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New Family Plans Coming to Boost Mobile April 20 - Five 2GB Lines For $95!

Boost Family Plans Poster
It looks like Boost Mobile is revamping its family plans. An anonymous tipster sent me a scan of a poster announcing the new plans.

The change gives customers more flexibility. Currently Boost requires all members of a Family Plan to have the same high speed data allotment, either 1.5 GB or 5 GB. Starting April 20, Boost will let customers mix and match data allotments within a family plan. In addition, the maximum number of lines in a Family Plan is increasing from four to five and new 2 GB and unlimited high speed data options will be available to Family Plan members.

Starting April 20, customers can build Family Plans using any combination of two to five lines of the following plans:

  • $35/month - unlimited voice and messaging, 2 GB high speed data
  • $45/month - unlimited voice and messaging, 5 GB high speed data
  • $60/month - unlimited voice and messaging, unlimited high speed data
All three plans also include hotspot and unlimited music streaming. The $35 and $45 plans also get unlimited 128 Kpbs throttled data after the high speed allotment is used up.

In return for having multiple lines, Family Plan customers get a discount:

  • 2 lines get $5/month off
  • 3 lines get $15/month off
  • 4 lines get $40/month off
  • 5 lines get $75/month off
The first line is also eligible for a $5/month auto pay discount.

To put this in perspective, five $35 plans with auto pay would cost $95/month or $19/line. That's $5/month less than Cricket and MetroPCS' cheapest five line plans.

Although the new Family plans are more flexible, the current ones are a better deal for 2, 3 and 4 line plans with 5 GB per line. The table below lists the current Family Plans. I've added the price of comparable new plans in parentheses.
Included High Speed Data 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines
1.5 GB (2 GB) $70/month ($60) $90/month ($90) $100/month ($95)
5 GB $70/month ($80) $95/month ($115) $120/month ($135)

As before, Boost Family Plans are only at Boost Mobile stores and independent dealers. They are not offered online, through telesales or from national chain retailers like Walmart, BestBuy or Target.  Update 4/20/2016: Boost Family Plans are now available online as well as at Boost Dealers.

Boost is also extending it's $50 credit for porting a number from a non-Sprint based operator to Boost until July 5. The port-in credit, which is only available at Boost dealers, was due to expire tomorrow.

In addition Boost has some new, dealer only phone discounts starting April 20. Click the image below to expand it and see the details.

Boost phone discounts

The leaked scans I got today came from the dealer channel. I suspect that Boost will also announce some new online promotions on April 20.


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  1. No growing data?

  2. Sales tax extra on Boost. That negates its price advantage. Limited phone selection and no BYOD. No Canada roaming.

    1. Taxes are included if you pay in store.

    2. Sales Tax varied by state. Nebraska will add an extra 8% Tax to you bill. This not including the $3 Fee boost charges.

  3. Stores charge activation fees

  4. Boost? Sprint? Hahahaha NO.

  5. What's funny is that Sprint had a $100 and $120 promo many months ago that offered 10GB or 40GB for up to 10 lines, waived line fee with port-in. This is in many ways more expensive and without the perks of post-paid.

  6. Wanna be Cricket. Won't work

  7. This should be a very good promo for Boost. The Sprint network has improved substantially according to the last two Root Metrics surveys. Call reliability is way up, LTE availability and speeds improved significantly and Sprint had many more test wins in the 125 areas tested. Boost is offering some roaming now, removing another barrier to adoption.

  8. roaming only for selected phones, iphones dont have roaming

  9. not as good as before...

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