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Republic Wireless Announces New "Clear Choice" Plans For Upcoming GSM Service

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WiFi-first Sprint, and soon to be T-Mobile, MVNO Republic Wireless today revealed new "Republic 3.0" service plans. The new plans, which Republic also calls "Clear Choice Plans", will  be available in July when Republic begins selling its new "Republic 3.0" phones operating on T-Mobile.

Compared with Republic's current 2.0 (aka "Refund") plans, the new plans include more data at comparable price points. However that's an apples to oranges comparison because data on the Clear Choice plans is "use it or lose it". The Refund plans give users a refund for their unused data at the end of the month. Republic says it's moving away from refund plans because customers preferred plans that offered higher data allotments over ones that offered refunds.

The minimum monthly cost for Republic 3.0 will be $15 per month compared with $5 per month with the current 2.0 plans. That's because there's no 3.0 version of Republic 2.0's $5/month WiFi only plan. In addition, the price of the 3.0 version of Republic's unlimited talk and messaging, no data plan is higher at $15, compared with $10 for the 2.0 equivalent.

The new plans will be available only with Republic's new "Republic 3.0" unlocked GSM phones launching in July. The new phones are the Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575), LG Nexus 5X (H790), Huawei Nexus 6P (H1511), Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (SM-J320A), Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T), Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935U). Starting in July, the Republic 3.0 phones will be available from Republic and customers who already own one of these exact models will be able to bring their phones to Republic.

Although the Nexus 5x and 6p and Moto X Pure Edition are "universal" devices capable of operating on all four US national networks, Republic has confirmed that, at least initially, they will only use T-Mobile, not Sprint, when activated on Republic. Republic is working with Sprint to offer Republic 3.0 phones on the CDMA network.

The 2.0 plans aren't going away. In fact they will be the only plan options for customers with Republic's recent Sprint based phones, the Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.).

The table below provides a side by side comparison of Republic's 3.0 and 2.0 plans.

Current Republic 2.0 (CDMA) Refund Plans New Republic 3.0 (GSM) Clear Choice Plans
Monthly Cost 1  Voice and Messaging Cellular Data with ReFunds Monthly Cost 1 Voice and Messaging Cellular Data No Refunds
$5 Unlimited (WiFi Only) None N/A N/A N/A
$10 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) None $15 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) None
$17.50 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 0.5 GB $20 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 1 GB
$25 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 1 GB $30 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 2 GB
$40 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 2 GB $45 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 4 GB
$55 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 3 GB $60 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 6 GB
N/A N/A N/A $90 Unlimited (WiFi & Cell) 10 GB
1 Plus taxes and fees that add 10-30% to plan prices. Taxes and fees vary by state and include the usual sales taxes plus pass-throughs of regulatory surcharges and fees.

Source: Republic Wireless

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  1. Not sure why they're still charging taxes/fees like post-paid instead of just sales tax like prepaid.

  2. What is $90 plan? so weird.

  3. Pray tell how is the $90 plan competitive?

  4. Dies anyone know if on Republic you can force calls to the cell network by shutting off Wi-Fi and mobile data?

    1. Just turning off wifi will force cell network.. or you can press button to handover to cell if you want during a call. But the wifi calls actually sound better than cell calls

  5. US Mobile, T-Mobile, Walmart and Metro still offer the best data prices on TGSM.

    The best part is, you can just pop any of those sims into a cheap prepaid T-Mobile phone.

    In contrast, Republic usually sells both its phones and service at a premium, which makes them pretty irrelevant if all you're looking for is the best, cheapest service.

    You'd think that their innovative way of offering service would allow them to undercut competitors, but either it doesn't, or they're simply pocketing the savings while passing only the taxes onto consumers.

    Either way, they've got some shaping up to do before I'd ever consider becoming a customer.

    1. I pay about $11 a month (refund) on a plan with all the data I NEED, very happy. Of course the beta plans $19/mo unlimited where much nicer, but they apparently were not making money on those (go figure). I even liked the 1.0 plans (2 monthly plan changes) so I could have access to data when I NEEDed it (weekend, trips, etc).

      Not a fan of 3.0 plans bc they would double my cost, and give me more data than I NEED (and no data roaming) but I also think they still a better deal than most plans.

      But that is just MHO and I dont NEED much data.

      All I want is VZW coverage with TMO speed on a GSM phone with a plan that has unlmt sms and 250mb of data, oh and I want that for $10/mo.

    2. I pay about $11 a month..........! with this you must be getting only may by 100 mb

      if you pay 2 more dollars You will get 1 gb data and unlimited t&T on ring plus.

    3. sure, but I cant live with native spring coverage, need voice (really only sms) roaming.

      "You will get 1 gb data and unlimited t&T on ring plus"

    4. RingPlus has optional voice and data roaming with Member+. Text roaming is included at no extra cost w/Member+. They had one free plan that included 5000 x3 every month after one initial payment.

