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Republic Wireless Adds New Smartphones to Lineup

Republic Wireless, a Sprint MVNO, has long offered inexpensive plans as well as Wi-Fi calling features that are too interesting to pass up. The only problem was that their selection of smartphones has always been a limited one. Thankfully, this all changes today as the MVNO addressed this concern by announcing the availability of some of the latest smartphone models in the market. Financing for these smartphones is also available as an option:
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:  $799 (or as low as $48/month*)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: $699 (or as low as $42/month*)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: $549 (or as low as $33/month*) 
  • Samsung Galaxy J3: $179 (or as low as $11/month*)
  • Huawei Nexus 6P: $499 (or as low as $30/month*)
  • LG Nexus 5X: $349 (or as low as $21/month*)
  • Moto X Pure Edition: $349 (or as low as $21/month*) 
  • Moto G4 Plus: $299 (or as low as $18/month*) 
  • Moto G4: $199 (or as low as $12/month*)
The best thing about today's announcement is that you can get one of these smartphones along with one of the low-priced plans offered by Republic.
  • $15/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data 
  • $20/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 1GB LTE
  • $30/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 2GB LTE
  • $45/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 4GB LTE
  • $60/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 6GB LTE
  • $90/month: Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 10GB LTE
The new phones and plans use a GSM network rather than Sprint. Republic hasn't announced which GSM network they are using but based on their GSM coverage map, it's T-Mobile. If T-Mobile works well in your area, you could get access to these new smartphone models with Republic. As an introductory promotion, Republic is giving $100 off the Nexus 6P if you are among the first 1,000 to order. To find out more about these phones and plan offers, visit Republic Wireless' website.

Source: PRWeb


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  1. Are those phones also able to be used with other networks if one decides to leave Republic?

  2. I also read on AndroidPolice that you can bring your own phone. Just thought it was with noting, if it is true

    1. BYOD will not be available until August 11th according to an AP commenter that chatted with Republic.

  3. EyeAmNoLongerInfectedJuly 29, 2016 at 2:44 AM

    Me likes the $20/month plan, likes the T-Mobile coverage, but can't deal with the ABOVE RETAIL PRICING for the phones!

    I'd be willing to purchase a sim card.....Hey RW! No one is commenting, no one cares, until you allow BYOP!!

    1. I got an email saying that bring your own device will be supported in August, the 11th to be exact. SIMs will be free with a 4 dollar shipping charge.

    2. I'm assuming BYOD will be limited to android GSM compatible/unlocked

    3. Tread carefully. As with everything Republic there are gotchas and caveats. It's not really BYOP. It's BYOAD. Bring your own RW approved device. Only the nine specific models enumerated.

    4. BYOP will be limited to the same model phones that Republic is selling;
      Motorola G4 (XT1625),
      Motorola G4 Plus (XT1644),
      Moto X 2015 Pure Edition (XT1575),
      LG Nexus 5X (H790),
      Huawei Nexus 6P (H1511),
      Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (SM-J320A),
      Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T),
      Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) and
      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935U).

    5. Why would they limit GSM BYOP to only a few models? If the phone works on the T Mobile network why would they care which phone it is?

    6. Republic says that the phone selection is limited because they have to verify that the Republic app works on the phone.

    7. "Why would they limit GSM BYOP to only a few models? If the phone works on the T Mobile network why would they care which phone it is?"

      Rather lengthy answer is they insist on injecting their servers between the user and the carrier. They do this so the user can dial on WiFi using the native dialer and so they can implement their newly patented cell data assisted WiFi calls. Jury is out on the latter. Some reports of it doing more harm than good when the cell data signal is weak.

    8. Hi Dennis... Are any of those phones listed for BYOD universal phones?

    9. Yes, the Motorola G4 (XT1625), Motorola G4 Plus (XT1644), Moto X 2015 Pure Edition (XT1575), LG Nexus 5X (H790) and
      Huawei Nexus 6P (H1511) all work with all four US national operators and most international ones.

  4. That $20 plan is very competitive, but if I recall correctly I think there are taxes and fees added.

    1. Yes they charge all applicable taxes. If you live in CA especially, they can amount to a lot.

    2. Any idea how much is the tax?. I see same question in FB post but they have not responded properly..

    3. The tax depends on your state and city. Users have reported taxes adding between 10% to 30% to the cost. It seems to be roughly equal to the tax you would pay when you buy a TracFone airtime card at a local store like Walgreens or Target plus an extra 10% to cover the cost of various telecom business taxes.

  5. Terrible phone and plan pricing on terrible networks.

    RW was only competitive for a couple years or so, back when they offered unlimited TTD for $19/mo.

    The market's evolved since then, and they just haven't been able to keep up.

    Ideally, a VOIP provider would be app-based (for use on any phone), run by a skeleton crew, and it should be able to provide service as a data-only MVNO (with a cellular handoff just in case) with better rates than its full service "brick and mortar" competition (the way online banks do).

    Unfortunately, these MVNOs somehow manage to be some of the worst deals on the worst networks where even a cellular handoff could still leave you without service.

    With that being the case, this is a whole lotta nothing (like all the other non-Cricket news since Sprint cracked down on RP).

  6. Is voice service on Republic VOIP or cellular voice?

    1. VoIP on WiFi. Cellular voice otherwise.

  7. So they've added a handful of more expensive phones, raised their rates by $5/mo, and still have the same 1sec of voice delay/latency from their "hybrid calling" system, so you'll always be talking over each other. I'd pay the extra $5-10 to get proper service from Boost, Metro PCS or Cricket.

    If you don't mind the latency, TextNow has a good selection of phones, and Ring Plus or Freedom Pop has some even cheaper (nearly-free) plans.

  8. No deal especially after adding taxes and fees. I wonder how much longer they will be around.

    1. Alot depends if they need to be profitable or if they're really a beta testlab for their parent.

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