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RingPlus Announces Member+ Exclusive Program + New Infinity Free Plan

Early today, RingPlus introduced its newest member rewards program, called the Member+ Program. The program is set to launch tomorrow, March 2nd; along with its first Member+ exclusive promotion, the Infinity Free Plan.

How to Be Part of Member+ Program

To join RingPlus' Member+ Program, you simply need to pay for subscription. You just need to pay what a typical six-month subscription would cost and you can subscribe to the Member+ Program for lifetime. Existing customers can subscribe by paying $39.99 while new customers can join by paying $49.99. By signing up to Lifetime Member+, subscribers will be able to get a $10 top up along with a $10 coupon that may be used for store purchases.

What You Get from Member+ Program

Once you decide to be part of the Member+ Program, you get the following:

  • Priority Support (March 15th 2015). 
  • Special Prices for data Add Ons. 
  • Special store discounts and credits exclusively for Member+ subscribers for products and services from RingPlus and its sponsors. 
  • Exclusive cell plans for Member+ subscribers. 
  • VIP Priority for Upgrade Waiting Lists (for waiting lists joined after becoming a Member+ subscriber). 
  • RingPlus support will handle the following for Member+ subscribers only: 
    • Member+ subscribers can enjoy the benefits of any RingPlus promotion up to 2 days after the promotion is closed to everyone else. 
    • Support staff will swap ESNs for you between accounts (basically, internal ports for free). 
    • Member+ subscribers will be able select their area code (coming soon).

Infinity Free Plan Member+ Exclusive Promo

The Infinity Free Plan Promotion is exclusive to those who have signed up for the Member+ Program. The promotion includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 500 MB at 4G LTE speeds. After high speed data, customers will gain access to 2G data. The plan allows tethering on 4G LTE data but not on 2G unlimited data.

How to Sign Up for the Infinity Free Plan Promotion

Providing you are already part of the Member+ Program, you will need to download a free App from a third party, which will soon be announced by RingPlus. The plan requires a $10 top up at sign up which will be used to cover overages. Once the balance reaches $0, another $10 will automatically be charged. Compared to the past free plans, the overages on the Infinity Free Plan won't be used to cover excess data usage since the plan includes 2G after high speed data is gone.

The first $10 top up has been included in the Lifetime Member+ subscription.

High-speed data add-ons may be purchased by customers too. The prices for the add-on are:
  • $1.49 per month - 100 MB of LTE data
  • $14.99 per month - 1 GB of LTE data
  • $27.99 per month - 2 GB of LTE data

The Infinity Free Plan is exclusively available to subscribers under the RingPlus Member+ Program. It is available from March 2nd, 12 Noon Pacific until March 7th, 12 Noon Pacific. 

Source: RingPlus


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  1. Wow, they raise prices. Used to be $8/GB now its $15/GB. At those rates, plus ads, its not worth it.

  2. Pretty obvious their plan was to gain a bunch of subscribers quickly by offering too-good-to-be-true plans, and then start tightening the screws once they had enough customers. Many people won't go through the hassle to change providers if the other MVNOs aren't providing any significantly better deals, so R+ will keep getting paid somehow. It's a good strategy, but kind of sucks for those getting squeezed again.

  3. Nothing streamlined or simple about this company :-(
    Lets buy a membership so that we can have free cell service WITHOUT A FULLY OPERATIONAL VOICEMAIL SYSTEM??!? Come on now, why not fix this?

  4. Virgin Mobile 1gig data add-on is $5.

  5. What happens if the add on you added is no longer available, are you locked into the price as long as you don't cancel?

  6. I was on board until the part about the app. I draw the line at data mining my phone and my digital life. This is the beginning of the end, I'm afraid.

  7. I have a single line,
    And with the call voice delay, it is all I want.

    If voice was better, I would be in the hunt for a bigger plan, but Im good for free, for now.

    1. Instead of two seconds the Infinity Plan has unlimited latency!

  8. Has ring plus fixed the voice delay some report?

    1. Not in my personal experience, no...

  9. ring plus voicemail not working for me, they say they are working on it, but i doubt it.

    1. Jason in PortlandMarch 5, 2016 at 10:09 AM

      Thank you to the anonymous poster on March 2nd at 10:45 AM, as I had no idea RingPlus voice mail isn't working. I confirmed this myself by calling my R+ line from another number, leaving a message, and manually checking the online voice mail system to find nothing. 24 and even 48 hours later; nothing. I know it worked at one point as I received an unsolicited telemarketing call where a voice mail message was left back in December.

    2. Voice mail not working is a blessing. By the time you listen to voice mail you could text or call the person back and find out what they really want rather than try to interpret a recorded message.

  10. They want people to buy a membership but they won't tell people what they get with the membership? I give 'em a year before they fail...they are scrambling for cash with this latest offer!

    1. I have six rock solid months so far, hope things keep on keepin' on!!

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