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Big List of Deals For PTel Users Who Port Their Numbers to Other Operators

If you are a customer of T-Mobile MVNOs PTel or it's sub-brand Giv Mobile you probably know that PTel and Giv are shutting down. PTel originally said service would end Jan 31 but they will be handling port-out requests through Feb 5. As of Feb 1, PTel service is still up and I suspect it will be up at least through the Feb 5. In any case it's time to port out if you want to keep your number

While having your mobile operator shut down is a pretty big hassle, the good news is that a number of prepaid operators are eager to pick up new business and  are offering PTel customers free SIMs, account credits or a free month if they port in their number.

Here's a roundup of available deals:

Ting is offering all PTel and Giv customers a $75 call credit for switching to T-Mobile based Ting GSM service. To take advantage of the offer you do need to buy a $9 SIM and pay for shipping. The cheapest shipping option is $4 for 2 day Priority Mail.  The $75 credit is applied when you activate your SIM at https://ptel.ting.com. Activation requires a credit or debit card which will only be billed if you use up your $75 credit.

Ting is a no-contract, no credit check postpaid operator. Users are billed at the end of the month for the minutes, messages and data they used the previous month.  It's not a true pay as you go model, Ting bills in tiers of voice minutes, texts and megabytes of data. You can set usage and/or spending limits that cut off your data or messaging for the rest of the month when a limit is reached to control spending. Here are the available tiers.

Ting Pricing
Text Messages (domestic and international)$0100100020004800
Cost$0$3$5$8$111/4¢ each
Data (MB)010050010002000
Cost$0$3$12$19$291.5¢ per MB
Ting also charges a $6/month service fee regardless of usage and adds a number of taxes and fees that vary by state and run anywhere from one to ten dollars per month. Data, minute and messaging tiers can be shared across multiple phones on the same account.

Please see our Prepaid Operator Profile: Ting for more about Ting.

T-Mobile is offering PTel customers a free SIM and a free month of service of any T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan or the Unlimited Talk and Text Plan. The following plans are available:

  • $25/month - Unlimited Talk and Text, no data
  • $40/month - Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, first 3 GB high speed
  • $50/month - Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, first 5 GB high speed
  • $60/month - Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, first 10 GB high speed

The offer ends 2/12/16 and is only available at T-Mobile stores, not online and requires porting an active or suspended PTel number to T-Mobile. More details at T-Mobile.

See our Prepaid Operator Profile: T-Mobile for more about T-Mobile

Ultra Mobile and Simple Mobile - VidaExpress, a prepaid airtime vendor, is offering PTel monthly customers a free SIM, free shipping and a free month of service for porting to Ultra Mobile or Simple Mobile. A credit card is not required, but you are limited to a plan at the same price point as your current Ptel or Giv plan.

  • Ptel or Giv $20 Plan customers get a free month on the Ultra Mobile $19 plan
  • Ptel or Giv $25 and $29 Plan customers get a free month on the Ultra Mobile $29 plan
  • Ptel or Giv $40, $50 or $60 Plan customers get a free month on the Ultra Mobile $39 plan or the Simple Mobile $40 plan.

The Ultra and Simple Mobile plans that Vida Express is offering a free month of all include unlimited voice minutes and unlimited global messaging. The plans differ mainly by the amount of data they include:
  • The Ultra $19 Plan includes 100 MB of data.
  • The Ultra $29 Plan includes 1 GB of data.
  • The Ultra $39 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 2 GB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps
  • The Simple Mobile $40 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 4 GB at high speed and the rest throttled to 64 Kbps
Ultra allows users to add high-speed data packages priced at 500 MB for $5, 1 GB for $10 or 2 GB for $20 to any plan. Added data expires at the end of the current plan month.

See our Prepaid Operator Profile: Ultra Mobile more about Ultra Mobile and our Prepaid Operator Profile: Simple Mobile for more about Simple Mobile 

Lycamobile - Auto-Refill, a Lycamobile dealer, is offering PTel customers a free SIM with free shipping and a free month of service on the Lycamobile $19 or $29 plans or $30 discount on the any other Lycamobile monthly plan. A credit card is not required to take advantage of this offer. Lycamobile has a lot of plans. Here are a few that are similar to Ptels plans. All include unlimited voice minutes and unlimited global messaging.
  • Lycamobile's $19 Plan includes 100 MB of data
  • Lycamobile's $23 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 100 MB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps
  • Lycamobile's $29 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 500 MB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps. This plan also includes unlimited calls to over 50 countries and 150 to 1200 minutes 14 others.
  • Lycamobile's $35 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 2 GB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps.
  • Lycamobile's $45 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 4 GB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps.
  • Lycamobile's $55 Plan includes unlimited data with the first 10 GB at high speed and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps
Please see our Prepaid Operator Profile - Lycamobile or the Lycamobile site for a complete list of Lycamobile plans.

