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RingTo Delays Transition to a Paid Plan, Announces New Terms of Service

Back in December, RingTo announced that they were transitioning into a paid plan. When it was announced, they planned to launch it on February 15, 2016. It's been a few days since the 15th of February but until now, there hasn't been any news of the new paid plan.

In an email sent to RingTo customers earlier today, the company confirmed that the transition to a paid service has been delayed to a future date. So when will this paid service officially start? That hasn't been determined yet.

RingTo, however, has confirmed that starting April 1st, their Terms of Service will be changed to include the following service adjustments:

  • 2,500 Inbound and Outbound SMS text messages combined per month
  • 300 Outbound and/or Call Forwarded minutes combined per month
Once the new TOS changes take place, this will mean that

  • Existing RingTo users with a ported number will be able to keep using the service at no cost. On April 11, however, a new TOS will become effective. If your account does not have a phone number associated with it, RingTo will automatically terminate your service. 
  • If you are a GrooVe IP user, you should have received an email notification advising you of the new GrooVe IP experience. In order to keep using the service, you need to migrate to the new service before March 31st. 
  • For Obihai users still attached to RingTo, you may have already received a different email notifying you of these changes. You have until March 31st to keep enjoying RingTo's service.
Both GrooVe IP and Obihai users who decide not to migrate or take no further action will have their RingTo service terminated at the end of the transition period. So if you want to keep using the service, make sure you comply with the necessary changes to keep enjoying RingTo's service.

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  1. Paid plan i'am going to have to say no thanks. I only reason why I sign up because it was free.

    1. when we have google voice free, where i can show the same caller id on multiple phones why i need a paid ring.to plan. but to reach that first i have to port my number to t mobile and the least expense to do that is 5 dollar sim plus 10 dollar recharge. And to port out to google voice i need to spend another 20 dollars. so all together i have to spend 35 dollars just to keep a precious telephone number. Good lesson ...never go for any free stuff. eventually we will end up paying more. thanks ring.to for this lesson.

    2. You mean thanks Google, since they are the ones that won't let you port your number in directly.

      I'd rather pay Ring.To directly than pay Google through advertising and data mining. And for now, I don't have to pay them at all.

      That said, using the Ring.To app I can call and display any of my outbound numbers from any device.

  2. After we transfer the number to T mobile how long we have to wait to transfer to google voice. Can we transfer immediately ?

    1. I would wait for at least a couple of days, ideally 5 days. That's because it takes a while for the changes from the first port to propagate, especially on the texting side. Users have reported porting from Republic Wireless (a sister company of RingTo that uses the same Bandwidth service) takes up to a week for texting to port over. You don't want to do the second port until the first port is fully done.

  3. Seems like a strange way to do business putting a limit of 300 minutes on and no way to get more. What happens if you exceed your limit? That would eliminate this option for many people who might not normally use more than 300 minutes, but once in awhile might see a spike and wouldn't want their phone service cut off. Who uses the same number of minutes every month?

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