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Sprint Offers Exclusive Free Access to 2016 Copa América Centenario with No Data Charges

The 2016 Copa América Centenario is an exciting time for the entire United States. It is the first time a soccer tournament is being held in the country. With the tournament kicking off in Santa Clara, California starting June 3, Sprint has arranged an exclusive deal in line with its sponsorship of the event. Through this sponsorship, Sprint is giving its customers a chance to keep up with all the soccer matches through their mobile device. Fans of the sporting event can enjoy free access to all live matches. In addition to this, they will be giving away VIP prizes and fan experiences at various match locations.

Free access to all live matches via fuboTV

Customers can tune in to fuboTV from their smartphone so they can watch the tournament anytime, anywhere. This is a streaming service that gives the viewer the enjoyment of being able to watch entertainment channels and live sports. Through Univision, all Copa América Centenario matches will be streamed with a Spanish-language broadcast. For a limited time period, customers under Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA can enjoy exclusive free access to a fuboTV subscription so they can watch the Copa América Centenario for the month of June.

Once the 60-day trial has ended, Sprint customers may keep the fuboTV service by paying $9.99 per month. Meanwhile, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers can enjoy a free 30-day trial period then start paying $9.99 per month if they wish to keep the service.

Win a VIP trip for 2 to watch the finale

In addition to offering the free access through fuboTV, Sprint is also giving users a chance to win a VIP trip for 2 to watch the Copa América Centenario finale. Starting May 20 until June 26, customers can text COPA to 60603 or visit the dedicated Copa website for a chance to play the Sprint scratch-and-win game. Among the prizes that await include a signed David Beckham soccer ball, a TAG Heuer watch, Samsung Galaxy S7s, TVs, tablets, and exclusive Copa América Nike soccer balls and hats. Aside from this, every goal scored by a customer's favorite team until June 14 will mean additional entries for a VIP trip to watch the Copa América Centenario finale.

Onsite Sprint experience

During the matches, Sprint will be setting up an immersive fan experience. This will be available in all 27 matches, which will include a 360-degree photo both, a charging station, and an interactive digital wall. There are also some autograph signings and appearances by famous soccer players in a few of these locations.

You can also expect to see a TV spot featuring soccer legend David Beckham, as he shows how customers may enjoy soccer action through their Sprint smartphone.

Source: Sprint


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  1. Too bad its Spanish only.

    1. Soccer is just as bad as sprint coverage.

  2. This isn't really phone, app or prepaid news.

    It's football news for those who eat, breathe and love football as much as John Madden.

    It just so happens that this piece of football news involves downloading an app to your phone and watching via certain prepaid carriers.

    But doing so won't tell you how to get better phones or coverage for less, or direct you to free apps that'll improve anyone's smartphone experience.

    It'll just allow you to watch some football, which has about as much to do with prepaid phone service as streaming Mad Men on AT&T.

    Or is this a sports blog now? Because if so, there needs to be a lot more news about beer, cigar and cheerleader related apps.

    You know, because something something Sprint something something sponsor something something smartphone apps.

    1. "For a limited time period, customers under Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA can enjoy exclusive free access ". It says available to Boost and Virgin users too. That makes it a prepaid related news.

      I wonder if others Sprint MVNOs can have access to, like RingPlus.

    2. Carrier brand promotions like this one almost never apply to MVNOs.

    3. Promos and perks offered by prepaid carriers are 100% within the bailiwick of what this site typically has. This is no different, say, from when Dennis has presented posts on companies offering free calls to disaster areas.

      It's prepaid wireless news, and nothing but prepaid wireless news. No complaint here.

    4. To the football complainer: You need a do-over if you think this promotion has anything to do with John Madden's sport.

  3. I am happy with Sprint doing something. But What? Spanish ONLY? How much spend money for doing these events?

    1. FOX Sports has the rights for English. Perhaps it was a lot more expensive for Sprint to get them from them. On the bright side, Spanish narrators are a lot more exciting to listen to : GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! :)

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