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PureTalk USA Adds iPhone 6s , 6s Plus and More Data and MMS to Several Plans

Up to 500 MB more data
AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has increased the data and MMS allowances on several of their plans

  • The $24 unlimited talk and text plan goes from 100 MB and 100 MMS to 200 MB and 200 MMS
  • The $29 unlimited talk and text plan goes from 500 MB and 400 MMS to 1 GB and unlimited MMS
  • The $35 unlimited talk, text and MMS plan goes from 1 GB to 1.5 GB
  • The $45 unlimited talk, text and MMS plan goes from 2 GB to 2.5 GB
$15/month Simple 600 Plan now comes with 100 MB and 100 MMS. Previously data and MMS were only available with an add-on package.

Pure TalkUSA is now offering the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Prices are the same as at the Apple Store and start at $649 for the 16 GB iPhone 6s. However, customers who purchase an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus from Pure TalkUSA get a $10/month discount for the first 12 months on any unlimited plan. With the discount,plan prices are::

  • $24.00 $14.00/month for unlimited talk and 200 MB Data/200 MMS each month
  • $29.00 $19.00/month for unlimited talk and 1 GB MB Data/unlimited MMS each month
  • $35.00 $25.00/month for unlimited talk and 1.5 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month
  • $45.00 $35.00/month for unlimited talk and 2.5 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month
The press release announcing the iPhone 6s/6s Plus availability and discounts also says "Those currently using an iPhone with PureTalk USA's service will have full, unrestricted access to iPhone device features." I think that means that MMS now works on iPhones without jailbreaking. I've asked PureTalk for confirmation and will update this post if when I hear back from them.

The table below lists Pure TalkUSA's plan lineup after the latest changes.

Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS domestic / Int'l MMS Data
Simple 80 6 $5 80 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Family 4,5 $10 - $50 5 3.33¢ - 6.25¢ 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 250 6 $10 250 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 600 6 $15 600  "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 100 MMS 3 100 MB 3
Unlimited $24 unlimited unlimited / NA 200, Overage: $4 for 100 MMS 200 MB, Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $29 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1 GB, Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $35 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1.5 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $45 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 2.5 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
1 Simple Plan minutes do not roll over. Add on minutes are available at $10 for 130 minutes. Unused add on minutes do rollover but are used before plan minutes.
2 International calling and texting requires a $10 International Calling Card.
3 The $9.95/month data and MMS addon for Simple and Family plans includes 200 MMS and 400 MB of data. Also available: 1 GB/ 400 MMS for $19.90. Unused add-on MMS and data expire after 30 days.
Unused minutes roll-over
5 Monthly pay as you go plan, available price points (cost per month/minutes) are $10/160, $20/400, $30/700, $40/1100, $50/1500. Can be used as a family plan for $5/month per extra line. All lines share the available minutes and texts but data/MMS addons are per line and not shared.
Also available as AddVantage plans for seniors 55 and older which include a bonus of 10% more minutes per month, up to 50% in bonus minutes after six months.

Auto-pay is required on all plans.  PureTalkUSA Plan prices include all taxes and fees. Support is US based and has an excellent  reputation. PureTalk offers the following discounts:

  • 5% back in Sears/Kmart Shop Your Way points each month for all customers.
  • 10% discount on all plans for military personnel and veterans.
  • Seniors 55 and older on any Simple plan get 10% more minutes each month, up to a maximum of 50% more minutes after six months.

Source: Pure TalkUSA


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  1. Simple 600 is a bargain, especially in AddVantage form. I'm signing up!
    These changes might even attract some price-sensitive Consumer Cellular customers.

  2. wow. seriously thinking of switching from gophone $45 2gb plan to puretalk $29 1gb plan. really use less than 500mb per month. would save $15 per month (or actually save like $10 since always use callingmart to pay about $40 to refill my gophone). really wish gophone had a $30 unlimited T&T 1gb plan already.

  3. Isn't the $30 plan the cheapest 1GB plan on any AT&T MVNO?

    1. airvoice has a $30 1GB plan. but doesn't airvoice still do some sort of split data thing. used to be have call for second half of your data. but isn't now like first half is full speed but second half is throttled.

      but puretalk $29 1GB is a buck cheaper.

    2. The Airvoice 1GB plan is really just a 500MB plan with another 500MB of useless throttled data at 128 or 64kbps after the 500MB of high speed data is used up. Airvoice should be sued for false advertising.

    3. For that 1$ more on AirVoice you get a ton of International calling to over 80 countries! Cant beat that

    4. "..another 500MB of useless throttled data at 128..."
      I enjoy helping clueless bloggers. AirVoice 128kbps mobile data works fine for email, mms, GPS-A, checking weather, stock market indexes, drudge and other mobile site headlines and text pages, and making bank transactions.
      The second 500 mb would still be high speed if so many people hadn't been outraged that they had to send a text or email once a month to get it.

    5. Correct, helper-of-the-clueless. I ran out of Cricket allocation of LTE purposefully right before the end of the month just to see. Not only could I do the web stuff you name, I could mostly stream audio (with some hiccups there).

      The 128GB is useless if you expect perfect streaming audio, or want to stream video. but for a lot of things you can get by. At least until your monthly LTE comes back.

  4. PureTalk is low hassle, just works service with good cs too. Data is not unlimited with a throttle after the high- speed is used up. It just ends.

  5. I just ported another number over to them today. Like you say, they are low hassle and just work.


  6. WiFi is your best alternative. Stop depending on network for all data use.

  7. Does Pure Talk have Short Codes for remaining data balances and renewal dates??????

    1. The AT&T codes should work:
      *777# - to display current balance and plan expiration date
      *777*1# - to display data used

  8. This article does not mention that PureTalk offers smartpay Lease to Ownership financing of up to 24 months for smartphones. There is an early, 90-day buyout option that adds as little as 3.5% to the price of the phone.

  9. The $5 simple plan and senior plans seems to be disappearing. I say disappearing because the main plan page says the starting price is $10, but other parts of the web site still refer to the $5 plans.

  10. did they drop simple 80 plan... 3/8/2016 not on their website

  11. It sure looks like they did. They still list an 80 minute senior AddVantage 80 plan

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