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RingPlus Offers Sailing Free Plan to Kickoff Summer

With summer about to start in a few days, many are already gearing up for the different activities they have lined up with their friends and family members. RingPlus also wants to join in on the fun with its latest offer-- the Sailing Free Plan at $0/per month.

This plan offers:
  • 1,500 minutes
  • 1,500 texts
  • 1,500 MB full speed LTE data
  • 50 MMS
There's a one-time initial top up of $20 plus a guarantee that there will be no surprise overages since auto Top Ups are not available under this free plan. Once your Top Up balance reaches $0, you'll have to manually Top Up your plan by accessing your RingPlus account dashboard; giving you full control of your account.

RingPlus' Sailing Free Plan promo starts on June 7, 2016 4 PM Pacific and lasts until June 9, 2016 11 PM Pacific. According to RingPlus, these are the ones that are available:

  • $0 Upgrades available over dashboard - 300 spots
  • $5 Upgrades available over dashboard once the $0 spots are gone - 300 spots
Like other RingPlus Free Plans, tethering is available at $10 per year; which is charged to your credit card directly. You may also purchase Add On cards whenever you need them. Any unused portion will expire in 99 years. Data Add On options are available at 1 GB LTE full speed ($25), 2 GB LTE full speed ($39.99), and 5 GB LTE full speed ($60). MMS Add On options include 100 MMS ($5) or 500 MMS ($20). Text Add On options are 1,000 texts ($10) or 5,000 texts ($20). As for Minutes, the Add On options are 1,000 minutes ($25) or 2,000 minutes ($39.99).

To know more about this latest free plan offer, visit their website below.

Source: RingPlus


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  1. 4:04 PDT. None of those exists.

    1. Sold out?

      No top up for you RingPlus.

    2. You snooze, you lose.

  2. 1.5GB is anemic for 2016, and those data addons are horrendously overpriced.

    Coupled with the inability to activate new prepaid phones, RP remains a bad deal.

    Sprint's device crackdown actually backfired, too.

    Without RP, AT&T's Cricket offers the best phone and plan deals in town.

    Way to shoot yourself in the face, Sprint.

    Now you don't have good value OR a good reputation.

    This is why the esteemed corporate samurai regretted his Sprint purchase, just like Sprint's customers always do.

    The people running Big S are a bunch of out of touch buffoons, so much so that even RingPlus can't save them.

    Anyway, the sooner RP ditches Sprint, the sooner it'll be relevant again.

    1. Wow. That's a little harsh for a free plan. I know quite a few people who could benefit greatly from this plan and would be willing to buy a used Sprint phone to get it. 1.5GB is plenty for a lot of people. I went for years with only 1GB and rarely got to the limit. It was just a matter of keeping an eye on when and why I used data and using wi-fi whenever possible. It takes a little thought, but it can be done. Ya gotta do what you gotta do in order to save around 30 bucks a month.

    2. You don't like the plan--move along! The high data users are breaking this company and none of them want to pay anything!
      The entitled now days are laughable!

  3. "Any unused portion will expire in 99 years."


  4. "Any unused portion will expire in 99 years."

    By that time, you will have switched to Jitterbug or Consumer Cellular, and it won't matter.

  5. "You don't like the plan--move along! The high data users are breaking this company and none of them want to pay anything!
    The entitled now days are laughable!"

    You are very mistaken. The high data users ...which are people who are using what they paid for and/or what RingPlus offered to provide them... aren't breaking a thing.

    1. "Using what they paid for" ??? Yes, except they didn't pay anything and RP still has to pay Sprint for the data used!

    2. I think he was talking about the data add ons and the paid plans with higher data limits.

      You may be talking about the people who have a dozen cheap LTE phones and use them as hotspots.

  6. RP now electing new moderators and EC committee. Let's see if the fanbots re elect the same people this time as before so the forum continues it's decline. Please vote for some new mods or at least get rid of hhfpphone and the other fanbot shills that are ruining the forum.

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