I'd be a little wary about Auto-Refill's offer. A warning message on their activation page says "Please remember that Port-Outs are not permitted"  This seems sketchy and a violation of the FCC number portability rule if it's actually enforced. Fortunately I don't think Auto-Refill has any say over whether Lycamobile will let you port out or not.

Ting GSM, Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile and Lycamobile are all T-Mobile MVNOs like PTel so any phone that worked on PTel will also work with any of them.

Sprint MVNO RingPlus is also offering a deal for customers porting numbers from PTel. The deal is free porting and a $30 account credit. To qualify you must port a Ptel number to any RingPlus free or paid plan, including the two promotional 'free" plans that RingPlus is offering until Noon local time Sat. 1/30/16.

  • Duke Free Plan: 750 minutes, 2000 texts and 1000 MB of data per month for free. An optional tethering add on available for $4 per month
  • Shirly Strickland Free Plan: 500 minutes, 2000 texts and 500 MB of data per month for free. Tethering included. 

With both free plans there's no monthly charge  but a $20 (plus about 20% in taxes and fees) top up is charged at activation (it's added to plan balance) and whenever the account balance reaches zero. The balance can be used to pay for overages at 2¢ per minute, text or MB of data. MMS are 4¢.  The $30 credit is applied several days after activation and  can not be used to pay for the $20 top-up.

Obviously you need a Sprint compatible phone to take advantage of the RingPlus offer. Ports must be started by Noon local time Sat. 1/30/16 to qualify for the bonus. See our RingPlus Free Promotions Tracker: New Free Plans Now Open With 750 min, 2000 SMS and 1000 MB for more about RingPlus including details of current promotions.

To port out of PTel, initiate a port request with the operator you are moving to, not with PTel. You will be asked for your account number and PIN. Your PTel account number is your 10 digit phone number, and your PTel PIN is 0000.

If you are aware of any other operators offering PTel customers incentives to switch please post a link to them in the comments so I can add them to this post.

Updated 1/3 added T-Mobile deal.


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  1. Typo: "Sprint MVNO PTel is also offering a deal for customers porting numbers from PTel." Ptel should be changed to RingPlus.

  2. Dennis, Speedtalk mobile is also a great choice for Pay-Go plans as a T-Mobile MVNO.

  3. ring plus taxes are only seven and a half percent in my area

  4. That's pretty good, what state? Mine are 21.% in California.

  5. Warning: Simple Mobile SIM from VidaExpress CAN NOT be ported out! I tested today, I do not use PTEL number anymore and do not want to use Simple Mobile as well, they send me three Simple SIMs, I activated one and then I tried to port out to Ultra, Ultra always shows Error: "8D-ZIP_CODE_REQ_OR_INCORRECT", confirmed with Simple Mobile CS they said Acct # is last 15 digits SIM and no PIN, I tried put a online PIN and no PIN both failed. ** Just be caution if everyone want to keep the number for only one month by using the SIM from VidaExpress, their SIM might not allow you to port out.

  6. Problem is...aside from Ting's $4 priority mail service, I won't have a SIM before Ptel shuts down service...I use my phone for business, so even going one day without service is impossible.

    1. For a critical business number I would head to the nearest T-Mobile store and have them handle porting my number to a T-Mobile prepaid plan.

      FWIW, I ordered a Ting SIM last Friday evening with the cheapest $4 shipping. It was shipped Monday from Mississippi and arrived Wednesday in California.

  7. Then go to a Cricket store (Walmart etc) and port your number over for the time being.


    1. also many GameStop stores carry Cricket sim's for @ 5$

  8. My PTel account is suspended, can I still port my number out?

  9. Would porting out my PTel number to Google Voice be a bad idea at this time, I understand ports to GV can be problematic and take much more time than with a MNO or MVNO port.

    1. Ports to Google Voice normally take 24 hours. The two I did from PagePlus took almost exactly 24 hours.

  10. Wow...I ported my number to Lycamobile. Found a "2x29" offer on ebay.
    Customer service was extremely fast and courteous - on hold for maybe 2 minutes....was advised it might take 4 - 24 hours...but five minutes later I got a text that my service was active! So far call quality is good.

