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T-Mobile Adds 11 New Services to Music Freedom

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Good news to all T-Mobile subscribers! The U.S. network operator has just announced that they will be adding 11 new services to its Music Freedom program. With this addition of services, there is now a total of 44 music services available to all customers. Among the 11 new additions include Aud.io, Dash Radio, DatPiff, Jango, KCRW, Noon Pacific, Radio Danz, SomaFM, Spinrilla, StreamOn, and TuneIn Premium. These music streaming services add to the ones currently on the list such as Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Music, and Rhapsody.

Music Freedom is a free music streaming feature enjoyed by both postpaid and prepaid Simple Choice subscribers. It enables users to stream music from select services without eating up the user's data allotment. Back when it launched in June 2014, it only offered 7 services. But now that over 196 million songs are being streamed every day, T-Mobile has decided to increase the service by up to 311 percent.

Considering these new services are available under the Music Freedom program, subscribers will be able to access these without an additional fee. By offering these 11 new services, T-Mobile now covers almost 95 percent of streamed music services; making it a top choice among network providers that offer more options for music streaming.

As for MetroPCS (T-Mobile's prepaid brand), free music streaming was recently added to its unlimited plans which start at $40 per month. Unfortunately, it was not clear if the latest music service expansion will be available on MetroPCS's free music unlimited service. Despite this, these 11 new music service may be expected to be added to the service soon.

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  1. Does the $30 100 minute 5GB plan include "Music Freedom"?

    1. T-Mobile reps will tell you it doesn't but many users say it does.

  2. When has t-mobile ever given a straight answer about anything?

  3. Why they didn't add xiialive to the music freedom service?

  4. Nationwide Consumer Reports Survery: T-Mo beat out the other three major carriers with a score of 73 out of 100, beating out Verizon’s score of 70, AT&T’s score of 68, and Sprint’s score of 67. T-Mo scored particularly high in Value and Customer Support. Consumer Cellular and Ting ranked higher overall than T-Mo.

  5. I love Soma FM and Songza. Very sad to see the tweet that Songa will shutter in January.

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