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Introducing Krew Mobile: The Otono MVNO That Offers Remotely Activated Sim Cards

Some users may know Otono Networks as a Canada based wireless carrier whose mobile services reportedly use T-Mobile’s network. Otono itself has its own range of branded mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), each targeting specific types of mobile consumers.

Well, Otono has just recently launched Krew Mobile, a new MVNO that offers a $39 a month plan that already comes with unlimited voice calls (countrywide), text messaging, and data. Krew Mobile also offers a couple of lines of service for children that includes voice calls and text messaging. What is intriguing about these two children’s lines is that they can be remotely enabled by parents by way of a text message from their own mobile devices. The two lines of service together make use of 30 blocks of mobile service, with each block capable of providing an hour of cellular access for voice calls and text messaging.

As explained by Emir Aboulhosn, the chief executive officer of Otono Networks, the concept of Krew Mobile basically revolves around providing kids temporary cellular service when they can not find a decent Wi-Fi connection. Aboulhosn says the $39 monthly plan should be ideal for single parents, especially those looking for a cost effective solution to providing their kids with cellular access.

Otono Networks actually first introduced Krew Mobile back in December of last year. But it was only recently that the wireless carrier was able to debut a pilot service for the MVNO. In the coming weeks or months, Otono is looking to further expand Krew Mobile’s services, most likely introducing a new feature called Krew Messaging, which basically allows three different mobile users to send each other text messages absolutely free of charge. Otono is also planning to add location tracking features to Krew Mobile to let parents monitor their children’s whereabouts better.

Otono Networks has utilized a similar approach before, especially with another of its many brands, AlwaysOnline Wireless. With AlwaysOnline Wireless, iPad users can enjoy cellular data service, plus a stand alone SIM card and roaming services for users who frequently travel from the United States to Canada, and vice versa.

Apart from the new Krew Mobile and AlwaysOnline Wireless, Otono Networks’ other brands include Roam Mobility for USA, Roam Mobility for Canada, and Ready SIM. The two Roam Mobility brands basically offers short term roaming services for Americans visiting Canada, and for Canadians visiting the US. Both brands offer unlimited countrywide voice calls, text messaging, and 4G LTE data. As for Ready SIM, this is the first self activating SIM card that can be used instantly after being purchased -- users just need to plug the SIM card, text their ZIP code, and then be able to access wireless services..

Source: Fierce Wireless

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  1. Missing from the Krew article: 1. First 2GB of mobile data at LTE speeds. 2. If you sign up for the pilot, the first 1000 people will get up to two free months of service.

    1. What's the source of your information? I don't see it on the Otono site.

  2. yeah the plan details do seem to be missing.

  3. Anonymous above is correct about the 2GB LTE then unlimited throttle and the two free months (including 3 total lines) for those accepted into the beta "Pilot" program (limited to first 1,000 - must have at least 1 child in the house).


  4. Denis, please check helio.com they have a $49 plan w/ 7GB + Sprint Roaming coverage. Isn't this best deal in CDMA prepaid market?

    1. Helio seems to be targeting Korean expats primarily. The site is in a mixture of Korean and English site making it hard to for someone who isn't bilingual to determine what exactly is being offered.

      Some things that raise red flags for me:
      1) The $49 plan is referred to both as a 5 GB plan and also as 5 GB + 2 GB so the extra 2 GB might be a limited time promotion.
      2) A $35 active line fee is mentioned. If that's monthly charge it would be a show stopper
      3) There's no mention of limits on roaming. Even Sprint postpaid caps roaming at 800 minutes and 100 or 300 MB depending on plan.

  5. Another important fact missing from the Krew article is that after the first 1000 people sign up for the free 2-month pilot, additional subscribers get the plan for $19/month for two months.

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