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Consumer Cellular Upgrades Inclusions On Connect, Talk Plans At No Extra Cost

Consumer Cellular was founded in October of 1995 by John Marick and Greg Pryor, and for the last nine years, the postpaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) has been consistently expanding the inclusions of its Talk and Connect monthly rate plans at no extra cost to mobile users. Indeed, for almost a decade now, the carrier has been giving more voice call minutes, text messages, and data to customers’ plans without having them worry about paying any additional fees.

Well, this time around, Consumer Cellular is at it again. As revealed by Marick via the carrier’s official blog, the postpaid MVNO is boosting both the number of text messages and the amount of data its customers can use every month on select Connect plans. Take the $5 a month Connect plan for instance -- mobile users availing of this plan now get an extra 500 text messages and 50 megabytes of data all for the same pricing as before. As for those who could use more web data, Consumer Cellular has also decided to offer additional gigabytes for just $10 per gigabyte (up to a maximum of 10 gigabytes every month) to those who consume all of the data in their 4 gigabyte plan.

What about the carrier’s Talk plans? Those who like to connect through voice calls will be delighted to know that Consumer Cellular has also chosen to add more voice call minutes to some of its existing Talk plans. How much additional minutes are we talking about? This includes an extra 250 voice call minutes for the $20 a month plan, and 500 more voice call minutes on both the $30 a month and $40 a month plans. And yes, there are no changes in the pricing whatsoever.

Consumer Cellular is also going out of its way to assist its customers in keeping better track of the voice call minutes, text messages, and gigabytes they have consumed on a monthly basis. Sure, the postpaid MVNO’s Usage Alerts service is already helping its users do that, but the carrier is taking it a step further by deciding to track its customers’ monthly usage, specifically by automatically upgrading them to a plan that covers the amount of minutes, texts, and data they used for the month. For customers, this can mean only one thing -- goodbye, overage charges! Via Consumer Cellular’s Automatic Upgrades feature, the user always get the best rate possible for his monthly usage, with no extra costs at all.

Source: Consumer Cellular


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  1. Had to DYOR to make sense of this.

    Turns out their data pricing is still uncompetitively higher than the current best rates.

    As a consumer, I find this cellular carrier to be lacking.

  2. Having Christine run these press release without any editing is really just filler that isn't needed for this site. I can tell who posted a story by simply reading the first line. If it has an exclamation point or mentions how great they are, I know it is a press release.

  3. CC used to be worth the extra cost due to their excellent customer service.
    Unfortunately that is no longer the case. Long wait times, both on the phone and via email. I left them for this reason, lots of good, competitive options out there.
    Agree, posting a press release does not meet the high standards of this site.

    1. "high standards of this site"


  4. I agree with both previous posts. This is a press release and not worthy of this site. Dennis, I for one, would prefer no article rather than read filler. Your informative articles are worth waiting for.

    1. I'm sorry I missed the memo where you speak for all of the people who read the articles Dennis post.

      If I don't like or I'm not interested in a article, I don't read it or comment on it. Why? Because it might be useful for somebody who use that service. Just a thought.

  5. I wish Christine's articles were up to the editorial discretion and writing /commentary quality of Dennis'

    This being said, while her articles are of much less value than Dennis', they are not totally useless. I do not visit other phone sites, and miss seeing these press releases. So seeing them here does have some interest for me.

  6. Fluffy. Three times the words. Reads like a press release. Sycophantic tone. Bah. I would rather see hard news. Did they increase allotments? From what, to what? Compared to nearest competitors? Don't waste your time or mine.

  7. You know, you might think that CC, being a cell phone provider, would have a resposive web site. But nope.

  8. If you need AT&T coverage with roaming access for those just-in-case moments, then CC is a good option. If you don't use voice a lot, $40 for 3GB *unthrottled* (or $30 for 1.5GB) with unlimited text is just slightly over the throttled, no roaming Cricket without the unlimited talk, and the same text and data bucket as the no roaming GoPhone with autopay, but GoPhone has unlimited talk and international text.