    5. got a link to this? I cant seem to find it in the Member+ list here

      >RingPlus has optional voice and data roaming with Member+. Text roaming is included at no extra cost w/Member+

    6. To enable roaming on RingPlus, go to Dashboard for the device. Click Manage Device. Flip the Roaming switch. If you have a credit card linked to this phone and either a Member+ account OR a sufficient cash balance, the switch will turn on (mine had $23.13). If not, RingPlus will display the rules for turning on roaming.
      Do a PRL update to provision roaming and you can roam.

      Note: Dennis' profile of RingPlus is wrong under Coverage when it says you must have Member+ to enable roaming.

    7. If you act fast, you can sign up for Surfing 1.0 now without Member+.
      5000 x3 free every month after $30 initial payment plus tax.
      Every month you have the plan you earn an extra 500mb, up to a max of 10,000mb/month free.

    8. I signed up for Surfing 1.0 for $34.47 with tax. You get 200 free MMS too! Excellent plan, the best one ever!

  6. The reason I never went with Republic Wireless last year was because of widespread problems RW having with sending/receiving MMS texts with other networks iPhone users. That was a deal breaker as a lot of my relatives have iPhones. Anyone know if this new 3.0 through T-Mobile bands will fix MMS issues?

    1. If the problem only affects iPhones it sounds more like an iOS problem than a Republic one. In any case, we won't know if 3.0 fixes it until 3.0 launches.

    2. RW had issues with MMS from way back (I dont think there was any MMS at one point) so I am not surprised you had issues. MMS does work for me now, but I know at xmas time I sent one to an iPhone user and they did not receive it (2 actually and then I just used FBM)

  7. Republic Wireless has officially jumped the shark... TextNow just dropped their prices, with cheap phones. Republic is raising their prices and only working with very expensive phones... RW might as well just pack it in, they've been going the wrong way for a long time and aren't even competitive with the big prepaid providers anymore.

    1. There will be some new light data using customers who choose the $20 1gb plan. Whether they outweigh the internal rebellion remains to be seen.

    2. textNow is native sprint, in my area you cant compare that to S w roaming or TMO. Where I live TN would be a doorstop (on the boarders [in both directions] on S and TMO native.

  8. Gophone kills this on the upper end now, with their recent additions, as Gophone is on a much better network but with the same amount of data and the same price as Republic.

  9. You may want to look at TPO Mobile. I came
    up with the ff write-up on them.


    TPO Mobile is a UK-based cellular operator which recently launched in the US (from their description, they appear to be an MVNO of US cell carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, an MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, is a cell carrier which doesn't own its own facilities, instead leasing the facilities of a facilities-based carrier, in this case, T-Mobile and Sprint).

    They sell phones, or you can bring your own unlocked GSM phone (free SIM), or eligible Sprint phone ($7 SIM).

    Their US-only talk/text/data offerings are typical of MVNOs, which offer lower prices than the major cell networks. Their cheapest plan (Kind plan) is $21/month ($16/month with AutoPay) for 1000 talk minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB cellular data. No mention of whether they support WiFi calling though. The step up Noble plan, $30/month ($25/month with AutoPay) gets unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 2 GB cellular data.

    The interesting part of TPO is their optional extra-cost international calling add-ons, which offer "unlimited" calling to landline numbers and sometimes also cell phone numbers in many countries, in addition to calling Canada and Mexico (but not roaming there).

    The $10 Goodness add-on provides "unlimited" calling to countries in Europe (including Eastern Europe), East Asia, South America, Africa, but excludes countries like the Phils, Ukraine.

    The $15 Goodness add-on features all the countries in the $10 add-on, and throws in a bucket of minutes monthly to one of these countries, your choice: Phils (100 minutes), Cuba (15 minutes), Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru.

    1. PrepaidPhoneNews has been covering TPO since before they launched. See TPO Archives - Prepaid Phone News.

  10. I'm perplexed by their phone/plan methodology. You buy a phone during beta, and you can only use it on the beta plans? You buy a phone during 1.0 or 2.0 and you can only use it on 1.0 or 2.0? Not even beta? And even a 1.0 phone bought used can only see new activation on 2.0? And none of their previous phones can be used on their new plans? No backwards compatibility at all?

    I have a HTC Tilt II for Christ's sake, and I can take it to any GSM provider and it will work on any of their current plan offerings! (within it's capabilities) Their model just appears insane. Not for the company. For customers. I would get out of that rabbit hole into the real world as soon as I could.

    1. It's better to have never stepped into the rabbit hole in the first place.

  11. Republic is too expensive and the new plans offer too little data. Coupled with high phone prices I don't know why anyone chooses them?

  12. I enjoyed Unlimited Talk and Text plus a 5GB hard cap for $25, but now I moved my primary to Cricket for true unlimited EVERYTHING for $35 flat with autopay. RW has no concept of what "grandfathering" actually means. I kept my RW phone as a secondary phone on the $10 unlimited talk and text only plan with WiFi and it will stay that way. They have sent numerous emails to me telling me they have turned direction and will allow a switch back to my old plan that was scheduled for decommissioning in August, but too little too late. I don't trust how they do business and I would rather go with Boost if I'm willing to use Sprint's network again, as it is more advantageous.

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