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MetroPCS Offers Free Folio Case If You Pre-Register for the LG Stylo 2 Plus

T-Mobile's prepaid brand MetroPCS is gearing up to launch the LG Stylo 2 Plus. It's an up and coming smartphone built with a 5.7-inch HD display, fingerprint unlock, and a powerful 13MP rear camera. As of this writing, the Stylo 2 Plus is on a pre-registration stage at MetroPCS where a promotion is also being offered. Those who decide to purchase the device will be getting a free Folio Case with their purchase.

If you wish to be eligible for the free folio case offer, you simply need to pre-register for the phone. The pre-registration starts today, June 10 and ends on Sunday, June 26. Once you've pre-registered, you'll have to purchase the phone on or before July 31, 2016 then submit proof of your purchase by August 31, 2016. With everything done right, MetroPCS will mail you your free folio case.

Right now, there's no official information on the pricing or the release date of the Stylo 2 Plus. But it's important to note that Pocketnow recently shared a leaked internal document showing that the smartphone could be released on June 27, 2016 at a price of $149. The leaked document also unveiled information about the Samsung Galaxy On5, a budget friendly smartphone with a price of $59 and is also expected to be launched on the same date.

There's reason to believe the leaked document could be true since the pre-registration for the free folio ends just a day before the supposed launch of the Stylo 2 Plus. If ever, would you be interested in this smartphone?

Source: Prepaid Mobile Phone Reviews, MetroPCS


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  1. I've seen this as the LG Stylus 2 Plus. Is this the same thing?

  2. This is pretty cool if it has an octa core processor.

  3. Have they upgraded the screen quality? Or is the camera or memory basically the reason to upgrade from the stylo first edition?

  4. the LG Stylo2 will be released on June 27th, $149

  5. I'll wait for the ZMAX Pro

  6. The offer would be more appealing if the case was specially designed to dissipate heat.

    Newer phones tend to run hot enough already.

    As for buying from Metro, I'm just not a fan of their mail in rebates.

    They used to have no-hassle instant discounts on lower end devices, until they switched to delayed rebates purely as a TAKE THAT to consumers.

    T-mobile and its MVNO's also have worse pricing than Cricket's group plans, thus further devaluing their costlier phone offerings.

    Oh, and there's also that pesky unlocking fee (because Metro's sub-$60 plans suck), providing you can even get these devices unlocked.

    Finally, even though the phones themselves have solid specs, their pricing is still too high.

    A quad core with only 1.5GB of RAM being released this close to Black Friday will just wind up being worth around $30, and I wouldn't pay any more than $60-$75 for a hexa or octa core device with only 2 or 3 GB of RAM.

    At the $100 mark I expect at least eight cores and 4GB of memory.

    It sounds nuts now, but after retail/carrier subsidies and competition from newer phones, most of a device's value disappears within a year or two.

    Then again, this is coming from a guy who mentions his $50 Cricket Idol 3 in practically every comment.

    Anyway, T-mobile would have to drastically reduce prices to pennies on the dollar if they ever wanted to pull me away from Little Green.

    Without lower prices, higher data allotments or better coverage, all of which Cricket already has, Metro still sorely lags behind.

    The price war is now, and hopefully they'll start fighting it some time this decade.

    Otherwise, they might one day find themselves in the same boat as Sprint.

    1. Cricket's data is slower than molasses in the middle of winter. I bought a cheap smartphone to test out Cricket and I didn't even get enough speed to stream Netflix at 480p (DVD quality.) T-Mobile's coverage has gotten better by leaps and bounds over the past two years and will only continue to improve.

    2. Metro PCS does not have an unlocking fee, once any metro phone has been activated for 90 days, it can be unlocked for free by calling customer service and some phones have an unlock button on it, so you can unlock the phone on your own after 90 days.
      The mail in rebate goes for phones purchased online, if you go to a corporate store or a dealer you dont have that although to be fair dealers can rip people off.
      It all depends on the person really. For some Cricket is awesome, for others Metro is great.

    3. "Cricket's data is slower than molasses in the middle of winter."
      Yes, that is why their mascot is a tree cricket. Some people climb a tree to try for a good data connection. Or to try to make a call during an outage.
      All they hear or see is tree crickets.