    Again, CC is a good option if you care for AT&T coverage, don't want your data to be de-prioritized and care about roaming access. It's almost like an AT&T regular account at a cheaper price.

    If you want AT&T coverage but don't care about roaming, then GoPhone or Cricket (throttled speed) would be a better option, especially at the higher tiers and with autopay.

    CC does a hard credit check when you open an account. It is POSTPAID and charges taxes and fees.

    1. Hi wow I wished I would have read closer that they were going to do a hard credit check before I tried CC.

      it doesn't matter too much I guess but I certainly didn't see anywhere in the normal sized print that I was authorizing a credit check by trying their risk free 30 day plan.

      I ported back out within the 30 days.

      If you want att coverage make sure you are signing up for it. they do sign people up for T-mobile too.

  9. Consumer Cellular is a great choice for couples and families who share a plan for $10 each extra line. You get or free calls among family members too.
    Our daughter and her husband cut their Verizon phone bill by 2/3 when they switched to CC. They pay <$58 for two lines.
    My wife and I pay <$38/month total for all we need. GoPhone and Cricket can't come close, and they don't provide roaming or great CS. Cricket average data speeds are very slow compared to average full-speed AT&T.

  10. The Consumer Cellular plan changes announced here will save my wife about $20/year +tax. She won't be running over her normal plan's data allowance any more.

  11. all these critics of christine are just ugly uptight phone nerd guys who are really woman haters. just shut up. this is useful interesting information. the haters should just skip the article since they already read the press release. give her a break. dennis is letting her post. he probably needs to slow down (he did have that recent break when a bunch of people freaked out when there was no sunday posting) and probably brought on christine to pick up the slack. if you have ever maintained a website like this one as a one person operation for a good long time on an almost daily basis, then you can understand what a personal drain it can eventually become. so shut up already.

    1. I love how misandrist trolls and false-flaggers defend internet damsels in the name of anti-sexism.

      In reality, there's nothing more misogynist than the presumption that women are so weak and helpless that they need protection from even the most constructive of criticism.

      What's even funnier is that you've perfectly demonstrated the problem with female contributors.

      Whenever anyone comments on the quality of their contributions, someone will always play the woman card to silence dissent and ensure a continued lack of improvement.

      Ironically enough, the issue here has nothing to do with any of that.

      It's all about how press releases reposted from other sites undermine the point of blogging.

      Blogs are supposed to parse through the BS and put information into context for readers' convenience.

      Without that editorial slant, a blog that posts sponsored content is basically just serving up slabs of raw imported meat.

      There's literally no value in it, at least not for readers.

      Sure, you could still get that meat from the source, or just go to some other place that WILL fry it up for you.

      However, the person serving up those second-hand steaks will have only wound up alienating his patrons by not providing any valuable services or information.

      It's also the same problem some dealers have with reselling airtime.

      Adding value is key, otherwise customers won't have any incentive to not buy directly from the carrier.

      In this case, there won't be any reason for readers to come to PPN if it eventually devolves into a string of advertisements from other websites.

      Whatever readers were still inteterested would probably just visit those websites instead.

      That's the real reason CT's articles aren't popular.

      They represent the decline and death of independent blogging, which is something readers of an independent blog will always be openly hostile to.

      But hey, if valuing quality over splatters of random information makes one a woman hater (through some insane thought process associating advertising with womanhood), then so be it.

  12. No one hates anyone here, drama-troll. It would just be nice if both writers here were top-notch, instead of just one.

  13. Why were my comments omitted concerning the preposterous ridicule of the writer, Christine?

    I still find the choice of topics useful and the comments emanating from it educational.....but not today.

    A couple of you seem like Dicks or Davids or whatever.

    And to the one "anonymous": Please STOP with the continuous/unceasing attempts to convince people that a 'refurbished' ZTE Zmax 2 GoPhone for $59.99 is the best thing since sliced bread FIVE WEEKS IN A ROW!!! <<>>

    Keep up the good work Christine and Dennis. I appreciate the fact this site is so dependable EVERY DAY for new articles & topics for discussion no matter who is writing.

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