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RingPlus Launches Flash Promo for Member+ And Regular Users

Good news to all subscribers under Sprint MVNO RingPlus! Whether or not you're a customer under their Member+ program, RingPlus has something lined up for you.

Starting today at 7PM Pacific, RingPlus will be offering the Flash Promo; which will only be available to 1,000 customers under each plan. If you're wondering what you're going to get from RingPlus' new Flash Promo, here are the inclusions:

RingPlus Free Plan for Non-Member+

Eclipse Free Plan
Comes with 1,000 Voice, Text, and 650 MB 4G Data, overages 2 cents, with $20 top up (can switch at the end of a billing cycle). No special Add Ons available for this plan.

Just like past RingPlus promotions, this promo requires social media involvement.

RingPlus Free Plan for Member+ Exclusive  

Horizon Free Plan
Comes with 2,000 voice and text, 1,250 4G LTE Data, with overages 1.75 cents, with $15 top up. No special Add Ons available for this plan.

This promo does not have an app or social media  requirement. Member+ are free to switch from any plan (no additional top up required to switch as long as the top up on the account is over $0).

There's no end date to the promotion but since they will only be available to 1,000 customers, they might run out quickly. That means 1,000 Eclipse free plans are available for regular RingPlus customers and another 1,000 Horizon free plans are available for Member+ subscribers.

Source: RingPlus


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  1. its gone already.

  2. Based on the number of posts here I suspect RP has already worn out it's welcome. Where are all the cheerleaders?

    1. i am happy with ringplus and even have a paid account. i have two free lines and i am very happy with coverage.

  3. LOL--some of those cheer leaders are undercover RP peeps. The others will not hesitate to go running to tattle tale to the owner. Watch subHObro**
    I've never seen so many kiss a** in one spot.

    1. That might be the funniest thing i have ever read! As if RingPlus has enough extra staff to run around monitoring sites and posting positive thoughts. No,there are many of us that use and LIKE getting good quality service for next to nothing! There are little kiddies that don't use the service that come here to whine.

    2. That might be the funniest thing i have ever read! Employees don't have time to promote the company that pays their bills but people who have no connection to a company as customer or employee are going to waste their time talking about it. LOL!

    3. Oh but I do... I use RingPlus and LOVE it, so why would't I promote it? Unlike those who are not RingPlus customers and yet choose to complain about it. Enjoy your high monthly phone bill.:)

  4. New RP forum sux, it's being run by a bunch of mods and their pals that have NO clue. What a complete disaster. I've seen childrens websites designed
    and more functional. I guess when you're almost out of cash you can't afford much for website functionality.

  5. With the voice call delay, I could never use this as my main line. But I have a free line with them (just 1) since last June. All it costs was $40 for a BestBuy phone, and a $5 top-up. Couldn't care less how their website looks, it works. And I am a Sprint user, so I know their coverage works in my area.
    I think it is a great FREE service for an additional emergency phone - no monthly bill. nuff said

    1. You just mentioned the voice delay but then say it works, do you just use it for the data maybe?

  6. Top 7 Prepaidphonenews Whines, with translation for dummies.

    1. Sprint and T-Mobile coverage.
    (From the coverage trolls. Don’t feed trolls; it just encourages them. They have nothing else to contribute, so it’s the old copy-paste-provoke.)
    2. RingPlus free plans.
    (These people don’t like to see free stuff that other people get, and they cannot focus long enough to get the best RingPlus plans. “So complex! Weird names! Too many plans!” Many or most of them do not even use RingPlus.)
    3. American Movil brands.
    (Mostly well earned for bad service and faulty automation, IMO. I have tried them, and I get it.)
    4. Overseas CS.
    (This has some merit. If you have experienced bad overseas support that you can barely understand, you get it. The race baiters are wrong, and many CS over there ARE well trained.)
    5. Net-neutrality issues.
    (So much heat and option with very little light (facts and accurate interpretation). They slept in a HI Express and think they can spot ‘laws broken’ but they can’t explain how or why. All they know is that if they don’t get the free stuff they want, no one else should. Definitely voting for Bernie).
    6. Monopoly outrage.
    (These people may have played the game, but they never took Econ 101. Or they were socially promoted.)
    7. Bucket plans from Ting, and to a lesser extent, Consumer Cellular and US Mobile.
    (Data hogs can’t get a cheap fix from bucket plans, so they think no one else should use them. Ting and CC are terrific to work with, offer great value for families and couples who don’t hog, and offer free roaming. US Mobile, not very much.)

