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Cricket Wireless Expands Retail Reach to Over 400 Sam's Club Locations

Earlier today, Cricket Wireless announced that it has expanded its national reach across the United States. The carrier welcomed its addition to over 400 branches of Sam's Club, making it easier for customers to enjoy 4G LTE coverage from either MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, or Sprint. With this addition, wireless consumers may now find the products and services offered by Cricket Wireless in over 13,500 retail locations throughout the country.

What this means is that these customers will have more reach for the services offered by the carrier. They can also choose from one of the plans available, starting at $35/month after an auto pay credit of $5.

Now that Cricket is available at several Sam's Club locations, consumers will be able to enjoy the following:

  • No annual contract plans
  • Plans inclusive of monthly taxes and fees
  • Unlimited texts and calls to and from the U.S., Canada and Mexico on plans starting at $50/month
  • Unlimited Plan for only $65/month after $5 Auto Pay credit which comes with talk, text, and data
 Find out more about Cricket Wireless plans and current promotions by visiting their website.

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  1. Anybody know if total wireless 3gb add on for $10 , can you add as much as you want, like can you add $30 and get 9gigs of roll over?

    1. Total Wireless chat room answer per question above. TW CSR - Eric: Yes, you can add more than one data card and your data will roll over.

    2. You can but I don't recommend it. They are known for not registering pins in their system or telling you you have exhausted all your data when you haven't.
      I didn't believe it until it happened to me. I had over 8 GB on my account and they said I had none. The account management online you see is not what they see.
      I'm still dealing with corporate to get my credit/money back.
      I would recommend doing only $10 at a time in case this happens to you, at least you don't lose all 30 dollars. Their systems are really glitchy as well.
      I wish someone would have told me that. Good luck!

    3. I recommend that no one use an America Movil owned brand. I have warned many away from starting service and moved many off of Movil brands.

    4. Usually Cricket takes over the conversations about other carriers.

      Now it is payback time.

    5. For $65, you get 14GB of 5mbps 2001-tier data on TW.

      For $50, you get unlimited 8mbps 2005-tier data from Cricket with a group discount, as well as a substantial discount on decent phones when you port a number.

      There's also a $50 bill credit for porting, on top of a $25 referral credit.

      In contrast, TW's excessive throttling, lower data allotments and lack of phone/plan/porting/referral discounts make them a generally worse deal.

      Shills just wanna shill for the sake of contrarianism, and not because TW has anything better to offer.

      It's only relevant to people in the middle of nowhere who need Verizon coverage.

  2. Wow thanks for all the helpful information. Looks like more hassle than it's worth.

    1. Believe me Zach, it is not worth the hassle. If you like and need Verizon I recommend Selectel wireless. They have solid service with free talk and text roaming and US based customer support.

  3. Arrons too


  4. CS on all Tracfone brands is terrible. You always get what you pay for.

  5. Agree. Don't use a movile brand. I've had them duplicate charges for one month of service then act like they've only charged it once. Fed up with page plus!

  6. Which service in Missouri do y like boost or cricket

    1. Based strictly on their coverage maps, Boost is fine if you never leave St. Louis or Kansas City. If you do leave the cities you are much more likely to have service with Cricket.

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