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CallingMart Released New Coupon Codes for Summer Discounts

Summer is here and CallingMart wants you to make the most of it with your friends and family! If you've got plans to enjoy summer, you can get in touch with your friends easily using these summer discounts available from CallingMart:

10% Off AT&T refills with coupon code FUN1610

Applicable for:

  • GoPhone
  • GoPhone Load-to-Phone (RTR)
  • GoPhone monthly plans
5% Off Verizon, H20, & Airvoice refills with coupon code FUN165

Applicable for:
  • Verizon
  • Verizon Load-to-Phone (Top-Up)
  • Verizon Unlimited Plans
  • Verizon Data Plans
  • H2O
  • H2O Load-to-Phone 
  • H2O monthly plans
  • H2O monthly plans Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM
  • Airvoice GSM Load-to-Phone
  • Airvoice GSM monthly plan
  • Airvoice GSM Monthly Load-to-Phone
3% Off Tracfone, Page Plus, Net10, Simple Mobile refills & Red Pocket with coupon code FUN163

Applicable for:
  • Tracfone Data Plan
  • Tracfone Load-to-Phone
  • Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Airtime Minutes Refill
  • Page Plus
  • Page Plus Load-to-Phone
  • Page Plus monthly plans
  • Page Plus monthly Load-to-Phone
  • Net10
  • Net10 Load-to-Phone
  • Net10 monthly plans
  • Net10 family plans
  • Simple Mobile 
  • Simple Mobile Load-to-Phone
  • Simple Mobile Unlimited Plans
  • Simple Mobile Data Plan
  • Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile GSMA
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAS
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan CDMAV
  • Red Pocket Mobile Monthly Plan GSMA

The coupon codes posted here may be used with a minimum purchase of $18. The codes are valid from today until July 30, 2016.

Source: CallingMart



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  1. What I like the most about callingMart is not the 3% off the purchase of airtime but the fact I don't have to pay those stupid senseless and abusive airtime taxes in CA...Thank you CallingMart!

  2. I don't understand why those mega idiots, useless, overpaid censors at prepaidphonenews only publish comments THEY like. Fire their ass ON THE SPOT!!waste of good money.

    1. There are only five types of comments that I consistently delete.
      1 Name calling and personal attacks against other commentators.
      2 Racist, sexist and homophobic comments.
      3 Politics and religion.
      4 Duplicate or nearly duplicate comments by the same user.
      5 Profanity or other language that's inappropriate for a site read by all ages.

  3. Great deal for refilling most plans. But airtimeclub still beats on price for AT&T and Verizon.

    1. Interesting site but I don't see Verizon $100 refills I usually get and it seems it is only load to phone, I can't get a refill PIN.

      Any idea how long they have been around?

    2. I don't know when they were founded but I've been using Callingmart since 2008. I see $100 Verizon PINs on the site. They are listed as "Verizon Inpulse Refill PIN". Inpulse was Verison Prepaid's old name.

    3. Sorry Dennis I wasn't really clear about it but I was referring to airtimeclub mentioned by anon. above
      "AnonymousJuly 22, 2016 at 1:59 PM
      Great deal for refilling most plans. But airtimeclub still beats on price for AT&T and Verizon."

    4. anyone can help me, cannot checkout airtimeclub, keep looping, and keep saying added to my cart, but there is no cart icon to check out either.

  4. I guess you don't get the 3% for Ultra Mobile anymore??

    1. Try using code ca3p-1207 for 3% off Ultra. That code works for almost everything on the Callingmart site and has been around forever and never expires.

  5. ca3p-1207 is not working anymore at callingmart. It says "ca3p-1207 coupon does not qualify for this product." I tried with different pins from different providers and nothing. They must have deactivated it.

  6. UPDATE to my previous comment about the coupon code ca3p-1207.
    I tried it on H2O, Lycamobile, Telcel America, Tracfone and it worked.
    But it didn't work on Page Plus, Net 10, Simple mobile when it used to just a few days ago.

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