    4. "Cricket's data is slower than molasses in the middle of winter. I bought a cheap smartphone to test out Cricket and I didn't even get enough speed to stream Netflix at 480p (DVD quality.)"

      It could've been Cricket.

      Or it could've been the phone.

      Or poor AT&T coverage.

      Or network congestion during that short period of time.

      Or Netflix's servers.

      Did you even do a speed test?

      In my experience, 8mbps was still a solid enough connection when my wifi dropped out the other day.

      "Metro PCS does not have an unlocking fee"

      I wasn't talking about Metro.

      They won't unlock devices right off the bat, so you have to pay an unlocking service to liberate your phone.

    5. More chirpy stidulation. Slow data with inconsistent connections is a Cricket problem. The average speed in independent tests is only 3.5Mbps, not 8.
      This is all you get when you settle for a second-class service.

    6. I'm talking about real world use and experience.

      Average speeds mean nothing, because the speed you'll get is entirely dependent on your coverage area.

      Just because some guy halfway across the country gets 1mbps, that doesn't mean your speeds in a heavily covered area will ever be less than 8.

      The fact is, tests and studies (or rather, the people conducting them and their methodologies) are so prone to bias and error that you could find one supporting literally anything.

      Ultimately, one person's experience is just that one person's experience.

      Otherwise, we'd all be getting great Sprint coverage everywhere just because Spark happens to cover a fair amount of the population.

      You know, because something something average speeds.

    7. I agree that when one blogger reports "real world use and experience" it is just "is just that one person's experience."
      When many identical phones in dozens of locations in three, major independent studies report Cricket having the slowest data service and the lowest data reliability of all carriers tested, it means something to prospective customers. They can expect Cricket mobile data to be slower and less reliable than other carriers.

    8. "I'm talking about real world use and experience."

      So a I.

      "Average speeds mean nothing, because the speed you'll get is entirely dependent on your coverage area."

      They only mean nothing if you think that coverage... the ability to use your phone... doesn't matter at all.

      "The fact is, tests and studies (or rather, the people conducting them and their methodologies) are so prone to bias and error that you could find one supporting literally anything."

      Mainly I was pointing out the very biased claims of average ultra high T-mobile speeds: reports which rely on excluding places with 0 mbps.

      "You know, because something something average speeds."

      Sprint's average speeds are probably not even as high as 1mbps. You would have to average the few areas with fast "Spark", with the majority of the country having nothing.

    9. "...."major independent studies report Cricket having the slowest data service...."

      Major independent studies that make their results invalid by excluding data points with no speed at all. I'd like to see an actual valid and unbiased measurement of average speed that treats all geographic data points the same.

      ".. and the lowest data reliability of all carriers tested"

      If a study shows the carriers that refuse to provide data for half (or more) of the US as having more reliable data than those that provide data to most of the US. they really had to have gone out of their way to bake the study.

      "it means something to prospective customers. They can expect Cricket mobile data to be slower and less reliable than other carriers."

      Show an unbiased study.

    10. People are smart - they can read coverage maps. When they had coverage available from both Cricket and MetroPCS, they chose Metro over Cricket by more than two to one. Their data speed is about 4 times faster, and the connection is more reliable. The fact that Cricket offered data coverage those customers did not need does not change this.
      The professional studies are not biased because they showed that Cricket has the worst mobile data performance and reliability. It's far more likely that since you chose Cricket, you are are in denial about Cricket's poor test results.

    11. "Cricket offered data coverage those customers did not need"

      The idea that customers do not need good coverage typically comes from apologizes for worse networks with poor coverage. People tend to go with bad networks that only work here and there to save money, not because they actually PREFER a bad network that shows 0 bars in a lot more places.

      You also overlook the fact that overall, customers resoundingly reject the T-Mobile network (prepaid and postpaid) 5 to 1 in favor of good-coverage networks.

      "The professional studies are not biased because they showed that Cricket has the worst mobile data performance and reliability"

      That the studies are useless for average data speed has nothing to do with Cricket or not. It has everything to do with the studies excluding data points with low (no) speed from the study.

      Come on, man, think. If you are looking for an average comparison of performance on ANY numbers, don't you want to look at all data?

      Consider comparing two schools. One has a lot more non-readers than others. If you want to compare literacy in these schools, is it more valid to include the non-readers, or leave them out?

