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Prepaid Operator Profile: RingPlus

RingPlus is out of business. Service ended Feb 21, 2017. Customers were able to port out and any who were still on RingPlus when it shut down were transferred to Ting. See our post Updated: RingPlus Shuts Down, Accounts have Been Migrated to Ting for more information.

This is one in a series of Prepaid Phone News' series of US prepaid mobile operator profiles. These profiles cover all the major US mobile operators' prepaid plans as well as MVNOs which offer a good value.

Overview: RingPlus Wireless is a freemium Sprint mobile virtual mobile operator (MVNO) that launched in August, 2013. RingPlus says its goal is to provide free cell phone service. RingPlus offers a mix of free and paid plans. Until recently, most if RingPlus' plans were partially supported by audio advertising that played instead of the normal ring back tone before the called party answers.

Technology: CDMA voice and 1xRTT and 3G EVDO data on the 800 and 1900 Mhz bands. LTE on bands 25 (1900), 26 (850) and 41 (2500).

RingPlus Wireless Plans:

Promotional Free Plans: RingPlus is best known for its promotional free plans which are mainly offered to new users or current users activating new lines of service. The promotions are brief, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days, The promotional plans are RingPlus' best free plans and generally include up to 1000 minutes, texts and MBs of data per month for "free". In spite of being called "free", the promotional plans typically require an initial top up of $10 to $25 "to cover overages". However, there are no or other charges unless you use up your account balance on overages and paid features like MMS or international calls.

See our RingPlus Promo Tracker for a regularly updated list of current RingPlus free plan promotions.

Non-Promotional Plans: RingPlus always has a bunch of non-promotional plans available. These are mostly paid plans but there's often a freebies or two. RingPlus tends to change their plan lineup often. The current set is brand new But they could change tomorrow.

RingPlus Mad Plans: Launched in July, 2016, the Mad Plans are RingPlus' newest and currently the only type of plans offered. Unlike RingPlus' legacy plans, calls on the Mad Plans use normal Sprint cellular infrastructure and are not routed through RingPlus' ring back advertising framework.  There is no advertising on these plans. Taking RingPlus out of the call stream also removes the extra voice latency that the RingPlus servers introduce.

Effective January 24, 2017, Ring Plus has stopped activating new lines of service. The plans listed below were the last ones offered.
Plan Monthly Cost 1 Voice SMS MMS Data 3 Notes
Mad Espresso $3.99 2 300 300 300 300 MB Overage: 10¢ per minute, SMS, MB
Mad Cappuccino $5.99 2 500 500 500 500 MB Overage: 10¢ per minute, SMS, MB
Mad Mocha $9.99 2unlimited unlimited unlimited 1 GB Overage: 10¢ per minute, SMS, MB
Mad Latte $17.99 2unlimited unlimited unlimited 1750 MB Overage: 10¢ per minute, SMS, MB
Mad Macchiato$29.99 4unlimited unlimited unlimited 5 GB high speed, unlimited 2G No overages
1 Plus taxes and fees of 10-30%.
2 $5 activation fee plus $15 top up at activation and whenever balance is $5 or less.
3 Tethering available for  $2.99/month Mad Espresso, Mad Cappuccino and Mad Mocha. Not available on Mad Latte or Mad Macchiato. 
4 $6.75 activation fee plus $29 top up at activation and whenever balance is $5 or less.

RingPlus Data Device Plans
Plan Monthly Cost 1 Data 2 Overage 3 
Mad Light $5.99 500 MB 5¢/MB
Mad Torch $10.99 1 GB 5¢/MB
Mad Blaze $21.99 2 GB 5¢/MB
Plus taxes and fees of 10-30%.
Tethering and hotspot included
Add-on data available: 250 MB $4.99, 1000 MB $14.99

Data Rounding: RingPlus rounds up each data session to the next 0.1 MB (100 KB). Smartphones make frequent connections to keep email, calendar, contacts, IM and social networks current. These connections typically only use a few KB's each but the rounding causes them to be charged as 100 KB resulting in higher than expected data usage.

