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RingPlus Legends 5 Promotion: Althea Gibson Daily Free Plan & Giuseppe Farina


This week's Legends 5 promotion offered by RingPlus is a choice between two very different plans. Compared to the past weeks that had very little differences between them, you can actually choose between these two free plans and be able to use them from Tuesday, February 9 at 12 Noon Pacific until Saturday, February 13 at 12 Noon Pacific.

Althea Gibson Daily Free Plan

The same as the past free plans, the Althea Gibson Daily Free Plan costs nothing and gives you up to 2010 minutes, 2010 texts, and 2010 MB of 4G LTE data in total per 30 days based on your Free daily allotments of 67 minutes, 67 texts and 67 MB (tethering is included).

Just as its name suggests, this is a Daily Free Plan and not monthly. What this means is that you won't get to use all of the 2010 minutes, 2010 texts and 2010 MB of 4G LTE in one day. Instead, you will get a daily allotment of 67 minutes, 67 texts and 67 MB for free. According to RingPlus' announcement, the usage is measured daily and unfortunately, does not rollover. If you use more than the allotted talk, text or data, your overages will be billed to you at the rate of 2 cents per unit of whichever you are out of (example: MBs, texts, or minutes). The plan allotments renews every 24 hours.  

This plan requires a $9.99 Top Up to be maintained at all times to cover overages. Once the Top-Up balance becomes $0, you will be automatically charged with another $9.99 Top Up (+ required taxes & fees) on your credit card. The Top Up is a minimum requirement and not a monthly charge. The only time you will get charged is when the balance becomes $0.

Giuseppe Farina Free Plan

The other plan available under this week's Legends 5 promotion is the Giuseppe Farina Free Plan, which gets you 1,200 minutes, 1,200 texts, and 1,200 MB of 4G LTE data with Daily Tethering Available. Compared to the first free plan option, the Giuseppe Farina plan is a monthly plan offered by RingPlus. It also costs nothing per month.

You can also add tethering for $0.49 per day. But if you do decide to turn tethering on multiple times in a day, you will also be charged multiple times. So if you follow this example: ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON; you will be charged three times in one day.

This plan requires a $20 Top Up for overages. And like before, if the Top-Up balance reaches $0, you will automatically get charged with $20 on your credit card on file.

Free Porting

Throughout the promotion period, all port-ins to RingPlus will be Free for Eligible phones that pass the RingPlus Check tool. This includes compatible phones from Sprint Network and eligible non-Sprint network phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (and their MVNOs) devices.

Again, this new promotion starts today (February 9) at 12 Noon Pacific and ends on Saturday, February 13 at 12 Noon Pacific. To learn more about availability, you may visit RingPlus.net.

Source: RingPlus


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  1. the daily plans would probably a no go for a lot of people aka how much streaming will 67 megabytes provide but I can see this being the model they will use in the future as they likely would create more overages & thus profit that way!

  2. Will they charge any activation fee if you just activate a new phone and let them pick a number?

    1. They just charge the minimum topup if you get a new number, unless you want to top up more.

  3. I don't mess with any prl manual updates or anything when activating or swapping phones on ring plus, I've just let it do its thing connected to Wi-Fi , I guess this is right.

  4. Dennis, I want to order a phone directly from Virgin mobile, do you know If those generally activate in ring plus okay?

    1. I can tell you that Boost and Sprint Prepaid devices have always worked for me.

    2. yes VM phones activate OK

    3. They should, Zach, but just activate them first before you even open the box. Use the numbers on the bottom outside of the box in R+'s phone checker. There's two sets of numbers for LTE phones.

  5. Hope they bring back the free top up for porting in from At&t, Tmo or VZW again during some promo. Even if it's just $10 or $15.

  6. i really wanted to use RP but it's been 6 days since i opened my account and no one can figure why my port won't go thru as tracfone is saying the zip codes don't match but the zip code they have on file is the one i am using to try and port

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