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RingPlus Offers New Free Plans, Referral Program Starts Today

A few days ago, RingPlus announced a new Referral Program that they will be offering for their customers. The program, which launched on March 11, aims to reward customers who refer friends and family to RingPlus service. With every referral, the customer will receive free minutes, text, MB of data, or top ups. The Referral Program has launched in beta version and is set to end once an announcement has been made by RingPlus.

Apart from announcing the beta launch of the Referral Program, RingPlus' Karl CEO has addressed concerns that free plans will no longer be offered to non-Member+ members. As confirmed by the CEO, the business model of the company remains the same. RingPlus will continue to offer free plans and other offerings. The other concern expressed by customers is that RingPlus will be unfairly treating non-Member+ members. The CEO shares that the Member+ program was introduced to offer value added services and benefits to members who wish to join it. Since RingPlus has to expend financial and other resources to continue offering its services and benefits, they have imposed subscription fees to its Member+ members. Current members can take advantage of the discounted lifetime subscriptions to be part of Member+.
Having said that, RingPlus announced a couple of new free plans they will be offering for both new lines and for Member+ exclusive customers. Here's what's in store for you with these new promotions:

RingPlus Continuum Free Plan (for new lines only)

Exclusively available for new lines, RingPlus is offering a new promotion called Continuum Free Plan. With this plan, new line customers will be able to enjoy 2,000 minutes, 2,000 texts and 1,800 MB of throttled data speeds to 256Kbps. A top up balance of $20 is required upon sign up, which will be used to cover possible overages. Overages cost 2 cents per minute, text and data and overage data will be at full LTE speed. Once the top up balance reaches $0, another $20 will be automatically charged.

This free plan starts today, March 14, 2016 at 4 PM Pacific until March 18, 2016 at 11 PM Pacific. Current members and Member+ who want to switch to this plan may do so at the end of the billing cycle. During sign up, some social sharing is required.

RingPlus Evermore Free Plan (Member+ Exclusive)

Another promotion RingPlus has lined up exclusively for Member+ subscribers is the Evermore Free Plan, which comes with 2,000 minutes, 2,000 texts, and 2,000 MB of 4G LTE data plus tethering can be added for $5.99 per month. RingPlus offers data add-on of 1,000 MB of LTE data for this plan for only $8.99. A $15 top up is required to pay for overages at a rate of 1.75¢ per minute, text or MB of data.

The Evermore Free Plan started on March 13, 2016 and will be available until March 18, 2016 at 11 PM Pacific. Member+ customers who want to enjoy this free plan may do so at the end of their current billing cycle or by activating a new line. Customers will need to post about themselves upon sign up.

Free Porting

RingPlus accepts free porting from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and their MVNOs. Eligible handsets for porting are Sprint-compatible phones; AT&T's iPhone 6, 6+, 6S and Nexus 6; T-Mobile's iPhone 6, 6+, 6S and Nexus 6; and Verizon's iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, and Nexus 6.

RingPlus Referral Program

As mentioned, RingPlus' Referral Program is only available for new members who wish to open new accounts. It is not available for new lines activated on existing Member accounts. The rewards will only be received by both the referrer and referee at the end of the beta promo. Existing RingPlus customers may refer up to 10 new members throughout the beta referral program so they can get the rewards. The rewards are:

  • New customer from Verizon - Referrer and referee will get a one-time $20 top up
  • New customer from AT&T - Referrer and referee will get a one-time $15 top up
  • New customer from T-Mobile - Referrer and referee will get a one-time $10 top up
New referred customers will also get some benefits for opening a new account with RingPlus. These rewards are:
  • Signing up for a free plan = 10MB of data every month
  • Signing up for Member+ program = 40MB of data every month
  • Signing up for a paid plan = 100MB of data every month
Existing RingPlus customers that refer a new member will also receive rewards such as:
  • Referral signs up for a free plan = referrer gets 50MB of data each month
  • Referral signs up to Member+ program = referrer gets 100MB of data each month
  • Referral signs up for a paid plan = referrer gets 150MB of data each month
 These benefits will be active until either the current RingPlus member or newly referred member decides to cancel their lines.

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  1. You can't add a line but you can refer "a friend" and they can sign up, plus you and "your friend" both get referral bonus.

  2. Cricket gives you $25 per referral up to $250 bill credit.

  3. Have many confirmed that their 3g is 256K? Maybe full speed but with less total maybe better since I can throttle myself and have the choice of full speed.

  4. 256Kbps is not 3G, its 2G at best....old ISDN line speeds.
    3G would get up to 1.2Mbps

    1. The ITU officially refers to EDGE as an ITU-2000 Narrowband technology -- basically, a 2G standard capable of eking 3G-esque speeds of up to 384 Kbps, the minimum speed for 3G UMTS.
      Some people call EDGE 2.75G due to its maximum speed potential.
      Cingular called it a 3G technology when they deployed it.

  5. "A $15 top up is required to pay for overages at a rate of $1.75."

    I think that's supposed to be "1.75¢".

  6. Anyone have a review of either RingPlus or FreedomPop for use as a regular phone? I know they both require top ups to get started but how it call quality and reliability? I know I used to use Freedompop and the app they used destroyed the battery life, is that still true? Also, is freedompop premium voice still voip calling? Does ringplus still have ads that play before calls and X # of required calls per month on the free plans?

  7. Jason in PortlandMarch 17, 2016 at 4:31 PM

    Currently, RingPlus requires at least one outgoing call every 60 days. The ads have always been a part of the service. The latency is still there as well.

    No personal experience with Freedompop Premium Voice (was on them before it was available), however it's claimed to use Sprint CDMA voice when the data signal is too low.

    I'd say call quality and reliability is better on Freedompop, but I'm more likely to complete a call on RingPlus since it always uses CDMA voice.

    Objectively speaking; unless I'm calling a customer service number where I'm expecting a long wait, I'm still more likely to use my line on a different MVNO for voice calls.

  8. Does either Ring+ or Freedompop have call forwarding?

    1. No. Port your number to Google Voice if you need forwarding.

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