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CallingMart Offers Special Discounts for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a few days away, and people are already getting excited for the holiday. If you are a CallingMart users, you can join in on the fun with their new special discounts exclusive for Memorial Day. Here are the codes that you can use:

10% Off AT&T refills with coupon code MD1610

Applicable for:

  • GoPhone
  • GoPhone Load-to-Phone (RTR)
  • GoPhone monthly plans
5% Off Verizon, H20, & Airvoice refills with coupon code MD165

Applicable for:

  • Verizon
  • Verizon Load-to-Phone (Top-Up)
  • Verizon Unlimited Plans
  • Verizon Data Plans
  • H2O
  • H2O Load-to-Phone 
  • H2O monthly plans
  • H2O monthly plans Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM
  • Airvoice GSM Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM monthly plan
  • Airvoice GSM Monthly Load-to-Phone
3% Off Tracfone, Page Plus, Net10, Simple Mobile refills & Red Pocket with coupon code MD163 with
Applicable for:

  • Tracfone Data Plan
  • Tracfone Load-to-Phone
  • Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Airtime Minutes Refill
  • Page Plus
  • Page Plus Load-to-Phone
  • Page Plus monthly plans
  • Page Plus monthly Load-to-Phone
  • Net10
  • Net10 Load-to-Phone
  • Net10 monthly plans
  • Net10 family plans
  • Simple Mobile 
  • Simple Mobile Load-to-Phone
  • Simple Mobile Unlimited Plans
  • Simple Mobile Data Plan
  • Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile GSMA
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAV
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan GSMA

The coupon codes posted here may be used with a minimum purchase of $18. The codes are only valid until June 7, 2016.

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  1. Just checked my GoPhone Account. I am on the $30 Monthly, on the home page AT&T has an ALERT that says - "Get 1GB of high speed data"

    Just refill your account with $30 or more by June 7. The data will be added to your account by June 15 and will be available for 30-days. Data will be added to your account one-time. I wonder if AT&T could be testing the water for whatever its intended purposes are.

  2. I would like to know where can I port my number to for free or for the least amount of money possible?

    1. I think the only carrier that charges you to port a number is RingPlus.

    2. FreedomPop charges $9.99 to port in a number and $4.99 to change the phone number on your account.

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