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CallingMart Releases Coupon Codes for Father's Day

In case you didn't know, Father's Day is this Sunday; June 19th. And true to tradition, CallingMart has released a bunch of coupon codes for you to enjoy:

10% Off AT&T refills with coupon code DAD1610
Applicable for:

  • GoPhone
  • GoPhone Load-to-Phone (RTR)
  • GoPhone monthly plans
5% Off Verizon, H20, & Airvoice refills with coupon code DAD165

Applicable for:
  • Verizon
  • Verizon Load-to-Phone (Top-Up)
  • Verizon Unlimited Plans
  • Verizon Data Plans
  • H2O
  • H2O Load-to-Phone 
  • H2O monthly plans
  • H2O monthly plans Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM
  • Airvoice GSM Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM monthly plan
  • Airvoice GSM Monthly Load-to-Phone
3% Off Tracfone, Page Plus, Net10, Simple Mobile refills & Red Pocket with coupon code DAD163 with

Applicable for:

  • Tracfone Data Plan
  • Tracfone Load-to-Phone
  • Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Airtime Minutes Refill
  • Page Plus
  • Page Plus Load-to-Phone
  • Page Plus monthly plans
  • Page Plus monthly Load-to-Phone
  • Net10
  • Net10 Load-to-Phone
  • Net10 monthly plans
  • Net10 family plans
  • Simple Mobile 
  • Simple Mobile Load-to-Phone
  • Simple Mobile Unlimited Plans
  • Simple Mobile Data Plan
  • Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile GSMA
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAV
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan GSMA

The coupon codes posted here may be used with a minimum purchase of $18. The codes are only valid until June 21, 2016.

Source: CallingMart



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  1. It's always only 3% for the Movil co. and Red Pocket. These MVNO companies do not help their dealers, do they??!!

  2. The biggest savings is no sales tax.

  3. CallingMart has abandoned updating their twitter account. Lazy firm

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