    Next Edition: Top 7 Prepaidphonenews Brags

    1. You forgot the whine about having to pay for T-Mobile sim cards.

    2. 8. You forgot, people who write long posts but can't spell or punctuate.

  7. Look, the way I see it you have in every company the trolls and the people like 1-7 above, different ends of the spectrum will always exist.
    Anonymous 1-8 writer is worse than most trolls the way I see it so ignore types like that as well.
    Here's the skinny from a long time member. It's a BYOD company so if you need your hand held then go elsewhere, you need to be able to do a little DIY programming of your phone etc, do your homework, read the forum before you dive in. Porting is problematic (good for some but lengthy and a nightmare for others) I wouldn't port an important number and I wouldn't port my only number without expecting that I might be without service for a length of time, it could go one of both ways-bad or good. Voicemail is problematic, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not so don't use it for business clients as they may only hear a voicemail beep and no message. Roaming, I don't think it's working now, forums are in transition so looking for answers will take time and although people in the forums try to help the answers are usually 50/50 either right or wrong so you take a chance there if your solution is something important.
    Filing a support ticket is easy but getting someone to answer that ticket will likely take up to a month and that's why I say this is a DIY/BYOD company that does not hand hold, although they do have a new member plan for just under 50 bucks that promises fast support (yet untested).
    New plans are frequent and old plans go away. Every plan has different rules so you need to read, read and understand before you buy. There are plans with member fees and plans with top up fees, plans with 1000 minutes and plans with less, some have alot of data and some have very little so you just have to wait for the right plan to come along. I don't think I'm exaggerating by saying a couple plans a month is a good average. Free is their moto but remember you need a phone, you need to buy in the plan and if you have no overage charges then it's possible to get very cheap cell service that's so so reliable (occasional outages). If you're not in a strong Sprint coverage area then don't bother because you will be disappointed. You always hear the people complain before you hear people compliment a company so do your homework and ignore 50% of what you hear especially people like 1-7 above. Go in expecting the worst and you will be just fine. Just do it, find a cheap Sprint phone that passes the esn check, wait for the next plan, spend a few bucks on a top-up and try it out, what have you got to lose? Just remember you will encounter people like 1-7 anonymous above and others that will put a bad taste in your mouth but just ignore them for the lonely miserable trolls they are. So with all that I would recommend RP to certain people.

    1. oh wanted to add to my lengthy post above. Latency, yes I have it and some describe is as more worse than others. I would compare it to VOIP although it's not voip. You will experience a noticeable delay but when you get used to not stepping on your callers conversation you settle in just fine.

      I agree with Jacob below, it does take too long to address problems because people go to the forums expecting immediate help and then don't get it, remember these forum helpers are not employees but overly enthuiastic go getters. Also regarding Jacobs statement about bullies. I do get the impression that there are a lot of people in the forum (described as cheerleaders above) that will boo hoo anyone that tells the truth or complains but he's right there is a sort of mentality in the forums that "how dare" you say anything negative. Get past that and you'll be ok.

  8. RingPlus - welcome to the company that shames your complaints rather than actually addressing. Is this a mobile-phone-service company or a high school bully with ADD, unwilling to take responsibility?!?

  9. Call them whatever you want, rip them however you want. I'm still saving cash and my bill is much lower than yours. It works great for me :)

  10. RP=an entitlement program for those on ebt, welfare and govt. benefits.

  11. I've been using R+ on and off for a while now.

    I even gave them a second look after they bumped up their free data allotments to a reasonable amount.

    However, I'm planning on switching back to Tracfone pretty soon.

    Between spotty Sprint coverage, member+ fees, worsening plans and increasing data prices (in addition to the usual mandatory top-ups), it just doesn't seem worth it anymore.

    The fact is, I've had my RP phone get slow (or no) data in the middle of a busy, bustling area right in the heart of Spark territory, even though Verizon's 3G worked just fine.

    The only thing that could ever justify increasing the cost of such unreliable service is if they added a second (GSM) carrier.

    At least when a GSM phone drops down to 3G, I'll still be able to get at least 1mbps anywhere except the boonies.

    1. Rockin the Dali plan for a number of months now (1750 x 3). Rock solid for me as my primary line. Sorry to hear things didn't go well for you.

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