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TPO Mobile Extends 50% Discount on Select Plans

A month ago, TPO Mobile (The People's Operator) offered 50% off on its first month of service on their TPO Mobile plans and unlimited monthly plans. The offer was available until July 1st. If you were unable to enjoy the 50% discount, TPO Mobile has extended the discount on the Kind, Noble, and Caring Plan to end on September 1.

  • Kind Plan - Comes with 1000 minutes of talk, unlimited text and 500MB of high speed data. Regular price: $21 ($16 with autopay), Now: $10.50 ($8 with autopay)
  • Noble Plan - Comes with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of high speed data. Regular price: $30 ($25 with autopay), Now: $15 ($12.50 with autopay)
  • Caring Plan - Comes with unlimited talk and text, 3GB of high speed data. Regular price: $40 ($35 with autopay), Now: $20 ($17.50 with autopay)
Unfortunately, the Hero and Generous plans, along with the International Mobile Plan and Tablet Plan are no longer included in the offer. Proving true to its word, TPO will donate 10% of the user's monthly bill to the charity of his choice. Another 25% from their corporate profit will go to the TPO Foundation.

These plans qualify for the discount only for the first month, with and without the $5 auto pay discount. To qualify for the discount, you will need to activate your service plan before August 12, 2016.  The plans don't include taxes and fees so they will still need to be added. BYOP is supported by the carrier so you can bring in an eligible GSM or Sprint device to activate service.

Source: TPO Mobile


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  1. They use Sprint and what GSM network?

  2. I find the advertising TPO is doing on facebook for this promo to be very disingenuous. All of their copy says PER MONTH, as if the discount is for more than just the first month.

    Not cool.

  3. Ordered a SIM, never got it.

    Maybe they are swamped with orders and can't handle the volume.

  4. I personally wouldn't risk my number with an mvno such as this one. Who knows how much longer they be around.

  5. Does any online reseller offer TPO airtime or is it just available thru their website? I'm curious because the tax in California can make a big difference.

    1. I don't know of any source for TPO airtime except TPO itself. TPO is supposed to have a dealer program but a web search fails to find any online or brick and mortar TPO dealers.

  6. Thank you Dennis. It would be nice to support new MVNO'S specially when they promote charity. Reminds me of Giv. The only concern I have is the CA taxes because they can amount high.

  7. I ordered a SIM card yesterday. Ill have to try this service at least for a month.

  8. TPO wireless calculated taxes for my location and they came up to $9.00. That is a big jump in price. I would have liked to have tried it but not at that total cost. Makes me value companies that include all taxes and fees even more.

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