Add-Ons: Additional minutes messages and high speed data can be added to RingPlus paid and free plans. The following add-ons are available:
Data: 250 MB $4.99. 1 GB $14.99
Voice 250 min $4.99,  1000 minutes $14.99
SMS 250 SMS $4.99, 1000 SMS $14.99
MMS 250 MMS $4.99, 1000 MMS $14.99

Member+ is a subscription "club" that costs $120 for a lifetime membership.. Member+ membership has the following benefits:

  • 3% top-up bonus
  • Priority customer support.
  • RingPlus Store discounts.
  • Exclusive Member+ only promotional plans and data add-ons.
  • Member+ subscribers will have two extra days to sign up for some promotional planss
  • Free ESNs (device) swaps
Fees and extra cost items: RingPlus charges for  most services like phone number and device changes:
  • Voicemail $1.50/30 days
  • Call waiting and 3-way calling $2/30 days
  • Phone number change: $2.99
  • Device (phone) change: $4.99
  • Port in a number: $10.99
  • Multiple port-ins of the same number: $20
  • Voice roaming: 14¢/minute (Member+ required)
  • Data roaming: 55¢/minute (Member+ required)
  • Text roaming: no extra charge (Member+ required)
  • International calls: rates vary. There's a rate list at https://ringplus.net/#plans Sample rates per minute for calls to mobile phones: Canada 2.6¢, China 2.76¢, Mexico 5.34¢, United Kingdom 3.9¢.
  • International SMS 3¢/each
  • In-call language translation: 20¢/minute.
Free Plan Rules: RingPlus has a few rules that apply to free plans (any plan that doesn't have a monthly charge:

  • Free plan users must make an outgoing call at least once every 60 days or their account will be terminated.
  • Only one free plan is allowed per physical user, multiple free lines on the same account are OK as long as used by different people.
  • If a phone on a free plan is deactivated it can't be reactivated on another free plan for 30 days.
Data Rounding: Based on my experience, RingPlus does not round data, customers are charged for the exact amount of data used.

Switching Plans: You cam switch plans using the Upgrade Plan option in your My RingPlus dashboard. When changing from one free plan to another free plan you must choose the upgrade at "Next Billing Cycle" option, immediate changes between free plans are not permitted.

International Roaming: International cellular roaming is not available. RingPlus phones on ad-supported plans can make calls to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world using FluidCall over WiFi.

Coverage: RingPlus uses the Sprint native network. MemberPlus subscribers can enable extra cost voice and data roaming and free text roaming on other CDMA networks, mostly on regional operators but also on Verizon is some areas.

Devices: RingPlus can activate fully paid for, clean-MEID (not reported lost or stolen) Sprint postpaid phones as well as the unlocked iPhone 6s, 6s+, 6, or 6+; the Nexus 5, 5X, 6 or 6P from T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T; and the Verizon iPhone 5s or 5c.

Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid phones can also be activated, provided they have been used for 12 months on the service they were sold for. 

To be sure a phone can be used on RingPlus, enter the phone's MEID (on a label on the outside of the phone packaging) on the RingPlus Device Check Page.

RingPlus sells compatible new and refurbished Android, iOS and feature phones at store.ringplus.net

How to Activate:
Click here to activate online and choose a plan. After activating online:

If your phone is brand new turn it on and off and allow the Hands Free Activation process to complete.

If your phone is used perform a network reset to wipe out the previous network settings and prepare the phone for activation. To perform a network reset:

  • iPhone and iPad: Open the dialer and dial ##UPDATE## (##873283#) and tap Call.
  • Most Android phones and feature phones: Open the dialer and dial ##SCRTN# (##72786#) - if prompted for your passcode enter your phone's six digit MSL which can be found in the Your Device section of your my.ringplus.net account page. After performing a network reset the phone will restart and run Hands Free Activation to complete the activation process
  • Google Nexus Phones: Open the dialer and dial *#*#72786#*#* - if prompted for your passcode enter your phone's six digit MSL which can be found in the Your Device section of your my.ringplus.net account page. After performing a network reset the phone will restart and run Hands Free Activation to complete the activation process
  • Virgin Mobile Android and feature phones: If ##72786# doesn't work to bring up the network reset prompt, dial ##VIRGIN# (##873283#) and choose Edit. If prompted for your passcode enter your phone's six digit MSL which can be found in the Your Device section of your my.ringplus.net account page. Change the MDN to 0000001234 and the MSID to 0000005678. The restart the phone and Handsfree activation should run. If it doesn't click or tap the Activate Phone option on the home screen.

