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Here's Why Smartel Changed Its Name to Bluegreen Mobile

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Smartel.mobi, a six month old prepaid business reseller has re-branded itself as Bluegreen Mobile. The Smartel website doesn't say why. I imagine there are all sorts of conspiracy theories about what Smartel might have done that necessitated them to change their name.

It turns out there's a rather benign reason for the name change. There are a number of business around the world named Smartel including Smartel, Inc, a Denver based company founded in 2008  that helps businesses' manage their cell phone expenses. Smartel, Inc sent Smartel LLC , the business reseller, a cease and desist letter and Smartel LLC probably decided it was time for a new name. How do I know this? A Google search for "smartel cease and desist" turns up a posting on legal advice site Avvo.com, where someone claiming to be an officer of Smartel LLC told their sad story and was advised to get a new name and be sure and do a trademark search this time.

Bluegreen's plans are basically the same as Smartel's and the Pink (T-Mobile) plans are back after disappearing from the Smartel site a couple of months ago:

T-Mobile (Bluegreen Pink)

  • $15/month Tablet Plan - 5 GB data
  • Silver - $25/month unlimited talk and text and 2 GB data
  • Gold - $45/month unlimited talk, text and 10 GB data
  • Platinum - $55/month unlimited talk, text and data.
Verizon (Bluegreen Red)

  • $28.50/month unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data
  • $45/month unlimited talk and text, 2 GB data
  • $55/month unlimited talk and text, 5 GB data
  • $69.50/month unlimited talk and text, 7 GB data
AT&T (Bluegreen Blue)

  • $29.99/month unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data
  • $35.99/month unlimited talk and text, 3 GB data
  • $45.99/month unlimited talk and text, 5 GB data
  • $55.50/month unlimited talk and text, 7 GB data
All plans include hotspot and Bluegreen Point, an employee tracking system.  Bluegreen says speeds on all three operators are "uncapped" so, unlike Verizon MVNOs, there's apparently no 5 Mbps throttle on the Verizon plans.  There's a $10 sign up fee but plan prices include all taxes and other fees. Bluegreen is targeting business customers, including sole proprietors, and signing up requires a company tax ID (EIN).

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  1. This is for business customer not for general users.

  2. so its possible to get bypass the company tax id requirement in order to get the tmobile plan.

  3. Bluegreen (who came up with that name?) is missing from the News by carrier column. And RedPocket is missing a (t).

  4. does the verizon have roaming

  5. Their site looks a lot better today than it did yesterday, and now has a shiny TM in the footer. Nice catch, btw Dennis.

  6. how does blue green compete on prices with harbor for att coverage. Which one would be better if I can get a business ID?

    1. Harbor is cheaper: Harbor Mobile. I don't see much difference between two in terms of support quality or potential longevity.

    2. I have the Harbor T-mobile 5gb "tablet" plan but it is $18 with tax included. This outfit says the same plan is $15 and no taxes.

  7. Dennis, so, ONLY the Blue-green PINK PLATINUM @ $55 is NOT Hard-capped on Data? Why is that a deal? Everything else IS Hard-capped?
    Thanks for the information!

  8. Seems like a smart decision. There are too many carriers, MVNO, buzzwords, and divisions with similar names including words like "mobile" and "smart". Time for a little distinction.

    But you can go too far, however, and get oddities like H2O (which, despite the name, does not stand out when it comes to waterproof phones) and Kajeet (which appears to be named after someone in the NBA).

  9. the data on AT&T is hard capped without any slow data correct?

  10. Smartel's 10 gb Tmobile gold plan is now $45. It was $35 as recently as mid January. Considering the poor communication with the company and it's instability, I think I will move on. They need to offer more competitive prices or substantially better US based customer service.

  11. The prices have changed and Verizon is no longer available. Thinking of changing to 3mb blue which is 2 MB more than Google Fi and taxes are included.

  12. Verizon is still available, however it's now called "Green" instead of "Red" Confusing, yes.....you would think green refers to Sprint, but it does not....they don't offer Sprint plans. The customer service is slow & only available via sending a message. I find Harbor Mobile's 24 hour support via phone, as well as there quick chat support is the better way to go.

  13. For the last week I've been trying to decide between bluegreen and Harbor. This story comes as no surprise to me that bluegreen didn't do their homework on trade mark infringement. I don't mind supporting a startup company just not with my cell service. I found them to have poor customer service in answering questions on their plans. The big kicker is they operate out of a rented PO Box at a Mailbox etc. with no physical address.

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