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Pure TalkUSA Makes Changes to Its Plan Options

Earlier today, Pure TalkUSA sent out emails discussing some new updates to their service plans. The email contains three new updates which include the following:

Simple 300 Plan

Prior to today's announcements, Pure TalkUSA offered the Simple 250 and the Simple 600 under their Simple plans. Pure TalkUSA has made changes to the Simple 250 plan and has turned it into the Simple 300 plan. Under this new plan, customers get 300 minutes, 50MB of data and 50MMS for only $10. Compared with this, the old Simple 250 plan only came with 250 minutes and no data and MMS. You would have to use an Add-On to get data and MMS under the plan.

Senior Addvantage Plan

Another update Pure TalkUSA made is that they have changed the Senior Addvantage 250 plan into what is now the Senior Addvantage 300 plan. Under this plan, customers get to enjoy 300 minutes with 50MB of data and 50MMS for only $10. Plus it includes a 10% back inbonus minutes for the first 5 months.

Comparing Pure TalkUSA's plans with Club Cellular and Consumer Cellular, Pure TalkUSA proves to be a better choice, especially since it includes:

  • Total cost per month includes taxes and fees
  • 300 number of minutes included plus free bonus minutes compared to only 20 minutes from Club Cellular and none for Consumer Cellular
  • 50MB data included, none for the other two
  • Texting is included in Pure TalkUSA
iPhone Plus Plan

Pure TalkUSA has also announced their new iPhone Plus Plans-- three data level plans that start from $14 with no device fee. Pure TalkUSA promises they offer the best rate for iPhone devices compared to other carriers plus they include unlimited talk and text and data within the United States.  Their plan options include the following:

  • $14 - 200MB data and 200 MMS
  • $19 - 1 GB data and unlimited MMS
  • $25 - 1.5 GB data and unlimited MMS
  • $35 - 2.5 GB data and unlimited MMS
If you're a Pure TalkUSA customer, how do you feel about these changes to their plan options?

Source: PureTalkUSA


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  1. Dennis, what network do they utilize?

  2. The Pure TalkUSA iPhone plan rates are good for one year. Then they increase by $10/month.

  3. Jason in PortlandApril 8, 2016 at 5:47 PM

    They use the AT&T Network with no roaming; a detailed profile is here:

    Also, this change might make this plan the lowest-cost AT&T-based service with data that's available to the general public and not PAYG or through a Tracfone-related company.

    Also note: I'd never heard of Club Cellular until reading this, so if PureTalk named them in their press release, congratulations they've just advertised their competition.

  4. These iphone plans are misleading. They're only good if you buy the phone from them.

    **Must purchase iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus from Pure TalkUSA. Special plan pricing must be selected at the time of checkout and is only valid for 12 months. If plan is changed to any non-iPhone plan prior to the end of promotional period, you may revert to any unlimited plan with promotional pricing only if still within initial 12 months. Only the remaining amount of time within the promotional period will be honored. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Pure TalkUSA reserves the right to cancel and/or modify the offer at any time in the event of fraud, abuse, unintended virality, or if technical or other issues arise.

  5. Does PureTalk support visual voicemail for iPhones? They're not listed as an official carrier by Apple, so it's not obvious that they do.

  6. Puretalk promises the lowest rate for Iphones? Not even close.

  7. FYI, Puretalk does not allow data tethering, per their customer service earlier this month.

  8. FYI there are some free puretalk phones at Sears and Kmart right now (you get back 100% in rewards points which can be used immediately after purchase).

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