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TracFone Looking For Interim CEO After F.J. Pollak’s Passing In April

Following the death of its founder and chief executive officer, TracFone is looking for an interim CEO. F.J. Pollak died at 53 years old in April earlier this year after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. In the wake of his passing, TracFone is now in the process of evaluating an interim chief executive officer, as well as planning for the ensuing succession transition.

Pollak founded TracFone a couple of decades ago. Back in 1996, a Miami-based company called Topp Telecom (formed by David Topp) sold wireless phones in Latin America. At that time, Topp had licensed software that allowed cellphones to have a metering feature that deactivated them after a prepaid quantity of call minutes had been used up. But Topp needed somebody to pull it off, especially the sales and customer service parts of a prepaid phone service business model. This is where Pollak came into the picture. A veteran executive from Peoples Telephone, Pollak came in and took the reins as CEO and president, a position he held for two decades. And thus began TracFone.

By 1999, the company attracted the attention of America Movil, a Mexico-based telecoms giant servicing Latin American mobile markets, who made TracFone one of its subsidiaries (with Pollak remaining as CEO). Under Pollak’s leadership, TracFone went on to form brands such as Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, and SafeLink. The firm even managed to buy Simple Mobile in 2012, giving itself 4G service, wireless broadband, and BlackBerry service.

Fast-forwarding to today, TracFone has around 26 million subscribers and about 90,000 retailing partners selling the brand’s products and services, making it one of the biggest no-contract wireless service providers in the United States. The MVNO continues to offer mobile services through the Big Four carriers in the US (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint).

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  1. Surprising that TracFone was not grooming a successor to Pollak since he had a prolonged battle with cancer.

    1. Hmm...something is perhaps fishy there.

    2. Why do they want an interim CEO instead of a replacemenet? Won't the company flounder?

  2. Usually the company wants to go in another direction,when successor not groomed.Oftentimes to the detriment of business.

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