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Ultra Mobile Subscribers Now Have Access to VoLTE

Sometime ago, Ultra Mobile announced that they will be releasing VoLTE (Voice over LTE) connection for their customers to enjoy. As announced, the service will enable subscribers to make phone calls over LTE network instead of the traditional circuit-switched phone system. With this new service, Ultra promises that its customers will be able to enjoy a faster and smoother phone connection complete with HD voice quality.

The long wait for VoLTE is finally over! Earlier today, Ultra Mobile made an announcement that all of their subscribers now have access to a VoLTE connection. The service launched last month and is now available on all Ultra Mobile subscribers.

If you wish to start using VoLTE on your device, here is a guide on how you can enable it:

  • HTC One M9: Open Settings > Call > More > Voice over LTE
  • Google Nexus 6: Open Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Enhanced 4G LTE Mode On
  • LG G Style, G3, G4, and Leon: Settings > Call > VoLTE On
  • Samsung Galaxy Avant: Settings > Call > Voice over LTE Settings > Use VoLTE when available
  • Samsung Galaxy Light: Phone > Keypad Tab > More Options > Call Settings > VoLTE Settings
  • Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Series: Phone > Keypad Tab > More Options > Settings > Call > Voice over LTE Settings > Use VoLTE when available
  • Sony Xperia Z3: Settings > Call settings > Enable VoLTE

In order to use VoLTE, Ultra Mobile requires both phones involved in a call to meet the device and connection requirements. Get to know more about VoLTE by visiting Ultra Mobile's website.

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  1. When will Cricket allow to HD Call!

  2. Um... just use Google Hangouts.

  3. When using VoLTE, does the customer on the other line also have to have VoLTE in order for it to work? I have never used it even when I was with Verizon.

    1. To make a VoLTE calls both phones must be VoLTE capable. Currently they also both have to be on the same network but network interoperability is supposed be coming eventually.

    2. No, only 1 phone needs to be VoLTE capable for it to work, allowing for simultaneous voice and data transfer, and the extended calling area. But both need to have it to get HD voice.

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