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Virgin Mobile USA Chooses Kansas City as New Address for Headquarters

Earlier today, Sprint's prepaid brand Virgin Mobile USA announced through a release that it has chosen the newest address for their headquarters. As part of its relaunch, the carrier will be transferring its headquarters to downtown Kansas City. According to CEO Dow Draper, the reason why they chose Kansas City as their new headquarters was because it had "an emphasis on entrepreneurship and technology, especially in the Downtown and Crossroads areas, which fits exactly with the direction for the new Virgin Mobile." 

While there was no specific mention of where the new headquarters will open, the carrier says that these new offices will be completed towards the end of the year. Reports, however, show that company executives were looking for office spaces in Downtown, Crossroads Arts District, and the River Market wherein their demand for 7,000 to 8,000 square feet could be accommodated. Virgin Mobile is expected to decide on a location within a couple of weeks.

In line with this move, Virgin Mobile is set to hire over 50 new employees. As publicized on their website, they are looking for professionals to fill several positions such as directors of marketing, brand, communications, IT, and customer engagement. The website also enlists looking for an office manager, logistics manager, and a vice president of customer experience.

Virgin Mobile USA is currently working with the state on creating an incentive package which would be created along with the new jobs they require. If you're a talented and innovative individual who works hard and thinks differently, you may check out Virgin Mobile Career Site to see which positions you may apply for.

Source:  Business Wire


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  1. They must be doing well financially to not share offices with their parent company.

  2. Virgin Mobile has a strange and awkward position in SPG's (Sprint Prepaid Groups ) Lineup. Once a mvno that got bought out and a name brand franchise from Richard Branson's international Virgin Mobile brand, VM has become a dumping ground for all the failed and bloated projects at SPG (Virgin Custom, a Ting clone lasted less then two months, they killed paygo, absorbed Helio and Common Cents, two other failed SPG brands, had their priority lowered compared to Boost on the dealer and retail front as well as had anything unique and standout blunted by half hearted adjustments compared to Boost . No byod at all, Boost at least has some and generally being overlooked, neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair. VM was super hot in 2010 with their then cutting edge Beyond Talk plans and Texter's Delight and other unique products. Now they are just a lesser version of Boost with weaker rates, less promotion, and no byod. What they need is not just a rebrand but a rebirth. Can they do it without sacrificing Boost and the Sprint mvnos, that's the call. Sprint has always been okay to good at doing one thing but unfortunately they try to do too many things and that one or two good things can't carry the failure of all the other stuff (Boost iden was HUGE in 2009 but couldn't compensate for the other issues Sprint had. ). With Sprint's current overall deemphasis on prepaid and push on postpaid, SPG has kind of been left to fend for themselves against the every increasing and aggressive push by Att's Cricket and Tmobile's Metro. Virgin Mobile's ALWAYS suffered from an identity crisis compared to Boost except during its long gone halcyon hey days of Beyond Talk, proving that it could do well if packaged and treated right. Maybe they will do okay , maybe they won't. Knowing Sprint in general it might be a good thing to practically rebuild as much as rebrand Virgin. Sprint, they really need to do a bigger housecleaning and rebuilding though, not just for prepaid but the WHOLE company. They've done some but it's just not enough.

  3. What are they going to do? Cannibalize their own prepaid brand (Boost) chasing the same customer? Either they should replace Boost with a more youth oriented VM brand or they need to offer a true competitor to Metro/Cricket.

    I suspect Boost will target Cricket/Metro plans, Virgin Mobile targets T-Mobile (zero rating and all), Sprint targets ATT/Verizon. This is the only way it works, but the big unknown is scrapping the old device policy and opening up BYOD across all channels.

  4. Virgin's biggest problem is that they're competing with Boost.

    There should be only one.

    1. The biggest problem with Virgin is high prices on a poor Network. That's the worst thing going for them.

      And a very limiting list of phones to choose from.

      All of this before you start to directly compare them to specific competitors.

  5. Virgin Mobile has a really long history and brand reputation for prepaid. I acquired Virgin Mobile in FEB 2014, coming from Sprint postpaid. I appreciate the loyal user base and their long history as pioneers in the Prepaid sector.

  6. I believe Virgin Mobile USA can be a fierce competitor if Sprint would give it access to the postpaid network and charge 10-15 dollars more per month than Boost. Virgin could throttle roaming data to 1.5-3mpbs but still allow unlimited talk and text. If Virgin did this, I would leave MetroPCS.

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