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Boingo Wireless Now Provides Support to Subscribers Under Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile


Over the weekend, Boingo Wireless announced that they have expanded their support to a couple of prepaid sub-brands under Sprint-- Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. This expansion follows last year's deal with Sprint. This deal allowed Sprint to offload customer's data traffic onto the Wi-Fi network of Boingo throughout 35 major airports in the US.

At a conference call with its investors held last Saturday, CEO David Hagan announced its expansion of supporting the two prepaid sub-brands. Hagan disclosed the fourth quarter and full year 2015 earnings during the call. He also added news that nearly 22 million customers of Sprint have moved onto using Boingo's Wi-Fi network in a number of airports throughout the country.

With this partnership, subscribers under Sprint (and now Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile) are able to access fast Wi-Fi network while waiting in airports by connecting to Boingo's. Since Wi-Fi connection is used, usage does not count against the customer's monthly service plan so they can enjoy free browsing on their devices.

Another Boingo executive, CFO Peter Hovenier teased of another major carrier that will be offloading its traffic to Boingo's Wi-Fi networks just like Sprint has already done last year. But as to which carrier this will be, Hovenier kept mum about the news and shared that the offloading will happen sometime within the first half of the year.

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  1. why is this needed?

    1. Airports are probably the hardest and most expensive upgrade. Adding WiFi is just easier given the density and high volume of travelers. They'll eventually add DAS and/or small cells, but that may take a while.

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