Payment Options: The only payment method is auto pay using a credit or debit card.

Account expiration: paid plans automatically renew every 30 days with the plan price and applicable taxes charged to your credit or debit card. On all plans, if your account balance reaches zero you card will automatically charged your plan's auto top up amount. If charges are declined service will be suspended.

Account Management: RingPlus provides a very good online account management portal with detailed call, messaging and data use records at my.ringplus.net. It lets you change plans and add or remove optional features from your plan. There's a free Call Filter that lets you block unwanted calls from specific numbers or only allow the phone to call certain numbers.

Tethering and hotspot: Tethering (using phone as a modem for a laptop or other device) is only officially allowed on some plans and with most plans carries an extra monthly charge. Check the Buy Add Ons section of your my.ringplus.net account page for availability and pricing.

Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling:

Call forwarding:
Not supported.

Call waiting: Call waiting and call forwarding are available for an extra $2/month. It lets you place one call on hold while you take another call. When you are on a call and have another incoming call, you will hear a short tone. You'll have approximately 30 seconds to answer before the second caller hears a standard message or is forwarded to voicemail.

To answer Call Waiting: To put the first call on hold, press the on screen call button. You'll automatically be connected with the second call. To return to the first call, press the call button again. To switch between the two calls, press the call button.

3-Way Calling: Lets you create a conference call between yourself and two other people. You must have the $2/30 days Call waiting and 3 way calling add-on to be able to use 3 way calling.
  • While on the first call, tap the "Add call" on screen button and dial the 10-digit number of the second person. The first person is automatically put on hold while the call is made.
  • When the 2nd person answers, press "Merge call" to create the conference call.
"Secret" Codes:
##786# (most phones) displays the phone's phone number, MSID, ESN, MEID, PRL, call and data counters and version numbers.

Porting your Phone number:

To port out of RingPlus: Your account number is your phone number. Your PIN/passcode is your phone's 6-digit MSL which is listed in the Manage Device section of your RingPlus dashboard.

Free information services calls
911 - Emergency services

RingPlus Quirks:
  • RingPlus is developing new dialer apps which will include advertising.  There will be two different dialers. 1) A "Smart Dialer" Android app that routes calls directly over the Sprint network. 2) A VoIP Dialer for Android and iOS that will make all calls using VoIP over WiFi or cellular data. When the dialers are released free plan users will be required to use one of the dialer apps or another system that delivers ads in place of the usual ringing tone before a call is answered. The ringback ad system will add a delay to calls.
  • No telephone support: There's no phone number to call for customer support. Email support is available but reported to be extremely slow. To open a support ticket use this form on the RingPlus Website. RingPlus will reply via email eventually. There's also an extensive help Knowledge Base on the site and an active customer forum.
Customer Service:
Phone support: None
Online email support form: support.ringplus.net/support/tickets/new
Community Support Forum: social.ringplus.net/categories/community
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Phone Sales and General Information Web Site: ringplus.net/

RingPlus Pros: Free phone service, detailed online usage records, ability to block unwanted calls by phone number.
RingPlus Cons: high taxes, very limited support options, support is slow to respond, voicemail, call waiting and 3 way calling  are extra cost options.

Updated 6-Jan-2017: Plan lineup changed.

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  1. Corrections:
    1. "However, there are no monthly or other charges unless you exceed your monthly allotment or minutes, texts or MB of data." Ringplus charges 4c/MMS on free plans; i.e., there is no allotment (other charges/fees apply as well).
    2. Michelangelo provides 1000 texts, not 100.
    3. "freeium" in Overview should be freemium.
    There are also a few minor typos.

    1. Thanks for proofreading.
      I've revised the paragraph about free plan charges to indicate that you can be charged if you use up your top up on MMS and overages, etc.

      Corrected freemium spelling and texts included with Michelangelo.

  2. Currently the DTMF touch tones to navigate menus when in call are not working with Ring Plus.
    How does a cell phone service provider stay in business when they can not offer such basic services or those basic services are constantly interrupted ( like making receiving calls)? This DTMF issue is a deal breaker for me, I need to navigate various company menus with the phone many times a day, the ability to NOT be able to do so should not even be a thought in the back of your mind!

