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Prepay Refill is Back With Discount Airtime For PagePlus, H2O and Verizon

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A couple of weeks ago we reported that online prepaid airtime dealer Prepay Refill was shutting down. Gregory Pratt, Prepay Refill's owner, said he was forced out of business by a drastic cut in commissions paid to dealers by TracFone's PagePlus brand.

A new owner is bringing Prepay Refill back to life. The site is back in business selling airtime for PagePlus, H2O and Verizon. Prepay Refill's new manager, Dina Azimova, says They plan to offer airtime for other providers as well. Dina was known as one of the best people in the business of "flashing" Sprint and other non-Verizon phones to PagePlus back when that was still possible and currently runs the e-commerce department of online phone sales site Mega Saver. Prepay Refill is currently offering a 3% discount on all airtime.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the ownership change. In announcing the shutdown of Prepay Refill, Greg said that he was going to purge all customer data. That apparently didn't happen and Dina ended up with sufficient information to be able to resume making auto payments for any customers who wanted her too.

That didn't sit well with some Prepay Refill customers who complained on HowardForums that their customer info had been transferred to the new owner after being told it was purged. It didn't help that many former Prepay Refill PagePlus customers received unsolicited text messages from Selectel Wireless stating that "Prepay Refill suggests switching to Selectel Wireless for Better Coverage & Customer Service." Greg and Dina both say they did not sell or give Selectel any customer information but it's hard to imagine how Selectel could have sent those texts otherwise.

In response to the criticism, Dina has purged the customer data she received as Gregg Pratt originally said he would. If you had an auto pay set up with the old Prepay Refill, you will need to set it up again.

It's getting harder and harder to find reliable sources of discounted prepaid airtime. I wish the new Prepay Refill ownership success in this difficult, low margin business.

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  1. Mega Saver Stores is based In Omaha,Nebraska

    ALL OF THEIR SUCCESS was attained by selling the OLD CDMA Cricket Network in the metro area.

    Corporate Office:
    202 S. 73rd Street
    Omaha, NE 68114
    Tel: 402-399-5377

  2. Lower margins are just a product of resellception.

    Everyone wants their cut, but you've got carriers selling to MVNOs selling to dealers, which is only lucrative with jacked up prices that allow for lower wholesale rates and generous commissions.

    The thing is, consumers (at least the DIY types) would rather have carriers cut prices by 3% and offer autopay themslves instead of having to deal with middlemen.

    Therein lies the problem, because without branching out to offer other value-added services and commodities, dealers and resellers may continue having a tough time.

    1. In reality, the low margins are a choice. Trac has changed the landscape of their dealer program by "intentionally" offering such low discounts to the dealer. Their bread and butter has always been with the Big Box Stores and doesn't recognize the dealer program that Page Plus was so successful with as a viable business model. But with any corporate buy out of a competitor, that's what you do. You buy them to enfold their end-users into your company and close down the competition. Which has been happening ever since the buy out. Other opportunities are out there for the dealer to provide the customer with the same great coverage and still make good to great discounts. Selectel Wireless, Rok Mobile and wirelessservices.us are just a few.

  3. Good luck to prepay refill. I hope they are successful!

  4. I would never use Pageplus Autopay as long as there are reliable alternatives. My sister and daughter get great service and a discount thru Kitty Wireless 120-day Autopay.
    Buying pins from AirVoice website is not intuitive. I get 6% total discount with Callingmart. My relative uses AirVoice Autopay for her monthly plan because she is too busy to buy pins and it's not worth the effort to save $1.80/month.
    No MVNO, dealer or pin dealer will stay in business unless they provide savings and add value.

  5. The reason why tracphone cut dealer commission is there opening up their own stores starting in June.
    They want customers to come to their own stand alone stores, not go to dealers so by cutting commission dealers won't sell it and all those customers will go to the tracphone stores.
    And no they are not the simple solution stores that has been around for a few years. It's a new concept store and everyone will see it next month.

  6. Having done business with Dina Azimova and Megasaver for many years I can promise any prospective customers of theirs that they will be treated ethically, with dignity and excellent value. Dina's reputation is well known as a highly competent phone flasher, business owner and now sales manager for a burgeoning chain of stores. Best of luck to Prepay Refill. If Dina is involved it will be successful.

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