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T-Mobile Quickly Fixes Error on T-Mobile Tuesdays App


Yesterday, T-Mobile announced their new app called T-Mobile Tuesdays; which would reward its users with free pizza, movie rentals, and a Wendy's Frosty. Well, today is a Tuesday but none of those freebies were available earlier.

Taking to Twitter, a number of T-Mobile customers reported that they were receiving an error when they tried to #GetThanked through the newly launched app. Whenever they try to get a freebie, they end up seeing an error screen with the photo above. Some users have even reported that the app is telling them that the offer is no longer available.

Seeing as to how quick people responded to the announcement made on Un-carrier 11, T-Mobile has attended to the issue right away. Even CEO John Legere noted that there was an extremely high demand for the freebies offered by the app, which is why they were quick to work on the app server issues and fixed the problem. 
Considering the app was only announced yesterday, it's no surprise why there's a huge influx of people using the app. But the good news is that the freebies are once again available. Hopefully, next Tuesday's freebies will go smoother.

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  1. What's the freebie today?

  2. ALERT. Dennis, it is trying to install malware right now. Just from visiting the site.

    The malware is a version of FlashPlayer.exe. Binary File 333KB

    Malware "from" source: https://quufafitbottomedgirls.net

    1. Hi Anon, Logan from the tech team here. We are investigating this ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. 99% a third-party ad network. I'm activating AdBlock Plus for this domain until further notice. You should too.

  3. John Legere has been named the No. 12 highest-rated CEO in the US by Glassdoor, which relied on company reviews posted by employees. No other wireless carrier CEOs made the list of top 50.
    Tim Cook, Apple was #8.

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