    1. I can confirm that DTMF tones aren't working currently. They were on Thursday. I find Hangouts to be more reliable and have generally better call quality than RP voice.

    2. It is a cell service and basic features should work. The voice service is supposed to be the way RingPlus subsidizes their so-called free service by users listening to their outgoing RBTs. Outages, latency and quality are already marginalizing the service, if they can't get the voice services that are the foundation and the basic features of that service to function uninterrupted, and it has been 2 1/2 years, then what does that say about their future.
      Using Hangouts undermines the RBT, so it undermines RingPlus.
      I don't think it a stretch to say that the majority of cell phones users just want to pick up the phone and make a call and not deal with Hangouts or any other VoIP system as a workaround, a functioning DTMF is a large part of that basic usage that should be counted on to work.

    3. "It is a cell service and basic features should work."
      I thought so too, but then I read the T.O.S:
      "RingPlus is first and foremost a social network service for entertainment purposes."
      So everybody should lighten up on the cell service complaints and start commenting more on the RingPlus entertainment ;-)

    4. I guess that explains why getting one of their plans is like playing the slot machines or roulette. Or maybe Russian roulette.

    5. I just won the Jackpot! Signed up for Mothers Day and got the 1200 x 3 for $14.09 incl. tax. The music entertainment is not too bad but it keeps cutting off when people answer my calls.

  3. Any info on financial stability or funding source like Freedompop? Did quick search for financial and such and did not find.

    1. Financial stability? You can "invest " pretty much next to nothing in a phone and a plan and actually have something that works. I don't care if they are working out of a garage somewhere. Grab a cheap phone and ride the wave as long as you can.

    2. RingPlus hasn't revealed its funding sources. Some amateur business analysts believe they are at least partially funded by Sprint which uses them to test new technology and keep subscriber numbers up.

      MVNOs are an inherently risky business. They are at the mercy of the MNOs that they are both competing against and dependent on for service. Freemium MVMOs add an order of magnitude riskiness.

  4. any benefit for buying paid plans than free plans ?

  5. I'd make a note that paid plans have ads as well. Many plans have social media requirements as well.

  6. I have 5 free lines with Ringplus, saving me around $150 a month in expenses. Can't complain!

    1. You're allowed 1 not 5., thief seems to be common among it's users.

    2. Not true. Read their free plan announcements and requirements. Many include free plan add ons for new lines of service on existing accounts.

    3. Re: Not true poster: Actually as noted above the rule is one line per person. You can have more than one line per account but NOT more than one per person! So perhaps you better go back and read again! Don't cry here if you get caught. "Thief" was used appropriately above.

    4. What is described above is TOS violation. Like with copyright infringement, it is no more appropriate to use the word "thief" to describe such as it would be to use the term "mugger", "rapist", or "arsonist".

      Those who do so are attempting to appeal to emotion and ignorance rather than logic and knowledge of the language.

    5. TOS violation? I guess that's one way to make yourself sound less criminal. Call it what you like but it's still theft of service.

    6. I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure that violating a company's terms of service is not a crime in the US.

    7. It's hard to be less than 0 criminal. Which is all we are talking about here. You use words without meaning at all. Do you accuse someone of murder if they cut you off in traffic?

      You would do well to review RingPlus+' terms of service. It is quite detailed. It also labels quite clearly their possible actions in regards to criminal matters (violations of US law). Your purely imaginary claims that violating a "one line per user" policy is theft (which it isn't since it simply meets the definition) or a crime is not there at all. Even RingPlus doesn't consider the entirely non-theft matter of multiple accounts to be any bit "criminal".

      I fully expect you to accuse me of manslaughter in your next comment.

      "Call it what you like but it's still theft of service. "

      Repeating the same lie does not make it any more true. It is no more "theft" of service than it is "rape" or "arson" of service. Get a grip, man. Are you incapable of discussing issues without extreme pejorative insults which have no regards to meaning?

