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T-Mobile Announces New Streaming Partners to Binge On and Music Freedom

There's no denying that people love using T-Mobile's free media streaming services. In fact, people are enjoying Binge On more than Music Freedom. Today's announcement made by T-Mobile will change how people use the service though as they have added new free streaming partners to make the service even better for T-Mobile users.

Binge On

New streaming partners added to Binge On include the following:
  • Dailymotion
  • EPIX
  • Nickelodeon
  • OVGuide
  • Spike
  • TV Land
  • Viki
  • YipTV
  • 120 Sports
The addition of these channels make the total number of free streaming partners of Binge On to over 60.

Music Freedom

T-Mobile has added these free streaming services to Music Freedom:

  • Amazon Music
  • Chilltrax
  • ESPN Radio
  • PreDanz
  • Uforia
With these new additions, Music Freedom now supports over 40 free streaming partners. 

Along with their announcement of new free streaming partners for Binge On and Music Freedom, John Legere has released a vlog where he discusses the difference between "Carrier Data" and "Un-carrier Data." On the vlog, he also throws some shade on the response AT&T and Verizon gave after he revealed they were throttling Netflix content to 360p. Watch the video below:

Source: TMONews


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  1. Where do people find the time and moreover the desire to stare at a screen all day?

    1. It's not that people are wanting to "stare at a screen all day." But it's nice to know that these Binge On services are available should you find yourself wanting to watch something or listen to music without wifi and not use up your high speed data allotment.

    2. Probably around the same time you typed this post or spent time on this site. I've got Netflix playing right now. Why even own a smartphone if you're not consuming media?

  2. It's not "nice to know" as this scheme of dubious legality simply means that T-Mobile will throttle any data that doesn't end up on their approved list.

    Unless the data usage is illegal, it is not T-Mobile's business what we are doing with it. Either put all data in "Binge On", or none at all.

    1. If I'm a startup video service, I would get onto Binge-On as quickly as possible. People are much more likely to stream an unknown if the data is free than if it is at normal data prices. Can you site an example of T-Mobile denying a service that meets their tech requirement for inclusion to Binge-On?

    2. Translation: I enjoy paying overages

      You ought to read up on how BingeOn works, because you couldn't be more misinformed.

    3. I'm confused about misinformation. Nobody on T-Mobile has to pay data overages. They stopped charging overages in 2014. Data speed is reduced after 4G allotments, but no overage charges. Please identify plans subject to overages that also have access to Binge-On.

    4. Please explain what dubious law is being violated. A direct cite to the US Code section is preferred over "gloomdongle shazbot" slang terms.

  3. "because you couldn't be more misinformed."

    I am completely well informed on "Binge On". It is a censorship/throttling scheme of dubious legality (check Net Neutrality). As the EFF rightly points out, it is a very dangerous precedent to let T-Mobile flaunt the law this way and be so concerned with the type of data that you paid for that they use.

    "A direct cite to the US Code section is preferred over "gloomdongle shazbot" slang terms."

    That is exactly what those who defend T-Mobile's throttling scheme are saying.

    1. Net Neutrality is not a law, it's regulation. And the FCC doesn't think Binge On violates N. N. principles.
      So you have nothing except a grudge or an excess of envy.
      Music Freedom streams 210 million songs every day and has streamed 90 billion songs since its launch in June of 2014. Binge On users have watched more than 190 million hours of video. Users have consumed more than 350 petabytes through the two services. All at no extra cost. Millions of happy customers. Vs a few sour pussies.

    2. if they can't cite the actual law, the only thing dubious is their credibility.

  4. The above comment in favor of net censorship, with its crude language, is Gigere-like.

    The facts remain, of course. The fact that "Binge On" explicitly violates the law... and also the fact that you really have to go out of your way to get on the wrong side of the EFF.

    I expect more "gloomdongle shazbot" from the pro-throttling troll above.. someone with total ignorance of the law who favors a future in which if you want to visit a web site or stream a song from a service, you need to carefully look to see which carrier allows it or blocks it, and which carriers charge you extra on a song by song basis.

  5. I'd like to get my Internet Radio station listed on Binge On. That would allow folks to listed to Album Rock for FREE and without using data and it would promote the station lol.

    I think in the long run this is a preview of unlimited Data which will eventually take place on all carriers.

    As for a smart phone I feel the same way. We pay big money for our phones and pay into the service to allow us to use them to do a hell of a lot more than simply read E-Mail and text. Being an Internet Radio operator myself I see future plans that will allow this to take place because the music industry is trying to come up with a way to thrive from Digital Media so they will make SURE that customers can access music on their smartphones easily. Internet Radio is that way and with that comes Data and with that will come unlimited Data.

    1. Didn't ROK try something like that?

  6. "if they can't cite the actual law, the only thing dubious is their credibility."

    The law has been discussed several times here and before. One has to go really out on a limb. or be paid for it, to support T-Mobile's throttling scam.


    Legacy said: "I think in the long run this is a preview of unlimited Data which will eventually take place on all carriers."

    I think it is a preview of something far worse: where a carrier will block your station, website, or video, unless you pay them a certain fee. There is a good reason this sort of thing has become illegal.

    1. The people who are dangerous are the ones with little knowledge who act as parrots of buzz from questionable sources.

  7. They are becoming the dominant cellphone carriers on the market.

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