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US Mobile Cuts Prices and Increases Data Again

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Prepaid mobile data prices continue to fall. The latest provider to cut prices is T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile. This is US Mobile's fourth price reduction in the last seven months.

US Mobile uses a "build your own plan" pricing model that's similar to that of Ting, a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO. Users create a plan by picking and choosing from separate tiers of minutes, texts and MBs per month.

This time around US Mobile made changes to two of its data tiers:
  • Lowered the price of its 2.5 GB data tier from $25 to $20 per month.
  • Increased the amount of data included with the $35 tier from 5 GB to 6 GB.
US Mobile was already less expensive than Ting and the latest changes widen the gap even more.  However Ting offers users more flexibility with including mid-month plan changes and shared usage family plans. Unlike US Mobile, Ting plans include no extra-cost off network voice and text roaming.

The following table below lists US Mobile's current tiers with the changes called out with bold and strike-out fonts.
Talk 100 min $3 250 min $5 500 min $9 1500 min $10 5000 min $15
Text 100 texts $2 250 texts $3 500 texts $4 1000 texts $5 Unlimited texts $7
Data 100 MB $2 250 MB $5 500 MB $9 1 GB $14 2.5 GB $25 $20 5 6 GB $35
There's also a $2/month service fee or line charge.

US Mobile users can only change the makeup of their custom plans at the end of their plan month. Customers who need more minutes, texts or data before their month is up can purchase any tier as an add-on. Add-ons are good for 30 days from date of purchase.

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  1. Cheap Data! Currently I use 250 min $5, 1000 text $5 6gb $35 = $45

    1. for the same money you will get 12 gb of data ( 3g) ,unlimited talk text with gosmart

    2. GoSmart is capped at a measily 1Mbps. Not even enough for 480p Youtube.

    3. GoSmart hasn't had a 1 Mbps speed cap since 2014. It now delivers full HSPA+ speeds.

    4. Speed is still 1 Mbps even when connected via LTE or HSPA+. I've been using GoSmart all this month as a temporary hotspot and confirmed this with a couple Ookla speed tests.

      Reports of higher speeds are from a dealer's blog and someone who has an "employee line," whatever that is, and should be taken skeptically.



  2. Typo in title IncReases not Inceases.

  3. I've been using free cellular service from Ringplus for the last 2 years...now it's hard to go back to paying...

    1. Me too, happy with ringplus until it become a paid service.

    2. or they go out of business like P-Tel.

  4. Dennis, Did you catch the MetroPCS family plans? See link: https://www.metropcs.com/2-lines-for-60.html

  5. The 1GB tier could use a price drop.

  6. "Ting, a Sprint and T-MVNO" should probably read Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO.

  7. US Mobile's pricing still scales terribly after the $30 mark.

    For example, 3GB costs more than Big Pink's 5GB plan once you factor in the $2 line fee.

    Even at the 6 GB mark, you can get another 4GB for just $15 at Walmart Family Mobile. That's $20 cheaper than buying another 6GB. It even includes unlimited TnT.

    And if you include a moderate amount of TnT with any data allotment (just in case), it jacks the price up by a whole $10/mo.

    IMO, the only way their data rates could actually be competetive is if each data plan included the corresponding talk and text tiers at no additional charge.

    Mixing data tiers would still be a problem, but at least their data plans would be individually competitive on their own.

    1. Everything depends on your usage pattern and coverage needs. Folks with consistently high usage can get the MetroPCS special, 2 lines for $60, 6GB/line for less than one US Mobile line (after adding USM taxes). People with low to moderate use most months who sometimes need more talk, text or data can do well using USM if the native T-Mobile coverage works for them.

    2. Some people don't need 2 lines.

      $60 (for unlimited data) also happens to be the price ceiling for individual T-mobile prepaid coverage, which means that the only room for competition is below that price point (barring the inclusion of value added services/goodies like postpaid roaming or free phones).

      Regardless, it's a shame US Mobile doesn't even offer bundling discounts or support for combining multiple allotments from the same service tier.

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