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Pure TalkUSA Discontinues $5 Simple 80 Plan

AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has quietly dropped one of its least expensive plans. Prepaid Phone News readers noticed a few days ago that the $5/month Simple 80 plan was no longer listed on the Pure Talk site.  A Pure Talk spokesperson confirmed to me that the plan is no longer available for new activations or plan changes. However current Simple 80 plan users are grandfathered and can stay on the plan indefinitely.

The Simple 80 plan included 80 minutes per month. Texts were charged as 1/3 of a minute each. The plan did not include any data or MMS but a $9.95 add was available that added 200 MMS and 400 MB of data including LTE, where available.

Interestingly, Pure Talk's $5/month Senior AddVantage 80 plan for customers 55 years of age or older is still available. Like Simple 80, Senior AddVantage 80 comes with 80 minutes, texts are charged as 1/3 of a minute and 200 MMS and 400 MB can be added for $9.95. Unlike Simple 80, Senior AddVantage 80 also includes bonus minutes. The plan's minutes allowance is increased by 10% after each of first 5 months of a customer's service. After 6 months the Senior AddVantage 80 plan includes 120 minutes per month for as long as the customer keeps the plan. For more about Pure Talk's Senior AddVantage plans (there are several) see our post; Pure TalkUSA's New Senior AddVantage Plans | Prepaid Phone News.

In addition to the Senior AddVantage plans, Pure Talk offers discounted Serve and Save plans to current and former members of the US Armed Forces, starting at $9/month.

The table below lists current Pure TalkUSA plans that are available to the general public:
Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS domestic / Int'l MMS Data
Family 4,5 $10 - $50 5 3.33¢ - 6.25¢ 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 250 $10 250 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 600 $15 600  "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Unlimited $24 unlimited unlimited / NA 200, Overage: $4 for 100 MMS 200 MB, Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $29 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1 GB, Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $35 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1.5 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $45 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 2.5 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
1 Simple Plan minutes do not roll over. Add on minutes are available at $10 for 130 minutes. Unused add on minutes do rollover but are used before plan minutes.
2 International calling and texting requires a $10 International Calling Card.
3 The $9.95/month data and MMS add on for Simple and Family plans includes 200 MMS and 400 MB of data. Also available: 1 GB/ 400 MMS for $19.90. Unused add-on MMS and data expire after 30 days.
4 Unused minutes roll-over
5 Monthly pay as you go plan, available price points (cost per month/minutes) are $10/160, $20/400, $30/700, $40/1100, $50/1500. Can be used as a family plan for $5/month per extra line. All lines share the available minutes and texts but data/MMS addons are per line and not shared.

PureTalk has well regarded US based support. SIMs are free, LTE is available on all plans and plan prices include all taxes and fees. The only payment option is auto-pay using a credit or debit card.

PureTalk is one of the best values among AT&T MVNOs, especially at sub-$40 price points. Visit our AT&T and AT&T MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared to see how PureTalk stacks up against its competition.


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  1. Net talk is coming up with 10 gb plan for 20 dollars

    1. Are they? It seems to be bait and switch. When you go to sign up, the price goes up. The cheapest plan is $25 for the first 7 months then $40:

      "Limited-Time Offer! First 7 months of service only $25 per month, $40 per month thereafter with Auto Pay. SIM card required. Wireless Service: Unlimited Talk & Text with 10GB of Data."

      More charges: SIMs are $9.99 and plan prices do not include taxes and fees.

  2. H2O still has the 200 minute, $10 per quarter plan.

  3. I'm not defending Nettalkconnect. I went to their website. You can get $20 per month pricing by paying for 5 months at once. It appears to be a T-Mobile reseller like Smartel/Bluegreen as it appears to be restricted to small businesses. Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm especially interested in the taxes and fees.

  4. Our family had several phones on PureTalk for 3-4 years, but recently switched most over to Ting. Ting's billing process and customer service is WAY better than PureTalk and the price is somewhat comparable, at least for a family.

  5. Net talk is for small business, they will terminate your plan once they check if your business is good or not.

  6. Nettalk Connect requires a business name and an SSN or EIN at signup. I haven't heard of them terminating a customer's plan because they latter found the business wasn't legit. Have you?

  7. Puretalk is now bilking existing customers. They are raising monthly plan charges and charging 30% to monthly bills. They do not "Grandfather" existing plans as they say. They invent new fees and taxes to randomly charge. Charges are arbitrary and come with no billing statement or clear explanation. Buyer beware.

    1. not true I still have the simple 80 plan. They have started charging tax like everyone else.

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