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Get a $50 Bill Credit For Switching to Cricket Wireless

Cricket $50 Switcher Bill Credit

AT&T's Cricket Wireless prepaid brand is running a new port-in promotion for operator switchers. Cricket will give you a $50 bill credit for porting in a number from operator except AT&T to Cricket. As always there are some conditions conditions in the fine print on the Cricket site:

  • The ported number must be activated on a $40 or higher plan.
  • The ported number must be active and in good standing for 45 days.
  • The credit will be added to you account within 60 days of activation.
  • The credit will be forfeited if the account is cancelled before it's received or used.

A device purchase is not required to receive the credit, you can bring your own phone and still be eligible. But if you are ready for a new phone, Cricket has some great instant discounts on phones that are only available to customers porting in a number:

  • ZTE Sonata 2 99¢ ($19.99 w/o port-in)
  • LG Risio $19.99 ($39.99 w/o port-in)
  • ZTE Overture 2 $19.99  ($39.99 w/o port-in)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime $29.99 ($79.99 w/o port-in)
  • Kyocera Hydro View $39.99 ($59.99 w/o port-in)
  • HTC Desire 520 $49.99 ($69.99 w/o port-in)
  • Microsoft 640 $69.99 ($89.99 w/o port-in)
  • HTC Desire 626s $89.99 ($109.99 w/o port-in)
  • LG G Stylo $59.99 ($159.99 w/o port-in)
  • ZTE Grand X 3 $79.99 ($129.99 w/o port-in)
  • ZTE Grand X Max+ 99.99 ($149.99 w/o port-in)
  • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 $109.99 ($129.99 w/o port-in)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 $399.99 ($499.99 w/o port-in)
  • Apple iPhone 6s 16 GB $549.99 ($649.99 w/o port-in)
  • Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB $649.99 ($749.99 w/o port-in)
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB $649.99 ($749.99 w/o port-in)
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB $749.99 ($849.99 w/o port-in)

Cricket Wireless offers the following plans that are eligible for both port-in promotions:
Plan Name Monthly Price Hi-Speed Data Before Throttling1
Basic $40 ($35 with autopay) 2.5 GB
Smart $50 ($45 with autopay) 5 GB 2
Pro $60 ($55 with autopay) 10 GB 2
High-Speed data is throttled to a maximum speed of 8 Mbps for LTE data and 4 Mbps for HSPA+. After the high-speed data cap is reached speed is further throttled to about 128 Kbps. Additional high-speed data is available for $10 for 1GB good for a month.
2 $50 and $60 plans include unlimited calls (including to mobile phones) and messaging (including MMS) to Mexico and Canada, Canadian and Mexican voice, text and data roaming. and unlimited international text messaging to 38 additional countries.

The port-in phone discounts are scheduled to end 3/17/2016. The $50 switcher bill credit promotion ends 3/31/2016.

Source Cricket Wireless

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  1. Verizon will win if they give more data, Cricket will win if they unthrottle data. Sprint will never win unless better coverage and their policy, TMobile will win if they have at least AT&T coverage.

    1. T-mobile gets you unlimited music on Iheartradio for instance, even when I am throttled it works once the app loads up, I get my KSFO AM anywhere! and T-mobile's coverage has been a pleasant surprise personally, I travel betweet PA, FL and MO and I've never lost at least basic talk/text, and I'd say I have at least 4g-LTE data 95% of the time.And the fact that I can use my phone's hotspot up to my entire data allotment . I originally thought these things were kind of gimicky , but If you use them I think Tmobile (prepaid in my case) is a good value, But I understand the coverage issue that some will encounter, and the fact that Cricket runs awesome promotions,great plan pricing, great value on a big network make them a compelling choice too, I just like the couple perks I mentioned with my t-mo plan

  2. Verizon's network heft speaks for itself, literally!

  3. The pricing is wrong on the alcatel, Its 109 with a port and 129 with out

  4. Two typos, one sentence.

    . As always their are some conditions conditions in the fine pront on the Cricket site:

  5. Porting from H2O is elegible?

    1. No it will see the number as a cingular wireless number during the port over. Port your number to a cheap CDMA flip Tracfone and then port to cricket.

  6. to many sales call all hours of the day.never stops.deezer music is ok.

  7. I followed all requirements and Cricket has refused to give me the $50 bill credit. It has been 5 months. I done with Cricket.

  8. Happy with service so far,if I get tha $50 credit , b real happy !

  9. Switched over the weekend and got $50 credit. Didn't even know about this promo.

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