  11. I had 3 lines on the $20 plan at GIV Mobile for a total of $60, instead of risking my number with these MVNOs. I ported to MetroPCS. Their $30 plan ($25 with family plan) with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB highspeed is pretty awesome for just $5 more than I was paying before for a total of $75. And, now the $30 plan seems to work on Bring Your own Phone, as they activated it on my own phone and didn't require me to buy their phones. The only down side is the SIM is married to the phone you activate it on. You can't just put the SIM in another phone and expect it to work on MetroPCS without activating the other phone. That is fine for me, atleast for now.

    1. Dennis, WHY does METRO PCS forcibly STICK your unique METRO PCS SIM to a particular phone ( whether one of theirs or your own BYOP)? Wouldn't it be beneficial for them, if the METRO PCS customer could actually buy another METRO PCS phone and then have the ability to move his current METRO PCS SIM to that newly purchased device...And the METRO PCS customer would be encouraged to stay with METRO PCS...[ You can do this with almost all of the other T-MOBILE MVNOs & subsidiaries (i.e. GOSMART) , can't you? ]

    2. I agree that's user unfriendly and can't see how it benefits T-Mobile in away. Why they do it, I have no idea.

  12. Shame to see P-Tel go the way of the Dodo bird.
    Their customer service was absolutely the best of any T-Mobile MVNO.

  13. My guess is they want to force people into Metro PCS stores, though IMHO forcing a consumer to do things they don't want to do is not a good long-term strategy.

  14. February 1. my Ptel number still works. not planning on porting out because it's a backup number that don't really use. would be interesting if it stays alive much longer....

  15. Does anyone know if it is possible/there is any way to port out PTel # while you are outside of US network(country)? I am away from the US for some more weeks and it was just yesterday to get shocked to know PTel has shut down their business. If SIM card is needed to port out my PTel #, there would be no way to keep my number...!?

    1. No problem. Port to Google Voice or a CDMA 3G service that does not use SIM cards and has a low minimum payment. Borrow an unused 3G phone MEID if necessary.
      When you return, port again if necessary.
      If this is too hard, ask a US friend to buy you a SIM card and send you the SIM serial number. T-Mobile at big-box retailer is good; you do not have to fund the new account.

    2. Google Voice would be difficult. It's only available in the US so you would need to use a VPN to hide your non-US location. GV also requires a forwarding phone with a US number and you have to verify that number by accepting a call on it and entering a code.

      Activating a 3G CDMA MEID or having a friend activate a T-Mobile or other GSM SIM should work as long as you are careful not to let the account expire due to non-payment.

    3. Thank you for the helpful info! I've checked out about Google Voice and it might be the easiest/best way although it costs $20, and I have no phone service when I return to the US(!).
      For the idea of CDMA service, I have to check out if that service provides Int'l roaming service that most of MVNO (including PTel) don't.
      Probably even if I get the # of the new T-Mobile SIM card, it should be inside of my phone to complete port-out/in the PTel number. My phone is also outside of the US with me.

    4. Thank you for other helpful info, Dennis! I wrote the previous reply before reading yours. I had no idea that Google voice requires the verification with my phone that would be impossible outside of the US.

      Probably I will have to give up on porting my current PTel#. I don't think I can find a 3G CDMA MEID phone reasonably.

      I have a question. To port my PTel# to the new T-Mobile or other GSM SIM card, shouldn't it be inside of the device that I will use with that phone#? That means I will have to ask the friend to have/buy another GSM device?? I am afraid to ask any friends to do it all for me until Feb 5 though...

    5. GSM SIMs can generally be activated without being in a phone. T-Mobile and AT&T GoPhone ones definitely can. Both carriers do ask you for an IMEI when activating but will accept IMEIs that are in service like the one from your PTel phone.

      I believe most VOIP providers also accept incoming ports.

  16. Thank you Dennis, again. If I try out one of those services that PTel recommends on their current web site, I can port-out my number on the internet, and the new SIM card that I will be receiving in the US would already have my current PTel#??

    1. It doesn't usually work that way. With Ting the port occurs after you get your SIM so there's no service interruption. Ting doesn't even ask for your PTel phone number when you order. Maybe if you call Ting or VidaExpress they could port your number immediately, before sending the SIM.

  17. Just found out about Ptel closing. I am losing almost $100. I like the Ting deal but they won't initiate the port until I receive the SIM card.

    Everywhere I read the deadline is the 5th. How is T-Mobile porting from Ptel until the 11th? Is it because it's their network? Plus how is T-Mobile porting a suspended number?

    1. T-Mobile, as PTel's underlying network operator, does seem to have an advantage, probably because they are the ones who will ultimately release the number for reuse.

  18. You don't need to wait for the physical sim card to arrive if you buy it directly from ting, the sim card number will be on your account after they process your order, and you can active it there.

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