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Ready SIM Re-Brands as ZIP SIM Targeting Privacy Seekers and International Visitors

Ready SIM, a T-Mobile MVNO specializing in easy to activate SIMs for international visitors. has re-branded itself as ZIP SIM. 

Other than the name change, ZIP SIM works the same as Ready SIM did. Customers buy un-activated SIMs preloaded with a Talk, Text and Data or Data-only plan. 7, 14, 21 and 30 day plans are available. The customer can activate the SIM whenever they need to by  texting any US zip-code to the short-code 7850. ZIP SIM will send back a text with the customer's phone number.

In addition to the name change, ZIP SIM says that they are expanding their marketing to reach US residents seeking privacy and the protection of their personal information in addition to international travelers. ZIP SIM believes its product will appeal to "...multinational corporations, military & law enforcement, privacy conscious individuals and people with backup/emergency burner phones."

ZIP SIM Talk, Text and Data plans include unlimited talk, unlimited domestic MMS, unlimited domestic and international texts and an allotment of un-throttled LTE data. The amount of data varies with plan duration and price:

  • 7 Days, 500 MB of data $25
  • 14 days 1 GB of data $35
  • 21 days 1.5 GB of data $45
  • 30 days 2 GB of data $55
Plans can be topped up at the same rates to extended their duration. Topping up will overwrite any remaining data.

Tethering and hotspot are supported on all plans.

International calling is available by purchasing a $5, $10 or $20 international add-on. Sample rates per minute for calling mobile numbers include: Canada 1¢, China 1¢, Mexico 5¢. Philippines 16¢, United Kingdom 3¢.

ZIP SIM data-only plans are:

  • 14 days, 500 MB of data $15
  • 14 days 1 GB of data $25
  • 30 days 2 GB of data $40
ZIP SIM ships SIMs internationally making it ideal for visitors to the US who want to have service available as soon as they arrive.

ZIP SIM is a brand of Otono Networks along with Roam Mobility, AlwaysOnine Wireless and Krew Mobile.

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  1. A tourist directly purchase sim card from local companies, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

    1. Of course, but it's more convenient to land in the US with a working phone in hand than to run around jet lagged looking for a carrier store.

  2. I like it, but seems an important detail was left out of the article: where can I buy these sims for cash?

    1. There's a dealer locator at http://www.zipsim.us/where-to-buy.html

    2. I live in a metro area of 2.8 million, but the closest place to buy is 270 miles away in the next state. Will look forward to zipsim once they grow and become available locally. I've reached my limit on corporations collecting my data to repackage and sell for profits. Continuing to take more and more steps personally to take back privacy for myself and my family. Cheers.

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