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TracFone Renews Partnership With Dress for Success for Second Year

For the second time now, TracFone has partnered with Dress for Success to help empower women land their dream jobs. The partnership paved way for the program "Success is Calling," which started in 2015. Through this partnership, TracFone has been able to help women with employment. Especially since most jobs now conduct a phone interview as the first step to employment, the partnership helps women gain an advantage with knowledge and the resources they need during this stage of the interview process.

With their partnership last year, majority of the 300 graduates were able to land a job through the Success is Calling program. As they renew their partnership, TracFone hopes to reach twice as many women this time around. To help with Dress for Success' cause, TracFone has pledged to donate 20 percent of its handset sales at Walmart throughout the month of April. Last year, TracFone was able to raise $525,000 for the Success is Calling program. This is the same amount they aim to raise this year to give to the Dress for Success group.

So what can you do to help?

  1. Visit any Walmart store or Walmart.com in April and purchase a TracFone cell phone
  2. 20% of your purchase will go to Dress for Success
  3. Participants of the Success is Calling program will receive a new smartphone and one year of cell phone service
If you've been planning to pick up a new TracFone cell phone, now is the best time to do it. You'll be able to help give other women a chance to land a job by acing that phone interview!

Source: TracFone

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  1. Enough of this affirmative action PC, helping certain groups we should empower all people creeds and races if you need help (ask) and others can help to train push and make both men and women successful. Men should encourage and love their women and in return a woman should help and support their men. Remember hunger and poverty
    Does not have a certain face but instead brings suffering alike.
    Think about it

  2. Or you could do dress for success AND yourself a favor and make a donation directly to dress for success then STAY FAR AWAY FROM ANY AMERICA MOVIL OWNED COMPANY like tracphone.

    You will be helping others more directly and you will be saving yourself from the frustration of dealing with a company that disregards it's customers and treats them as a bother and an inconvenience

  3. I'd rather deal with Movil than T-Mobile. Better customer service.

  4. I have found T-Mobile CS and tech. support uneven.

    I have found various Movil owned MVNOs universally clueless, careless and couldn't care less.

    Never experienced worse "CS" for ANY product or service than what was encountered interacting with Movil owned brands.

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