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T-Mobile Renews Partnership With MLB, Announces Free Year Access to MLB.TV Premium

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it has renewed its partnership with the Major League Baseball (MLB). For the next three years, they are the official sponsor of the MLB.

And as part of their new deal with the league, T-Mobile will be providing a free year of access to MLB.TV Premium as well as streaming and watching regular season MLB games on mobile devices. The renewed partnership has removed the need for customers to pay a yearly subscription of $109.99 to be able to access MLB.TV Premium.

In addition to removing the yearly subscription, MLB.TV Premium is part of Binge On program offered by TMO. This means every out-of-market regular season game may be streamed by subscribers on their smartphones or tablets without worrying about it counting against their high speed data allotment.

To be able to enjoy free streaming on sports services, customers on qualified Simple Choice plans need to sign up during Opening Week; which runs from April 3-10, 2016. Access to Binge On is also available to customers on prepaid Simple Choice plans with 6GB of high speed data and higher ($65/6GB, $80/10GB, and $95/14GB). Aside from Binge On and unlimited data with high speed data allotment, each plan also comes with unlimited talk and messaging plus unlimited calls from the US to Canada and Mexico, along with Music Freedom program for free music streaming.

The free year of access to MLB.TV Premium also comes with a subscription to At Bat Premium; which is a mobile sports app for home or away broadcasts, multi-game viewing and more. But while subscription this mobile sports app is free, its usage is counted against the high speed data plan of the user.

The free subscription to MLB.TV Premium expires on February 28, 2017. MLB.TV Premium, live or on demand, works on multiple compatible devices. As confirmed on T-Mobile's Twitter account, anyone with an active T-Mobile phone number are eligible for the MLB pass promotion.

Source: Business Wire

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  1. T-Mobile again FTW. They offer more than any other, gotta love 'em!!

  2. And T-Mobile just added youtube to binge on.....I gotta switch to them!!

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