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Check Out These 9 iOS Apps; Free for a Limited Time

If you've been thinking of updating the apps on your iPhone or iPad, you're in luck! There are a few iOS apps that are currently available for free for a limited time. Instead of paying for these apps, you can download them without paying for anything:

Cuecard - $0.99 Free

A good thing about using Cuecard app is that it helps you remember your to-do list with the use of simple icons as visual cues. You can choose to use one of the built-in cues as your visual reminder of a to-do entry or create your own photo cue by tapping on the camera icon. It's a very simple app that puts life into your reminders!

Dipster - $0.99 Free

This app lets you access all your email accounts at the same time. Once you have included your email, you no longer have to enter your password or profile information when you visit. Dipster lets you register on websites, receive emails without giving away your primary email address and even activate accounts.

Fast Camera - $7.99 Free

Fast Camera app lets you shoot up to 1,500 pictures a minute and even create timelapse videos! Now is the best time to download the app so you won't have to pay for anything.

Intarsia - $1.99 Free

If you want to give life to your photos, you can use the Intarsia app. With it, you can create mosaic images or even use different pattern effects.

Lifeline - $0.99 Free

If you have an Apple Watch synced with your iPhone, you can download Lifeline to keep you entertained throughout the day. The app is a survival game that you can play on your Apple Watch. Find out why Time.com has called this app as the "best game on the Apple Watch."

Markdown - $1.99 Free

Markdown is a simple editor for writers who want to use markdown language. With the app, you can format your text files and later access them through your Dropbox storage account.

MultiMode LED  - $0.99 Free

Now you can use your iPhone or iPad device as a flashlight. The good thing about the app is that it is fully customizable-- you can time how many flashes you want and even use the Morse mode to morse a message through the light flashes.

MyVideo Tube for YouTube - $1.99 Free

If you love to watch videos on your device, you can download MyVideo Tube for YouTube. It's essentially a portal for you to look at all the best videos on YouTube. What's more is that the app comes with a multi-functional video player that enables you to have a playlists manager and a more intelligent search.

Password Manager - $2.99 Free

The Password Manager app is very self-explanatory. It's essentially an app that helps you remember and manage sensitive information without you worrying about its security.

There is no way to determine how long these apps will be available for free since their developers are the ones who have decided to offer them for free. They could no longer be available in a few minutes or even a week from today. Just remember that if there is a price on the app instead of the word "Get", then that means the app is no longer free. When you download it, you will be charged with its corresponding price.

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  1. Which password manager is this referring too?

  2. I hope people are wise enough not to use just any password manager. It makes zero mention of encryption. Safe - sure, if you say so!

  3. Wisest not to use any.

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