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T-Mobile Customers Are Wondering What's Up With "Facebook with Free Data" Message

A number of T-Mobile subscribers reported yesterday that they were seeing a "Facebook with Free Data" banner whenever they accessed the social network. The information was shared on Twitter and Reddit, with several other customers agreeing to seeing the message while accessing the Facebook app itself as well as on the web. Apart from the banner, users have reported that they received a warning that read "standard data charges may apply" whenever they tried to navigate away from the social network site.

This led a few users to be curious about the banner. One user from Reddit even shared that after taking out his SIM card from his device and connecting to Facebook over Wi-Fi, he no longer saw the "Facebook with Free Data" message.

As of this writing, there still hasn't been any official response from T-Mobile on what this message is about. However, a T-Mobile support team responded to a Reddit user and said that they are already "aware of the message" spread across the top of the website. According to the support team, they are already investigating on the matter and will be providing more information about it soon; especially since a sponsored data program is not supported by the carrier.

It is important to note, however, that T-Mo's prepaid arm, GoSmart, offers zero-rated content from both Facebook and Facebook Messenger; a feature that launched in late 2013 that enables its users to have free and unlimited Facebook access. The feature is currently available on all GoSmart plans. 

More information will be released as soon as T-Mobile officials give an update to its customers.

Source: TMO News


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  1. Haven't seen this on m.facebook.com via (Walmart) family mobile.

  2. Facebook, via its Internet.org initiative,
    does offer "free" Internet in many parts of
    the world, particularly in countries where
    cellular data is very expensive.

    The Internet.org initiative presents you
    with a curated list of web sites (Facebook
    is at or near the top), that don't count
    against your cell data plan, as long as
    you stay on the sites. This initiative
    was in the news recently as India banned
    it as being not net neutral.

    The data speed is pretty slow though,
    around 128 kbps.

  3. Complaints about this violating Net Neutrality in



  4. T-Mobile got their GoSmart violations of NN mixed in with their T-mo violations of NN.

    It must be hard for them to keep track of all the winners they're trying to pick.

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