      Let's see an unbiased study that measures ALL data performance, for all carriers.

    12. Wasting money buying prepaid coverage you don't need is not a best practice; it defeats the purpose of switching to prepaid. Prepaid customers look for the best value and overwhelmingly choose service on the T-Mobile network vs AT&T. A US network that covers 308M people and has LTE coverage of more than 2M square miles is not a "bad network" for the vast majority of people in the USA. It's a good, much improved network, and that's likely the main reason T-Mobile is growing much faster than its rivals now.

      Regarding network testing, even if every square mile of land in the 48 states was tested, MetroPCS would have a much faster average data speed than Cricket. The MetroPCS advantage would drop from about 4 times faster to "only" about 3.5 times faster. E.g., MetroPCS would still clock its 4X faster average (14) speed over 2M square miles. Cricket would still register their slow (3.5) average speed X 2.275M square miles, an extra 275K square miles. 28M/total 3.1M sq. mi. = 9 Mbps average for MetroPCS. 7.9625M/total 3.1M sq. mi. = 2.57 Mbps for Cricket. 9/2.57 = 3.5X faster.

    13. I love my Metro PCS Stylo 2 Plus and folio! Instant rebate at store and free folio. Previously had Stylo and that's why I got the new one. I'm a big fan of LG....

  7. The Stylo 2 Plus adds a 1080p screen, fingerprint sensor, and an octa-core processor over the Stylo 2. Memory/camera should stay at 2GB RAM/16GB ROM and 13MP camera.

    1. I am happy with Boost's version. The 720p screen is beautiful, phone is amazingly fast even though it is quad core, and I can live without fp sensor. Plus..I just got it a month ago. I think nowadays people only end up chasing phones to get higher specs that may be better on paper, but not necessarily noticeable in day to day usage.

    2. I am happy with my first generation Stylo so I might go ahead and upgrade to the 2 Plus. LG makes a decent phone. Part of me wonders if I should wait for the ZMAX Pro? Decisions decisions.

  8. I am so happy that I never use phone before. I do not have to worry bills and outages! Haha

  9. Cricket is second class compared to Verizon pre and postpaid (and its related MNVO's) and to AT&T and its Gophone. The rest, with their significantly worse coverage, are 3rd or 4th class.

    1. It is even second class to MetroPCS. I drive a truck and so far everywhere I've gone gets 4G LTE. The coverage in Canada is fantastic!

    2. In the US you have to be pretty careful when you travel if you use MetroPCS. The two true national networks (AT&T and Verizon) cover twice as much of the US.

      I have no idea on Canada, or Mexico for that matter.

    3. It's mathematically impossible for AT&T's network to cover twice as large an area as T-Mobile's in the 48 states. T-Mobile's LTE network now covers about 2/3 of the total land area, more than 2M square miles of coverage. T-Mobile and MetroPCS cover even more than 2M sq. mi. when they include 2G, 3G, 4G HSPA+ and voice, including voice roaming. AT&T says their network covers 275K square miles more than T-Mobile. That is only 9% of the total land area, nowhere near double (i.e., 100% more).

    4. I will continue to use Metro until it significantly disappoints. For now, Metro has been nothing short of outstanding.

    5. Cricket's actually better than a Verizon MVNO, assuming you're not living in the middle of nowhere.

      Not only do you get almost double the speeds (8mbps compared to 5), but you'll be saving a lot more on your phone and plan (due to porting and referral credits, as well as group discounts).

      They also compensate customers for outages, which happen so infrequently that your Cricket LTE connection will put your Wifi to shame.

      Sure, it'd be great to have Verizon postpaid instead, but we can't all justify wiping our asses with silk either.

      Sometimes good enough is all you need, even if you want more just because.

      At the end of the day, Verizon only really matters when everything else fails you.

      If you're never in the boonies, it's just an overpriced network with anemic data prices that includes a surcharge for the coverage you don't need and a Y2K-esque throttle for the data you do.

  10. Why does Samsung name 90% of their phones Galaxy?

    1. LOL! I've wondered the same thing.

    2. Galaxy phones sell well, and based on the high-end ones, they have a whiff of coolness about the name.

      However, by putting the name on burners like this, they dilute any coolness the name might have.

    3. Thats the true meaning of flooding lots of phones/variants in the market and confuse the buyers.

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