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Sprint Waives Fees on Long Distance Calls to Pakistan


Shortly after the attacks in Belgium, the major four carriers in the US gave free calls and texts to the country as a way for their users to get in touch with their friends and family in Belgium. Now, Sprint is doing the same for international calls and text usage to Pakistan from the US, especially since a new wave of attacks had hit the country over the weekend.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Pakistan and for those with friends and families impacted by the attacks. We believe Sprint customers who need to stay close to loved ones over the next few days should be able to do so without worrying about incurring fees." - Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO

All customers under Sprint, Boost Mobile, Sprint Prepaid, and Virgin Mobile USA may now get in touch with their loved ones in Pakistan starting March 27 until April 5, 2016.

Source: Sprint Newsroom, Boost Mobile


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  1. This is great and all, but...

    If the people you're trying to contact didn't survive, then it would've been better to have free international calling all along.

    It's a shame nobody gives a damn about a universally connected global populace until terrorists start killing people. At that point it may be too late.

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