    8. Never seen this many people try to justify stealing. lol

    9. Gee, you ever thought that maybe the 5 lines they are talking about might just be for different individuals?

      I also have 5 lines and they are listed under my single c/c and billing address, never had R+ call me out on those in 2+ years?
      I use one as my primary line(very close to dumping R+ though) and bounce between 2 of them just to keep the other one active as a back up. The other three are back ups for the wife, kid and mom who rarely ever use them since the service is so unreliable and it will be a cold day in hell when I could ever get them to use the service as their primary line.
      I would dump 2 of the lines for sure if they were to refund my top up.
      Does R+ pay attention to the fact their service is, for the most part, labeled as a back up service? Where is R+ headed when most users consider the service as a backup?

      I would say R+ is lucky I, or anyone for that matter, keep them open so they can add these to the list of supposed users so they can try and sell advertisers on the service, which does not seem to be working out to well for them since I never hear a commercial ad play.

    10. Correct, Dennis. That is why the RingPlus TOS treats service violations (such as the non-theft matters being discussed here) differently from actual criminal matters.

      It is erroneous to claim that every TOS violation is criminal, and then to start to apply words like "theft" willy-nilly without regard to meaning. I think it is safe to guess that the person doing so hasn't even looked at the RingPlus TOS just as he can't be bothered to crack open a dictionary.

      Anyway, Dennis, I am sure you also realize that to support the claim that any TOS violation is a crime would make legislators out of any company writing terms-of-service or licensing agreements.

      I hope we can put this matter to bed and discuss what is, instead of what isn't.

    11. ".......which does not seem to be working out to well for them since I never hear a commercial ad play."

      I heard ad play all the time using it. However, it is pointless. The ads are all for selling iTunes songs. Yes, a limited service that only runs on one phone brand out of many.

      I have no evidence to back this up. but I am guessing that the vast majority of RingPlus phones are cheap droids. leaving only a small percentage of listeners even capable of buying the advertises product if they wanted to.

    12. No crime to have more than one line of service. No criminal law broken. It's probably a restriction in the TOS due to contract with carrier. Anyway, it is not enforced. And the only remedy would be for RingPlus to take cancel the free service, perhaps keeping the cash balance.

    13. "No crime..."

      That's all rather obvious to those who have any knowledge of law and the meaning of words.

      The emotional screamers who cry "Thief!" are also present in discussions of copyright infringement,with the same lack of regard to the English language.

  7. I states - "If a phone on a free plan is deactivated it can't be reactivated on another free plan for 30 days."

    Unless something has changed, you could always reactivate a phone after the end of the billing cycle. PLUS, if you "swapped into" an existing line, you could do so without any wait. I never had to wait 30 days. I've only had free plans.

    1. I agree. I have never had to wait 30 days. Just to the end of the billing cycle. 3 times for me.

  8. RingPlus is the best idea since advertiser supported free TV. I have helped family & friends buy and activate about 30 phones in last 3 months. :-)

    1. "RingPlus is the best idea since advertiser supported free TV."

      Not the best analogy. I have had cable TV (paid TV) for decades because the advertiser-supported "free" channels ended up with such weak transmitters that without cable, I could only get on1y one channel, and a couple of one-third channels.

    2. it's Sprint with added latency so maybe a very good analogy

    3. I think it's a perfect analogy. Your lack of broadcast TV signals has no effect on that question. That is irrelevant.

    4. Well, then RingPlus is better than broadcast TV with its too-weak antennas.

    5. "it's Sprint with added latency so maybe a very good analogy"

      Good point to compare to the lousy self-destructive broadcast TV providers which don't even bother to broadcast their signal every well, and then turn around and harass and sue cable companies which offer to fully provide the broadcaster's signal to the market for no cost to the broadcaster.

  9. Member+ is a failure, no roaming, no functioning voicemail, virtually no support, latency makes service barely usable, social is run by suckups and fanboys. Running on borrowed time.
    Don't waste your time or money it's a sinking ship.

    1. Member+ isn't a failure and has roaming. My voicemail works. I don't need handholding support and those who do can get it free from other members in the Ringplus community forums. The easiest route is any new prepaid Sprint, Boost or Virgin phone from Best Buy. Do not open the box until the phone (MEID and ICC numbers) has been signed up on your Ringplus account! Then turn it on and it will activate with Ringplus. I've seen some but not too many reports of latency, might be some room for improvement there. Can't complain about free or mostly free service even if something doesn't work 1% of the time. Do any MNOs or MVNOs have 100% uptime? Even if any do I'm not paying their high rates. Been there done that.

