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Scratch Wireless Puts Its Services On Hold

Scratch Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator leasing network capacity from major US wireless carrier Sprint, has decided to stop selling its wireless services to new customers as of the moment. Apparently, the MVNO is looking to focus all of its attention in the development of unnamed new products and services.

As indicated in its official website, Scratch Wireless did state its intention of continuing to provide support for its existing customers. The carrier also issued an apology to those who were planning to avail of the company’s wireless services, saying that for an indefinite time, Scratch Wireless’ current products and services will be discontinued and unavailable for sale in the meantime.

As explained by Alan Berrey, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Scratch Wireless, to Fierce Wireless, the carrier is currently in the midst of overhauling and enhancing its mobile service solutions. Berrey has promised that some new announcements are under way regarding the results of its efforts to re-design how its current services and how they are delivered to its customers.

Launched almost three years ago, Scratch Wireless employed a rather unique approach to offering mobile services, choosing instead to use Wi-Fi first over cellular (just like other carriers such as Republic Wireless and Google’s Project Fi). In this setup, Scratch Wireless users primarily use Wi-Fi, and then fall back to Sprint’s cellular network only when Wi-Fi networks are either spotty or nonexistent. And while this business model was unprecedented then, Wi-Fi-centric carriers such as Scratch Wireless are finding it harder and harder now to keep it up. It does not help that Wi-Fi features such as Wi-Fi calling often need specially configured software on the user’s mobile device. To make matters worse, the Big Four wireless carriers in the United States (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) have now started offering their own take on Wi-Fi calling.

In recent years, Scratch Wireless has tried to tweak its current range of services in order to remain competitive. In 2015 for instance, it decided to drop unlimited cellular data passes, instead charging between $2 (for data pass for a full 24 hours and 50 megabytes of data) and $25 (for data passes for a whole month and 1 gigabyte of cellular data). Moreover, in October of last year, Scratch Wireless opted not to offer free Wi-Fi calling services and free text messaging over Sprint’s cellular network anymore, choosing instead to charge $9.99 a month for unlimited voice calls over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Still, Berrey remains optimistic about Scratch Wireless’ chances, adding that the company will be releasing some positive announcements soon.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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  1. They failed because of they are selling random Chinese phones for 99

  2. I'm thinking that this spells the end for another MVNO

  3. Scratch hasn't updated their web site,
    so don't know where Fierce Wireless is
    getting their info from.

  4. This is why I stay away from these no-name MVNOs, the come and go too often to risk losing your phone number. I suspect RingPlus will collapse soon.

    1. I bet that RingPlus will stick around. Just hooked up a new Boost iPhone 6S+ to a free plan.

  5. Scratch is history, time to change the (s) to a ()

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