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The Procrastinators Guide To Last Minute Prepaid Phone Shopping

Holiday Presents
Procrastinators rejoice. If you put your holiday shopping off until the last minute, prepaid phones and airtime cards make great gifts and there's still time to shop. Big box retailers, including Best Buy, Target and Walmart carry a wide range of prepaid phones and airtime and they are open through Dec 24. Shopping online for delivery by Dec 24 is still possible too if you act fast and are willing to pay for upgraded shipping. Read on for holiday store hours, online shipping cut offs and some phone recommendations.

Amazon - deadlines for delivery by Christmas. Cutoff times are approximate and vary by item:

  • 1 Day shipping - 3 PM local time Dec 23 
  • Same Day Shipping -3 PM local time Dec 24
  • 2 Hour Prime Now - 9:30 PM local time 12/24. Prime Now is available in select cities, Prime membership required
Recommended phones currently available from Amazon

BestBuy - deadlines for delivery by Christmas.

  • Express shipping - 10:30 AM CT Dec 23. 
  • In store pickup - order by 4 PM local time Dec 24, stores close 6 PM
Selected BestBuy phone deals

Target - deadlines for delivery by Christmas

  • One Day Shipping - Dec 23, cutoff time not specified
  • In-store pickup - order by 1:30 PM Dec 24, stores close 11 PM 12/24
Target.com's phone selection is limited and Target's online prices are usually much high than in-store prices. Here are my picks for the best Target in-store deals.

  • Boost Mobile Motorola Moto E LTE Android phone $59.99 (reg $99.99)
  • AT&T Go Phone Nokia Lumia 640 $59.99
  • Cricket Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE Android phone $49.99 (reg $79.99) 
  • TracFone Samsung Galaxy Stardust (Verizon network) Android phone $49.99 (reg $99.99
Walmart - deadlines for delivery by Christmas

  • It's too late to order from Walmart for delivery by Christmas
  • In-store pickup - order by 6 PM local time 12/24, stores close 8 PM 12/14
Selected Walmart phone deals available for in-store pick-up.

Get shopping, time is running out. All the stores listed here are closed Christmas Day.



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  1. i know gas stations and some walgreens will be open christmas.. They sell mvno sim card kits from different companies too!!!

  2. Amazon - Boost LG Volt 2 New $89.99 shipped.

  3. T-Mobile deals, none.

    1. Wrong, again. The LG Leon, Galaxy and ZTE deals are excellent, and they have two more deals.
      But it's too late for procrastinators to get them by Christmas.

  4. My Walgreen's has the at&t ZTE maven for $27.

  5. BestBuy -Motorola - Moto G 2nd Generation Cell Phone (Unlocked) (U.S. Version) - Black $99.99 (reg.$149.99) also being sold on the Motorola website for $99.99.

  6. Motorola.com - no-contract Nexus 6 32GB model directly from Motorola website for $349.99, which is also more than 40% off of its normal pricing, $649.99.

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