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Buy One GoPhone, Get One Free Starting This Friday

GoPhone BOGO Offer

AT&T GoPhone  is launching a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) promo. Starting Friday July 22 customers who buy one phone can get a second phone for free. To be eligible, both phones must be active on the $45 or $60 GoPhone plan. The offer is limited to unspecified "select" smartphones priced at $59.99 or higher and the free phone must cost the same or less than the paid phone.

The promotion is only available at AT&T stores and Authorized Retail stores and runs through Thursday September 22. At AT&T stores at least one of the phones must be activated on a new line of service. At Authorized Retail stores both phones must be activated on new lines.

The $45 and $60 GoPhone plans both include unlimited domestic voice calls and unlimited texts to and from the US, Canada, Mexico and 100 other countries. The $45 plan comes with unlimited data, with the first 3 GB at high speeds and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps or less. The $60 plan adds unlimited talk, text and data roaming in Mexico and Canada (50% US talk & text usage required) and ups the high speed data allowance to 6 GB. With both plans, unused high speed data rolls over for one month and there's a $5/month auto pay discount that starts with the second month.

The big question with this BOGO deal is whether or not it applies to expensive flagship phones like iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. I suspect it doesn't but will update this post when I learn more.

Update 7/20: AT&T is offering a variation of this deal online for single phone purchases. From 7/22 to 9/22 the following phones are half price when purchased with $45 or more of airtime:  Samsung Galaxy Express 3, ZTE Zmax 2 (incl. Certified-Like New), Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, Microsoft Lumia 640 (only avail. Certified-Like New), ZTE Maven (incl. Certified-Like New), LG Phoenix 2, ASUS ZenFone 2E , Motorola Moto E (incl. Certified-Like New), Kyocera Hydro Air (only avail. Certified-Like New) and Samsung Go Prime (only avail. Certified-Like New). Excludes Certified-Like New except as noted.  I suspect that the BOGO offer is limited to the same phones.

Source: AT&T (press release).

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  1. My other comment posted prematutely due to a disappearing keyboard (thanks Android), so here it is again:

    The $90 activation cost means that the BOGO phones will have to cost at least that much just to break even with buying them separately.

    If flagship phones happen to be excluded, this'll just turn out to be a complete waste of time.

    Even if you also include the mid-rangers, their specs aren't exactly astounding enough to even warrant paying that much.

    On a side note, this deal also leaves single-line folks out in the cold.

    But if group plan folks want a good deal on phones/service, Cricket would be a much better long-term investment (whenever they're running one of their insane discount deals).

    Honestly, this seems like it's just a giveaway to people who were already switching to GoPhone anyway.

    1. You are aware this is the prepaid side of AT&T so there is no $90 activation fee.

  2. Only AT&T would pre-announce a sale that doesn't actually tell you which devices are on sale. Basically we know nothing about which devices are included. iPhones? Galaxy S7? Probably only includes the junk phones they want to get rid of.

    1. Maybe they hired the RingPlus marketing team.

    2. "Maybe they hired the RingPlus marketing team."

      If they did that, they would be offering "Princess Phone", "Mob Ell", and "Don Ameche" plans for 9 days, until they wipe them out with a new raft of plans named after slightly-misspelled Pokémon characters and Flemish painters.

      Seriously, GoPhone is a good deal for prepaid, if you want

      1) great coverage ahead of most, and second only to a couple of Verizon-based ones
      2) a moderate amount of data
      3) decent enough customer service (Sorry, American Movil divisions)
      4) a good AT&T data experience without as much ping delay or throttling (for those who hate the Cricket data situation)

  3. Not being available online tells you something.

    1. Can't do hard sell online, can they?

  4. Replies
    1. "The promotion is only available at AT&T stores and Authorized Retail stores"

  5. "ZTE Zmax 2 (incl. Certified-Like New .... Certified-Like New), ZTE Maven (incl. Certified-Like New)"

    ZTE was caught recently aiding the terrorists in Iran, and the socialists in North Korea. They were punished by having all of their profits taken away. As should have happened!

    Iran is publicly and explicitly devoted to killing all Jewish people and all Americans (See "Death To America"), and shame on ZTE for supporting this effort.

    If you are Jewish or American or have friends who are Jewish or American, don't touch ZTE.

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