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Straight Talk Gives Discounts of Up to $45 to Customers

Prepaid customers under TracFone's Straight Talk network can enjoy a new promotion they have started to offer.

Auto Pay $5 Discount

Throughout the promotion period, existing customers will receive a $5 discount on their monthly cost for the first three months. The condition, however, is that they have to enroll their account in auto pay so they can enjoy the discount. This adds to the current auto pay discount, which is at $2.50 per month.

The $5 auto pay discount promotion is only available for a limited time. Once the first three months is over, customers will still be able to get the auto pay discount of only $2.50; as long as their accounts are still enrolled in auto pay.

The $5 auto pay promotion is only applicable to Straight Talk customers under the $45 unlimited plan and the $60 unlimited international plan.

Extended Plans Discount

Extended prepaid plans good for 3 months, 6 months and a year will also get to enjoy discounts offered by Straight Talk. These plans now have a discount of:

  • 3-Month Extended Plan - Normally $135, now at $130
  • 6-Month Extended Plan - Normally $270, now at $255
  • 1-Year Extended Plan - Normally $540, now $495

All You Need Plan Discount

The Auto Pay discount for all customers under the $30 All You Need Plan is still available. With this promotion, customers who enroll their account in auto pay will get 50% more data every month. This promotion has been available for quite some time and is still available for customers to enjoy.

There's no word on when the promotion will end.

Source: Straight Talk


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  1. America Movil would have to pay me every month to use their service.

    I have dealt with a lot of company's CS, America Movil is by far the worst experience - repeatedly as in many times for many accounts.

    I pulled all friends, family, business phones from Movil services, never looked back, my life is better w/o America Movil in it.

  2. My wife used Page Plus before and after the American Movil take over. To say AM CS is bad is an understatement. Along with their clueless CS reps, we had constant billing errors and were charged for American Movil spam texts on a regular basis. On more than one occasion we paid for one plan but got another. I am sorry but after our AM period of service lasting over two years we were willing to pay more and defected to GoPhone. Of course, as a final act of insensitivity, AM made the number porting effort painful as well. At&t's porting department had to call AM and demand our phone number be released from AM's hands. Life is too short for AM's business practices, no matter what the monetary saving is.

    1. If you want/need Verizon wireless network and had a Page Plus plan that suited your usage well then take a look at Selectel. Offers the full VZW post-paid network (not pre-paid network like P+), no roaming charges (unlike P+), plans similar to P+, US based CS which has been good/competent in my experience. They have been around for a few years now.

    2. +1 for Selectel but their plans don't ST match or Verizon Prepaid.

    3. Selectel did have excellent CS when I used them (I left due to lack of LTE at the time, which is no longer a problem with them). Some of the CS was in the Phillipines, but even that was good. I don't go with the jingoism about how anything foreign is bad.

      I also easily once got someone high up in management at Selectel, during a CS call, who spoke candidly about the company's plans. That is rather uncommon!

  3. No much here. I am sure that they a reeling from the competion from the carrier owned prepaids which offer a better band for the buck. Can they off 4 or 5 lines for $100.00 ?

  4. Hard to beat the 199 redpocket plans or cricket plans. Ditch AM!

    1. Agree! I switched to RedPocket and havent had any problems whatsoever. 1000 min and texts are plenty for me

    2. Depends on use/need.

      Redpocket VZW is prepaid network only w/no roaming AFAIK also they still throttle the second half of your data, at least on the 1gb plan. Redpocket CS has been a bit rough at times (still worlds better than any AM brand). As you say - hard to beat price wise but the plan needs to suit the user.

      Only bad re CS at Cricket I have seen is in re to a lot of people having issues never getting promised rebates / account credits.

      In any case the point really is don't do business w/an AM brand and your life will be better for it.

  5. I hate to just pile on here, but my experience with Straight Talk CS was absolutely terrible. Inept and clueless and just plain wrong was bad enough, but several times I was just left gasping with incredulity that anyone in CS could be so rude: "I've given you the information; now just hang up! [click] !!!)

    After that, Cricket has been a breath of fresh air. Easy to understand and non-deceptive plans, helpful and knowledgeable reps, whether in the store or on the phone, easy escalation to the Zen Desk for oddball requests.

    As a member of a 5 person Group Save, I pay $20.00/month for unlimited Talk and Text, 2.5 GB fast data, and after that unlimited data that is fast enough for anything but video streaming. Combined with ATT excellent tower coverage, I couldn't be happier.

    P.S. Still waiting for my Class Action Settlement Check from these AM shysters (nailed by FCC for deceptive advertising).

    1. Just another story among the legion of America Movil experiences/actions over many years that demonstrates their utter disdain for their customers, the laws they are supposed to operate under and complete lack of effort or concern to correct any of it.

      It is their modus operendi people, STAY (or get) AWAY from them. Mr. Silm does not deserve your hard earned dollars and he doesn't need them anyway.

  6. Straight Talk now has a $55 10GB plan. Also, Simple Mobile now supports international direct dialing, no access number needed. I'm not talking about the dialing app. I don't know if other AM brands also support international direct dialing.

  7. And Red Pocket is still missing the (t) in the News by carrier column.

  8. Straight talk has new $55 plan with 10gb data

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