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12 Paid iOS Apps that You Can Download for Free Today

If you're on the lookout for new iOS apps that you can download for free from the App Store, here is a selection of apps that you have been made free by their developers. Check them out today:

ArtWord Pro 3D - $1.99

ArtWord Pro 3D helps you transform your photos into digital art. This is the perfect app to use if you want to create memes, greetings, birthday cards, or motivational pictures!  
CompareShots - $1.99

CompareShots is a tool that will help you easily compare screenshots and images. If you're in this particular line of work, you'll find that this iOS app is easy to use and quick.

Earmuffs - $0.99

If your child uses an iOS device, there's finally an app that can help you ensure they don't access content that's too mature for them yet. Earmuffs works as an adult content blocker that you can easily install on your child's device. 
Gangster Granny - $0.99

Gangster Granny has been named as the #1 Adventure Game in over 45 countries. It's not your typical sweet, old grandmother who will help you bake cookies. Instead, the game lets you help Gangster Granny as she robs the biggest bank in the city.

Matcha 3 - $9.99

If you're someone who does some writing, Matcha 3 is a great app you can use to help you catch up on your writing anytime of the day. Get it for free so you won't have to pay $9.99!

Monster Math 2

While it's free to download Monster Math 2, the in-app purchases usually cost between $2.99 and $5.99. For a limited time, you can get all the in-app purchases for free so you can help your child improve his math skills. 

Running Pro by 99Sports - $0.99 

Another app you can get for free is Running Pro by 99 Sports. Through this app, you can keep track of your real-time running progress with a GPS tracker. It is great to use whether you are running, walking, jogging, or training for a marathon.

Study Cal - $1.99

Another app that can help you study better is Study Cal. It's the complete app for every University student.

Task Reminder Pro - $1.99

Task Reminder Pro is an easy to use app that can help you remember your daily activities. Apart from functioning like a reminder app, it also doubles as an alarm clock that will help you be on time.

the Sequence - $0.99

If you're looking for a game where you can let out your inner geek, the Sequence is a puzzle game that will be interesting to you. The game comes with 72 levels that you'll have to pass. 

Universal Movie Player - $0.99

Universal Movie Player on your iPhone or iPad no longer limits you on which movie format you can play on your device.

YepNoteS - $1.99

If you still don't have a note-taking app on your device, YepNoteS is the app that can help you out. It also works on your Apple Watch so you can easily dictate notes.

Again, remember that the apps on this list were made free by their developers. There's no telling how long these paid iPhone and iPad apps will be offered for free. When you see an app you're interested in, make sure that you check if there is a price next to the "Get" link. If a price is listed, that means that the app is no longer free. You will be charged when you download the app.


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  1. I'm curious, does earmuffs block gangster granny? Lol

    Too much shovelware on the market - free isn't even compelling enough to get me to try any of these apps, although angry pigs watching me pop math baloons was close.

  2. Yeah riiight? Gangster granny!?! What the heck!?! That one caters to 15 year old juvenile deliquents.

  3. Is Dennis OK or is he taking a well deserved break?

    1. Good question, Dale? I appreciate the work Dennis does each week to keep us informed of current prepaid device deals. Hoping he's just taking a well-deserved break.

    2. I, too, hope that Dennis is taking a well-deserved break today, and that he is not trying to deal with a family emergency.

      The prepaid phone information he publishes here week in and week out is so helpful to so many.

    3. Yes I am in contact with Dennis. I handle the partnership relationships for PrepaidPhoneNews. He will be back next week after a well deserved holiday.

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    Upon noticing that Dennis Bournique did not publish his weekly "Prepaid Phones On Sale This Week" column yesterday, I have become worried about him. Is he OK?

    1. Hi, he is away on a well deserved holiday. He will be back soon :) Thanks for your concern!

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