on their LTE network.

  4. ST service is terrible. Then again my phone was running under Sprint, which does not have great service in my area. I left them for Page Plus. Love PP.

  5. Hi Dennis! Love your work. I have a question as I've begun to do some research. What MVNOS do you know of that offer the cheapest data only plans? I've been thinking about using only data for my cell phone as I can use Google Hangouts with Google voice to make calls and texts. I hardly use my phone for calls and texts and don't see the reason to pay for something that I never use. Thanks!

    1. Other than FreedomPop, I can't think of any operators that offer data only plans for phones. Just compare plans based on the amount of data they include and ignore the voice part. If T-Mobile coverage works for you, the T-Mobile $30 5 GB 100 minutes plan is hard to beat

  6. Thanks Dennis! In that case, I'll just stick with PagePlus which is around $27 with discounts.

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