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RingPlus Offers New Legends 2 - Mid Week Deal Promotion

RingPlus recently announced the new Legends 2 - Mid Week Deal they are offering to their customers. The deal makes a couple of plans available to subscribers.

  • Mel Hein Free Plan -  With the Mel Hein free plan, you don't have to pay for anything every month but you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 750 MB of 4G LTE data. This includes Unlimited RingPlus-to-RingPlus calling.
  • Eddie Arcaro Free Plan -  Another plan they are offering without a monthly fee is the Eddie Arcaro free plan, which comes with 1,000 minutes and texts, and 750 MB of 4G LTE data plus tethering. 

To get either of these plans, you will need to get a $20 Top Up to cover overages. Once the Top Up balance has gone down to $0, you will automatically get charged on your credit card with another $20 auto Top Up fee.These two plans are currently available to new subscriptions or new lines.

If you want to get a plan under the Legends 2 - Mid Week Deal promotion, you'd have to either buy a phone or a SIM card during the promo time or opt for Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD). If you decide to get a SIM card, you will be reserve a slot on the promotion as long as you activate the SIM card within 14 days after receiving it. RingPlus requests that you link your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts when you sign up for the plans so you can post about their service.

Since these plans are a great deal for anyone who wants to save on costs, RingPlus is offering the subscriptions at each local regional time instead of at the same time throughout the whole country. Availability of the plan will start depending on your region:

  • 4PM EST
  • 4PM CST
  • 4PM MST
  • 4PM PST

Because they are expecting the free cell plans to have a high demand, RingPlus has decided to implement some limitations with their wireless partners.

Throughout the duration of the promo, you might encounter a message during sign up process which reads "We are sorry, but the maximum capacity has been reached please try again within an hour." When this happens, it means that RingPlus had to temporarily close with the volume for new subscriptions they had to absorb within that hour. But they do promise that they will re-open soon.

If you decide to get either of these plans offered by RingPlus, they have some important reminders:

  • Please do not deactivate your current service with another provider until your port-in to RingPlus is complete, and your phone is up and running on RingPlus. Otherwise, you may lose your phone number permanently and lose service temporarily.
  • Please check with your current carrier to make sure you don't owe any money on the phone or plan, and please note that if you activate any eligible device with RingPlus, and you have an existing contract with a different carrier, you are responsible for any unpaid costs due on your phone, your plan, and other fees that may be applied by your current carrier.
You can learn more about this promotion offered by RingPlus by visiting their website.

Source:  RingPlus


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  1. I think I'll wait for the "Oh Man, We're Out Of Plan Names" plan.

    1. Don't care what they call them, they are all the "Saving Me a Bunch O Cash" plans. Thanks Dennis and RingPlus!!

  2. I have an old galaxy phone I use to have on Virgin Mobile for over 2 years. Virgin Mobile gave me an unlock code when I discontinued service, but I don't know what I'm suppose to do with the unlock code. I use the ex-VM phone as minitablet currently. How do I activate this on RingPlus? Do I purchase a sim card? What do I do with the unlock code?

    1. You don't need an unlock code to activate on RingPlus. You don't need a new SIM either, If the phone uses a SIM the original Virgin SIM will work. Use Check Your Device | RingPlus to verify that you phone can be activated on RingPlus.

      If the "unlock code" Virgin gave you is six digits, its the MSL which is useless for unlocking. If the code is more than 6 digits its a real unlocking code that you can use to GSM unlock the phone for AT&T, T-Mobile or a non US network. When you put a GSM SIM in the phone it will prompt you to enter the code to unlock it.

  3. I'm holding out for the "Named After Sine Guy Who Looked At Me Funny in the Line at Starbucks" plan.

  4. When is the 2000 mins , 2000 text and 2000 mbs free plan coming out. We know its in the work and a 25 dollars top up is require.

  5. These are turning out to be pretty good plans especially with the unlimited calling and texting to other ringplus members. If this outfit can hold it together I see some big savings for me.

  6. Paying more for less?

    Still not a terrible deal, but I'm glad I snagged a Leo plan while they were available.

  7. Not like I have a lot of money... But I would not use this service. I rather pay more for something I feel more comfortable with.

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