    2. +1. I don't understand posting an old whine collection, by the one person who can't figure out voicemail yet has the time to post that over and over.
      RingPlus is the best bargain in prepaid, and I'm lovin' it too.

    3. What exactly is Member+? I tried to figure it out, but their web site is a rabbit hole. Which I guess is OK for today!

    4. Member+ is a club with an $99.99 annual fee. Belonging to the club is supposed to get you extra benefits. The main one seems to be access to better "free" plans. It's not worth it IMHO.

    5. Thanks. That's rather steep for me, considering the quality of RingPlus' service.

      However, rather than whine and moan like an entitled millennial about how RingPlus should give "Member+" for free, I will choose simply to not participate.

      "It's not worth it IMHO."

      Yeah, I'm hard pressed to consider it to be worth it, even considering the hip hop 1 plan.

    6. "Member+ is a failure....
      Don't waste your time or money it's a sinking ship."

      In another comment, I said it was not for me. However, that doesn't mean I have the opinion that Member+ is a failure. Are you sure that's not what is going on for you: you don't like it, so you claim that it's failing?

      I'd be curious if you can back up the idea that it is a failure. Like, no subscribers, losing subscribers. You know... concrete business facts.

    7. "I'd be curious if you can back up the idea that it is a failure. Like, no subscribers, losing subscribers. You know... concrete business facts."
      Well it would be nice if Ring Plus would post such facts, but they don't and most likely won't because it probably not a rosy picture.
      With the lack of customer support for pretty much anyone not member+, constant voice service outages, latency and call quality issues, a garbage voice mail system (and it is and has been since day one and the best thing they did was to allow you to turn it off) and the service labeled as back up by most; it would not be a stretch to for someone to come to the conclusion R+ most likely has a high churn rate.
      I would say they would be losing even more subscribers if people did not have $20+ top ups hanging in the balance, so many hanging on in spite of the service issues.

    8. "Well it would be nice if Ring Plus would post such facts, but they don't and most likely won't because it probably not a rosy picture."

      I see the "probably"... and yet again, with no evidence. So basically, you don't like Members+ and then use this as the only support (in a fallacious fashion) that it is a "failure". Sort of like saying "I personally hate green shoes, therefore green shoe sales everywhere are plummeting/nonexistent."

      Sorry, come back when you actually have a case to make.

    9. New policy in April. Phone must have been used on Sprint/Boost etc before it can be used on RingPlus in order to clear the FED flag. Great policy, now they need to enforce a few more rules that are being broken.

    10. Confirmed, effective April 17, prepaid phones will have to be used 12 months on the brand (Boost, Virgin Sprint PP) they were sold for before they can be used on Sprint MVNOs.

      Source Important Activation Notice Regarding Prepaid Phones - RingPlus Forum

    11. Place your bets, folks. You have less than 20 days to pick a "permanent" Sprint MVNO company to support your Boost, Virgin or Sprint Prepaid phone if you have not used it with those services for 12 months.
      Which MVNOs will last, and have plans that meet your needs for a couple of years or more?
      Choose wrong and you may end up paying a lot more for service if your MVNO folds, or selling your phone at a big loss.
      Will RingPlus last? What about Expo and Real? Should you switch to stable MVNOs like Ting or Kajeet? Or stay where you are and take the chance of having to deal with the Sprint brands.

  10. I see the shills and the fan club are alive and well. Funny how they go from site to site spreading cheer and praising their entitlements.

    1. No shill here. Just a year and a half of experience with RingPlus. I'll be the first to admit that i personally don't use them as my primary line due to my usage requirements and needed coverage area. However, if you ask my son, parents, in-laws, uncle, and even a few neighbors, they'll tell you they're happy with the free service and saving at least $30 a month per line. RingPlus may not be perfect, but it is an incredible value. You just need to educate yourself before jumping in.

    2. It's all about being truthful. I use ringplus as my main line. It works fine and it saves me cash. What else is there to say? Do i recommend investing a ton of money in phones? Nope. But an entry level android phone running in an area where Sprint is strong makes for a solid experience.

  11. Combined with google voice, it is a safe choice even if it fails. But it definitely works on most levels combined with google voice.

  12. I have a clamshell phone on the Truly Free plan. Is it worth upgrading to the Truly Free 2 plan?

  13. UPDATE: No more new prepaid phones can be used on RP after April 17th. Any phone you use must pass Sprint's FED check.

  14. Thanks to Dennis & the prepaidphonenews site, don't know why but I get sucked into mobile news!

    Curious about Ring+ and seeing the deadline for activating Boost phones, I picked up a Moto E yesterday and activated it on "Endless Summer" (1500/1500/1500)

    No real problems getting going, good signal in town (East Lansing). Signal still very weak at home, 15 miles out in rural area. Amazed by 15Mbs up & down via Speedtest in town, I've never had 4G before. Most I have ever seen is ~1Mbps on PagePlus/Verizon 3G. Heck, my home DSL is only 4Mbps.

    I've been paying ~$30/month to PagePlus for several years now (TnT1200: now 1500/unlimited/1GB). Still trying to figure out the R+ business model.

    My intention is to put a Google Voice number in front of this line, and just use it in good signal areas for minutes. Pretty sure I will keep a Verizon line, since I have to work hard to lose their signal. My actual usage is more like 700 minutes, 100 texts, 400MB, so I'm not too demanding.

  15. I forgot my Ring plus account password and I can't access the email that's linked to the account (forgot the email password too and setup a new one) I sent in a support ticket a week ago and still no reply, I tried calling the number on the Ring plus site but all I got is a recording telling me they don't offer phone support and to go to their website, I tried online chat but they just told me to wait for a reply to my support ticket and the best part is my service has been turned off because the credit card they have on file just expired and now I can't update it. Does anyone know the best way to reach someone at Ringplus?

    1. Social Media is good for getting a company's attention when normal channels don't work. There are links to RingPlus' Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts in the post above. Asking for help on the RingPlus Forum can't hurt either.

      Also you clearly need to use password manger app. I like KeePass because it's free and available for just about every platform.

  16. How can I port my number out of Ringplus?

    1. Your account number is your phone number
      Your PIN/passcode is your phone's 6-digit MSL which is listed in the Manage Device section of your RingPlus dashboard.

  17. The RingPlus port-in page does not load or work properly for me using Safari 9.1.2. The form sent itself after I input phone number and carrier, before the account number and PIN fields even loaded/appeared. The second, complete request using another browser was rejected by my carrier because they already had a request.
    RingPlus and Sprint can't (or won't) find the original port request to update or delete, so my number is now permanently stuck with my current carrier. They reject all port requests if they have one pending (no time-out).

    1. I had virtually the same issue using the exact same browser on a Mac. I also tried with another browser and got the same error message. Ring+ technical support is non-existent and of no use at all. Like you, my phone number is now stuck with my current carrier and can't be released. I am so over trying to use cut-rate MVNO's

  18. is there a list of phones that will work on Ringplus or how do I tell?

    1. Any Sprint, Boost, Virgin (or most other Sprint MVNO) phone that passes R+ ESN checker (click on "BYOD" on their home page). If you look at most of their promotion announcements they also list most of the "universal" phones that will work like the iPhone 6, Moto X Pure etc.

    2. RingPlus can activate fully paid for, clean-MEID (not reported lost or stolen) Sprint postpaid phones as well as the unlocked iPhone 6s, 6s+, 6, or 6+; the Nexus 5, 5X, 6 or 6P from T-Mobile, Verizon, or ATT; and the Verizon iPhone 5s or 5c.

      Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid phones can also be activated, provided they have been used for 12 months on the service they were sold for.

      To be sure a phone can be used on RingPlus, enter the phone's MEID (on a label on the outside of the phone packaging) on the RingPlus Device Check Page.

  19. 411 is free and connects to sprints 411, no advertising on the call ether.

  20. Here are the many RingPlus failure reasons, and the percent to which they caused the company to fail:

    0% mooching customers
    0% thieves
    100% poor business practices by the RingPlus company
    0% actions by the Sprint "parent" carrier
    0% fraudulent use of services, by customers.

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